Bonjour, Corsair

Mei awoke. Artificial sunlight was filtering in through her balcony doors, slightly illuminating her room. Stretching slightly, the girl looked over at the clock, it was only 6am. She was just about to turn over and go back to sleep when she noticed a presence in the chair to the side of the bed. It was Stevens. He had his jacket off and was tapping his fingers lightly on the arm of the chair, his foot up on his other leg. Mei bolted up, shocked.

"Stevens!" She gasped, trying to keep her voice down.

Stevens, who had apparently been lost in thought, looked at her, smiling. "Good morning." He greeted.

Mei gazed at him in shock for a little while, her brow creased with confusion. "What's…what's going on?" She eventually managed after a while of silence.

"Oh, you do not remember?" Stevens leant forward slightly on the chair. "I came by to talk to you last night and-"

"We didn't?" Mei flushed with colour, half delighted and half ashamed at the thoughts that entered her head.

Stevens watched her for a few seconds and then shook his head, a small smile on his lips. "No, no. We just talked for a little while and then you fell asleep, I put you back into the bed. I was about to leave, but you woke up just long enough to ask me to stay," the man spread his arms out. "So stay I did."

"Oh," murmured Mei, she brought her hand up to her hair and pushed it back. "Did you stay awake the whole night?" She asked.

Stevens shrugged. "Force of habit," he replied. "I felt like I was on watch duty." He laughed lightly.

"Protecting me." Mei added and then she smiled, feeling warmed by this idea.

"I guess you could say that," Stevens agreed. "You did not look like you slept fitfully Mei; your brow was creased as you slept-"

"You watched me sleep?" Mei interrupted. Instead of feeling disturbed the girl just felt rather peaceful, it was nice to know she had someone with her.

Stevens, however, seemed to think she was disturbed. "I did not stand over your bed or anything like that," he quickly negated. "No just, occasionally, you would let out a whimper or a moan and I would direct my attention back to you."

Mei looked thoughtful. "I don't remember having a nightmare." She admitted truthfully.

"If one does not have a calm mind, nightmares can often invade." Stevens stated wisely.

Mei's mind immediately flashed to D'jok. If there was one thing Mei's mind wasn't, it was calm. A small swell of panic lit up in her chest as she thought of her situation with her current boyfriend, but it was only a small fire. For some reason, though he was part of the problem, Stevens being there calmed her, made her feel like everything might be alright.

"Thank you for staying," she muttered. "You didn't have to."

"I wanted to." Stevens said.

Mei stared at her hands for a while and then looked at the blonde man. "Why?" She asked, and her voice was full of desperate hope.

Stevens' ice blue eyes searched Mei's and then he opened his mouth. "Because I like you."

They were only four simple words, but to Mei they seemed like heaven. She clambered out of the bed and rushed over to him. Before the Pirate could move, she'd locked lips with him, pushing him back into the chair with one hand. Stevens didn't react at first, but eventually he returned the kiss, pushing forward, righting himself, moving Mei backwards. They only broke for air.

"This is not good." He murmured breathlessly.

Mei knew he was right. She knew what she was doing was pure wrong. But Stevens hadn't left had he? He was still there, he hadn't pushed her away.

"I liked it." She whispered back, repeating what she had said to him last night.

A small flicker of…something flashed across Stevens face, but then he shook his head.

"I am not usually without a plan," he admitted. "I'm usually the one who the rest of the team rely on to change things up, but with you Mei I do not know where I am going."

Mei looked at him. "I'm sorry." She said, feeling guilt radiate throughout her once again, but this time it was guilt at making Stevens a part of this. A part of Mei told her that Stevens was a grown man and if he wanted to leave, he could leave, but the other part of Mei, the self-deprecating part, told her she was cruel, cruel to have caught him in her web.

Thankfully, what Stevens said next eradicated her guilt…at least for a while.

"Do not apologise," he murmured. "I like it." He kissed her gently on the cheek and then got to his feet. Mei's hand was within his, he stared down at her soulfully. "Mei, I do not want you to be sad," he said. "And I have the feeling that I have some part to play in making you sad."

Mei shook her head furiously, hair falling into her face. "You're the only thing making me happy right now." She replied, and as she said it, she knew it was true.

"What about D'jok?" Stevens' voice sounded slightly strained.

Mei shook her head. She didn't want to think about D'jok. This was a different world, a different universe than D'jok. D'jok wasn't here. She would ignore him.

"Don't." She whispered and then she pressed her lips lightly against Stevens'.

Stevens' face still looked conflicted, but he nodded, apparently sensing Mei's mind-set. He rested his forehead against the girl's, looking into her eyes.

"This is all very complicated," he murmured. "I am not a fan of complicated things."

Mei's hands entwined with his and she shook her head. "Believe me, neither am I." She replied.

Stevens chuckled slightly and so did Mei, though she felt her heart twist.

"Are you leaving now?" She asked.

Stevens stayed motionless for a while. "A Pirate cannot stay in one place too long." He muttered after a beat of silence.

"I understand," Mei replied. "When can I see you again?"

"Against my better judgement," Stevens returned his lips close to hers. "I could see you tonight. We could meet up for a meal, if you wanted?"

"I do." Mei said.

Stevens nodded and then kissed her slowly on the lips before backing away. Their hands stayed entwined for a long time and then they drew apart.

"I will see you." He stated and then he clicked his bracelet and disappeared from view.

The balcony doors opened, but no gush of cold air radiated through, this was Genesis after all. After a few short moments, Mei could tell the Pirate was gone. She stayed stock still, a rush of emotions screeching through her at a million miles per hour. Eyes still fixed on the balcony door, the girl let out a laugh that half sounded like a choked sob. Mei couldn't tell which one it was.