I've decided to make a sequel for this fic. I enjoyed writing it and reading everyone's reviews I just hope I can do the same for the sequel.

The sequel is going to be called "Senior Year" and the title pretty much explains it all, but for those of you who want further explanation, here's the summary that I will be using:

Hidden Camera Sequel. It's senior year and all everyone wants is to forget about the drama from last year. But you don't always get what you want. Jori. Rated M (for language).

A few things you can look forward to in the sequel are; the much-anticipated revenge on Beck, a surprise announcement from Trina, André still being an amazing best friend, and graduation (that should be fun! *wink*).

For those of you who were disappointed with the entire lack of sex in Hidden Camera, I apologize. I am extremely terrible at writing sex scenes, so if anyone wants to help me with that, PLEASE let me know, I REALLY don't want to let down my readers.

Here's a little sneak preview from one of the chapters in Senior Year:

Tori snuck up behind Jade and pulled her into a surprise hug. Jade tensed then quickly turned around and almost attacked her beautiful girlfriend. Once she saw who it was she relaxed into the embrace and returned the hug.

"Hey you." Jade greeted as she pecked a gentle kiss on her girlfriend's lips.

"Hey, what did Dickers want?" Tori questioned as they walked down the hall and out of the school to the Asphalt Café hand in hand. They sat down at their regular table and waited for the rest of the group to arrive.

"Nothing really, he just told me that I had to prepare a speech for graduation. Apparently I'm this year's-" Tori interrupted her.

"Valedictorian?" Tori yelled as she jumped from her seat in excitement.

"Yeah, but it's not that big of a deal, he's just doing it to punish me." Jade said as she grabbed the Latina's hand and held it in her own as they waited in a comfortable silence for the others.

One by one the group gathered around the table. First Robbie joined them, then Cat, then André, then Meredith. Tori greeted each of them happily and Jade squeezed her girlfriend's hand a little tighter, getting a slight wince from the tanned girl.

"Wow Meredith, you're really starting to show." Jade commented, earning a light slap on the shoulder from her girlfriend.

"No Tori it's okay, it's kind of obvious now." Meredith said as she gave André an apologetic glance.

"You're still as beautiful as ever baby." André proclaimed as he gave her a light peck on the cheek, causing the small girl to blush.

So there's your little preview. I hope you liked it. If you did, I guarantee you're going to love Senior Year. There's ten times more drama and huge twists. I should have the first chapter posted sometime next week.

Once again, I'm looking for someone to write the adult rated scenes. Please PM me on here or tell me in the reviews and I'll message you.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around long enough to read this. I really hope you'll enjoy the sequel. Until then, happy reading. :)