Bonjour, Corsair

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She was going to break up with D'jok. Mei stared at herself in the mirror; cool blue eyes gazed back at her, a mixture of emotions dancing within them. She was in the restaurant bathroom and she'd been in there for a while. The girl knew that, soon, Stevens would send someone to come see if she was ok. Was she ok? The girl glanced down at the basin below her and then looked back up at herself. Her brow was creased, her lips were slightly puckered. No. No she was not ok, but she also knew what she needed to do.

She had to break up with him.

Didn't she?

How long had she and D'jok been unhappy for? It had been before Stevens definitely. But before Stevens, Mei had always had the feeling that perhaps they could still work it out. They were D'jok and Mei- they came together, as a pair. It had been that way for eight years now. The idea of changing it…of being alone, it scared her.

But she wouldn't be alone.

Stevens was a new element. A scary, strange, fascinating and beautiful element. He'd entered her life and everything had changed -so fast that Mei could barely comprehend it. In a way, the defender was grateful to him, but on that same level she felt resentful towards herself. Was she just using Stevens' presence as an excuse not to try with D'jok anymore?

A girl came out of one of the toilets behind Mei and ventured over to the sinks. Mei watched her out of the corner of her eye and then looked back at herself in the mirror. She was probably coming across as extremely vain, but in reality Mei was just searching her own eyes, trying to understand herself. Mei Kilas was a very complicated individual, though it would never seem that way to an outsider. Sometimes the girl found it hard to even contemplate her own feelings and right now was one of those times.

Do you love D'jok? She found herself asking this question now and her eyes narrowed. The girl next to her flashed her a strange look and then quickly exited the room, not bothering to dry her hands. Mei was silent. The tap that had just previously been used by the other girl dripped- as if counting the seconds. Suddenly Mei felt like her heart was crumpling. The girl drew back from the mirror slightly, as if stunned by what she'd just seen in her own eyes.

She loved D'jok.

But she wasn't in love with him.

One part of her felt huge relief and then the other part of her began needling away. How convenient, it said, that you're not in love with D'jok now.

Mei closed her eyes and the door to the bathroom opened once more. This time a timid looking waitress entered, her cheeks slightly flushed.

"Um…Miss? Your…uh…your date is becoming concerned. Are you quite alright? Not ill?"

'Your date'. Mei opened her eyes and turned a smile onto the waitress.

"I'm fine!" She said her tone faux. "Just got lost in my thoughts I guess. I'm sorry. Tell him I'll be right out."

The waitress bobbed her head and then left, the door swinging shut behind her. Mei's gaze flickered once more back to her image in the mirror and then she swiftly followed after.

Outside Stevens was waiting, a slightly worried expression on his face as he watched Mei approach him. After a while of chatting, Micro-Ice had left the pair of them alone. Safe in the -incorrect- knowledge that nothing was amiss. The majority of the evening had then be spent in good humour, though Mei had felt the occasional pang of tension and worry gnawing at her heart and gut throughout the meal.

She had hoped Stevens hadn't noticed, but, of course, he had. The Pirate was nothing if not perceptive and as she came closer to him now, she could tell that his worried expression was not completely due to her longevity in the bathroom.

"Hi!" She said upon reaching him, her tone too bright and her smile too wide.

Stevens looked at her and did not reply. His head was bent forward slightly and he was gazing at her with knowing, solemn eyes. Mei decided that she didn't want to talk about it. What she did with D'jok, that was her business. Stevens would probably try to dissuade her from breaking up with the Snowkid's captain. He'd probably blame himself- feel that he'd broken up the relationship.

It wasn't true. The relationship had been broken, cracked, long before Stevens had turned up. Kissing the Pirate had just been the final hammer blow that smashed the glass. That wasn't the Pirate's fault.

"Is something wrong?" The brunette cocked her head at him now.

Stevens breathed out from his nose and raised his chin slightly. "Mei-" He began, but Mei did not want it.

"Let's go for a walk," the defender decided. "I want to go for a walk."

There was a short beat of quiet between the pair of them and all that could be heard was the chattering of the restaurant guests and then Stevens glanced to the side.

"Ok," he agreed. "Let's go for a walk."

Mei smiled at him and then the pair exited the restaurant, appearing on the dark streets of Genesis Stadium. Of course, it wasn't truly dark, it never was on Genesis. Street lights lit nearly every area, but the place was essentially void of other people, save for the occasional drunkard on their way to a club, or someone walking home.

Mei and Stevens began walking along and even despite everything Mei felt a small buzz of happiness vibrate in her chest. Stevens made her happy. It was odd, but it was true. However, when she looked at Stevens she could see he was not happy. His eyebrows were crumpled and the sides of his mouth were pointed downwards.


Stevens looked over at her and Mei pouted slightly before pushing at the sides his lips with her fingers.

"Don't look so glum."

Stevens gifted her with a small smile, only a small per cent of his usual charming grin. Mei sighed. She hated this. She was tearing Stevens down. She'd brought him into her horrible complicated web of lies and now he was feeling the pain. They stopped by a rail, overlooking the stars below them. Mei gazed at them and could not help but feel that perhaps her heart was as black as the space they saw before them. The stars could represent her friends, all of them falling into the great vacuum where her heart should be. She couldn't have a heart could she? If she was so willing to do this to someone? To so many people?

"I am sorry."

At these words, Mei jolted, and she looked over at Stevens. He too was looking down at the stars below them, but his expression was barely readable- a quirk of being a Pirate most likely.

"For…for what?" Mei genuinely did not know what the man could be apologising for.

All he had done was help her when she was sad, offer a shoulder, show her…affection. Nothing worth apologising for.

Stevens took a long time to respond.

"For doing this to you."

Mei wanted to grab him. To shake him. But she knew that would not work. She was quiet for a short moment.

"I'm going to break it off,"

The silence was now achingly loud. Mei's heart thumped in her chest as she awaited his answer.


That was all she got. A bit confused by this reaction, the brunette turned to look at him. The blond was still staring out towards the stars, his eyes sad.

"With D'jok," she added. "I'm breaking it off with D'jok."

This elicited a reaction. Stevens' eyes widened and he looked at her, his head snapping up quickly. Mei stared back at him a little horrified by the fact the man had thought she was attempting to finish their…their…thing. And she was more than a little horrified by his reaction. Did he really feel so bad about their relationship, so guilty, that he wouldn't argue if she attempted to stop it? Her heart hurt now. She wanted to kiss him. She was the sinful one in this, not him.

"Mei. Don't."

"I'm going to."


"Stevens," the girl interrupted him and she glanced at the stars before looking back to him. "Remove yourself from the situation, hypothetically,"

Stevens looked at her with curious eyes. Mei held his gaze.

"Whether you were involved or not, I was not -am not- happy with D'jok-"

"Yes, but-"

Mei ploughed onwards, sure now about her feelings. "I'm going to break up with him," she breathed out heavily. It felt altogether horrible and amazing to say those words. She closed her eyes. "And…I….I want to know how you feel about me."

There was a long silence and Mei opened her eyes. Stevens was gazing at her with a pained expression.

"Mei," he murmured and the girl could not glean which emotion was in his voice.

She hoped against hope that it was not pity. God. She hoped it was not pity. Thankfully though, the man alleviated any fears as he stepped closer and held her chin in one hand, his icy blue eyes brimming with intensity.

"Pirates are not supposed to do things like this." His warm breath fanned over her face.

Mei closed her eyes and reached out, taking his other hand and placing it on her cheek. She rubbed into it slightly, feeling his calloused fingers on her soft skin, and then she opened her eyes again.

"Things like what?" She replied.

"Feelings. They are messy, dangerous," Stevens' brought his face closer to Mei's, his lips just above hers. "You are dangerous Mei."

Then his lips melted against hers and Mei slumped forward, bringing her arms around his waist. It was warm in his arms and Mei was happy again.