Chapter 1: Looming Darkness

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Sister of Darkness II

Angel Calaway makes her way toward the Worcester Centrum arena that will hold the first Raw is War of 1999 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Because it was a chilly night, Angel wore a jacket and navy blue jeans to protect her from the cold air. Stepping through the front doors and walking to the locker room area, Angel waves or says hello to every WWF Superstar, stagehand or technician that walk by. Arriving at her locker room, the teen places her bag on the ground next to the bench.

Releasing a big sigh, the teen reflects on the events following Wrestlemania 14 last year.

Her two brothers Kane and the Undertaker did battle with each other and it took 3 Tombstone Piledrivers for the Phenom to defeat Kane. However, the crimson red demon's father, Paul Bearer, wasn't satisfied. At the next PPV Unforgiven: In Your House, the two brothers did battle in the first-ever Inferno Match where the ring was surrounded by flames and the only way to win was to set your opponent on fire. Just like at Wrestlemania 14, Kane dominated Undertaker throughout most of the match but the Lord of Darkness soon fought back and at one point threw Kane out of the ring and out to ringside. Kane attempted to retreat but Vader assaulted the big man, wanting to make Kane pay for almost losing his eye after the masked demon hit him hard with that wrench after their battle at No Way Out of Texas: In Your House last year. Unbeknownst to them, Undertaker did a suicide dive over the top rope on them, taking all 3 of them down. Paul Bearer hit the Undertaker with a steel chair but the Phenom hardly felt it and briefly turned his attention towards his former manager. He made the fat man pay for the crimes he committed before Undertaker resumed dealing with his younger brother and ended up winning the first-ever Inferno Match by setting Kane's right arm on fire. After this, the Demon of Death Valley once again set his sights on winning the WWF Championship for the third time only to have Vince McMahon block his progress each and every time. This was where Undertaker and Angel's paths crossed.

Like him, Angel's seen her fair share of problems. She enjoyed being the first female and youngest WWF Champion in the company's history but tragically her reign only lasted for a month because at Unforgiven: In Your House, she lost the title to Stone Cold Steve Austin in a hard fought battle. Upset about this, Angel sought to invoke her rematch clause but Vince denied her it. Angel wasn't surprised, he despised her being WWF Champion almost as much as Steve Austin. Like her oldest brother, the 19-year old was becoming more and more angry with every passing week for having the gold be denied to them resulting in constant frustration.

At the 1998 King of the Ring, she watched as Undertaker destroyed his old nemesis Mankind in a Hell in a Cell Match by first dropping Mankind 20 feet off the top of the cell onto the English announce table below, next he chokeslammed the man through the cell roof and into the ring inside the cell winding up having Mankind lose a tooth, as that wasn't enough Undertaker chokeslammed the Hardcore Legend onto a pile of thumbtacks then ended his suffering with a Tombstone. The Deadman's rage had never been more evident.

Eventually Kane and Undertaker united to form the Brothers of Destruction and soon established themselves as the most destructive force in the WWF. Undertaker soon gained an opportunity at championship gold again when he and Austin battled at Summerslam 1998. Sometime during the match, Kane came down to ringside but his older brother told him to go back. Stone Cold retained the WWF Championship much to Vince McMahon's fury. On the following Raw is War, Vince expressed his disappointment over Undertaker's failure to capture the gold and called him, Kane and Angel putrid pussies, something the three didn't like one bit. The siblings stomped down to the ring and McMahon retreated before they could get their hands on him. In a chain reaction, they wreaked havoc throughout the night and Vince watched the last attack from the ramp with satisfaction, little did he know Angel walked up behind him. It's only when the middle-aged man bumped into her chest did Vince realize just how in deep trouble he was in. Angel dragged him to the ring and she, Kane and Undertaker gave him a chokeslam and Tombstone.

Vince succeeded in getting the WWF Championship off of Austin at the Breakdown PPV when he put the Texas Rattlesnake in a Fatal 4-Way that was more like a 3-on-1 Handicap Match facing Kane, Undertaker and Angel. Of course, Austin didn't like what transpired so he attacked McMahon and in retaliation, the WWF Chairman placed the Texas Rattlesnake as the special guest referee in a Title Match where Kane and Undertaker would fight for the WWF Championship. If Austin didn't raise the hand of the victor, he would be fired on the spot. After the Deadman struck Kane with a steel chair that Paul Bearer used earlier he went for a pin but Austin refused, stunning him and counting both brothers. Undertaker turned heel for the first time in 7 years on the Raw is War after the PPV, reconciling with Paul Bearer and that together they would unleash a plague the likes of which the World Wrestling Federation had never seen. After losing a Buried Alive Match at Rock Bottom: In Your House to Austin, the Undertaker wasn't seen.

Angel shakes her head to bring herself back to the present she recently began a feud with the WWF Women's Champion Jacqueline Moore who jumped back and forth between the WWF and WCW before returning to the World Wrestling Federation on June 1, 1998.

She turns on the TV in time to see fireworks go off as roaring fans wonder what's in store for them tonight.

Michael Cole greeted, "Hello, everybody and welcome to the first Raw is War of 1999! We are live at the Worcester Centrum in Worcester, Massachusetts! I'm Michael Cole alongside Jerry the "King" Lawler!" Vince's music suddenly hits and the Corporation stable makes its way to the ring.

The group was composed of Vince and Shane McMahon, WWF Champion The Rock, Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, Test, Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock and Kane.

The WWF Chairman obtains a microphone.

Vince said, "If I may have a moment of your time. I would like to address over the foul mood that Angel has been in." The crowd chanted the Deadgirl's name before Vince went on, "It's obvious to me that she has become more demonic throughout the closing months of last year, simply because I kept denying her a chance to become champion again whether it be the WWF Championship or the WWF Women's Championship. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands decimating half of the roster to have me change my mind. I'll be honest with ya, I don't like her being WWF Champion because she's a girl."

Jim Ross rolled his eyes, "Mr. McMahon's so biased."

The Chairman cried, "As if destroying half of the roster wasn't enough, she decided to attack us! The Corporation! That next brings me to my son Shane. And indeed, I mean if anyone had anything to do with the recent emotional scarring of my son will pay. They will be humiliated, they will be punished by me! So let that be a warning to everyone. I know you are watching this, Angel. That same warning goes to you too. If you decide to lay your hands on any of my Superstars, you will be punished." The Titantron suddenly shows WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels walking inside the arena, removing his coat as he did. Vince tells his cronies to hurt Michaels when he appears out of that curtain.

The Heart Break Kid's music hits and Shawn comes out dancing. Since he can't compete due to his healing back, Michaels was appointed WWF Commissioner by Vince McMahon.

Shawn said, "McMahon, as you can plainly see the sheriff is back in town! And this time, Vince I brought the cavalry with me!" DX music played as members of the group joined him on the entrance ramp, "Now according to my lawyers, Vince my contract as WWF Commissioner is iron-clad. You said on national TV that I wouldn't answer to no one including Vince McMahon."

Michael Cole nodded, "He did say that."

The WWF Commissioner informed, "Guess what that means, Vince? You can't fire me! In fact the only way for Shawn Michaels to be incapable of being WWF Commissioner would be if I resigned and there's no way in hell that is ever going to happen. So you can assume that you will be singing to the tune of Sweet Chin Music for a long, long time. So now that I'm back in office, let's get down to business. You said it yourself, Vince that you can make dreams come true. Well McMahon, since you made my dream come true I felt that it was fair that I made yours come true. Roll the footage, please." The Titantron shows an in-ring segment 3 weeks ago of the number drawing for the 1999 Royal Rumble with Vince asking Shane what number he'll be drawing and sure as hell hoped it wasn't number 2.

'Why number 2? 30's better because you would be fresh and all the remaining contestants would be easy pickings.' Angel thought as the footage ended.

Shawn clarified, "As you know Vince, I have say-so over all WWF Superstars except Stone Cold Steve Austin. Well Vinnie Boy, when you entered the 1999 Royal Rumble you yourself became a WWF competitor. So it is I who has control over you. Vince McMahon will not enter as the 30th competitor as he picked, no, no, no. Stone Cold Steve Austin will be the first man to enter the Royal Rumble and the second person will be Vince McMahon. I see it even better because it will give Stone Cold all night to open up a can of whoop ass on you! Before I leave, Vince I wanna arrange you with one small detail. Sometime within 2 hours of this evening, the Heart Break Kid is gonna leave this building and go out to get you a surprise. And Vince I guarantee you that this gift will drive stone cold crazy. Now hit our music!" X-Pac does the crotch chop as DX's music plays and Shawn Michaels high-fives his fellow members.

The first match of the night is a Singles Match pitting Ken Shamrock against Steve Blackman.

Ken Shamrock's music hit as Tony Chimel announced, "The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Making his way to the ring, from Sacramento, California, weighing in at 243, he is one half of the WWF Tag-Team Champions and World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion, the 'World's Most Dangerous Man' Ken Shamrock!" Ken walks down the ramp and reaches the ring steps, walking up them and pounds his head before unleashing his battle cry. Steve Blackman's music was next, "And his opponent. From Annville, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 246 pounds, Steve Blackman!" The black-haired man enters the ring and does a quick warm-up session.

The referee calls for the bell and Ken Shamrock immediately attacks Blackman to gain the upper hand early but Blackman fights back with an elbow to the temple when he spots Shamrock running off the ropes towards him. Blackman runs into the ropes, ducks a heel kick from Ken and retaliates with a heel kick of his own. The black-haired man grabs his opponent and drop kicks him into the lower left turnbuckle, launching punches and kicks before body slamming Shamrock Blackman connects a running elbow drop then brings the Corporation member to the lower right turnbuckle and does a series of chops before Ken reverses their positions and hammers away on Steve. After fighting out of the turnbuckle, Blackman Irish whips Ken into the upper right turnbuckle sending punches to the opponent's mid-section before striking Shamrock at the back of his head with the elbow. Irish whipping the World's Most Dangerous Man into the ropes Steve leaps but Shamrock catches him with a powerslam and goes for the first cover receiving a 2 count. Hooking the arm, Shamrock does a snapmare suplex followed up by a knee drop off the ring ropes. Now in complete control of the match, Ken introduces Blackman's to his knee pad he attempts to go for another snapmare suplex and Steve counters with a roll-up pin that Shamrock escapes at 2. Angered by this, Ken clotheslines Blackman to the ground. Suddenly a bell tolls and the arena goes dark, when the lights return Angel stands in the ring and attacks both men as the referee calls for the bell.

Michael Cole said, "That's Angel! The Deadgirl is attacking Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman!" Angel knocks both men down with right hands before she wraps her hand around Shamrock's throat, lifting the man 7 feet into the air before drilling him to the mat with a thunderous chokeslam then turns her attention to Blackman. She scoops the resident of Annville, Pennsylvania up and Tombstones him. Angel rolls her eyes back making her look very demonic before standing up and asking for a microphone.

She said with clear frustration in her voice, "McMahon, for the past couple of months you have refused to grant me a shot at championship gold simply because I became the first female and youngest WWF Champion in history. This is my ultimatum, Vince. You either reverse your decision or I'm going to dismantle your corporate stooges one by one! You have until the end of the night to respond and it better be the right choice because if it's not, you will be next on the hit list." Dark Side plays and purple light descends as Angel stares at the camera and does the Rest in Peace sign.

Inside their locker room, the Corporation stares at the TV. Kane had his arms crossed and sensed that more of the wimpy members like Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco shake in fear.

Vince on the other hand seethed, "She dare threaten me? Perhaps she needs a lesson of manners!" He heard Kane chuckle darkly and glared at him, "What are you laughing at?" Kane turns his head away not caring if Vince heard him. Vince directs his vision back to the TV when Mankind asks him for a shot at The Rock's championship belt at the Royal Rumble. The middle-aged man gets up and heads for the curtain.

Mankind watches the WWF Chairman walk out onto the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand.

He said, "Don't worry, I have the Corporate team behind me just in chase. Now as for you Mankind, you are nothing but a disillusioned, psychopathic, disfigured monster. You asking to be the number 1 contender for the World Wrestling Federation title stains that sacred honor, your name connected to the WWF title stains, indeed, the World Wrestling Federation itself. You see, you had your opportunity in the past and quite frankly you blew it. You didn't listen to me! You listened to them instead. What is wrong with you? All the cheap hotels, all the bad food you eat, all the sacrifices you put your body through, and for what? For the roar of these people. God, how pathetic are you? The answer is no, Mankind." The fans boo loudly as Vince vanishes behind the curtain.

The next match on the card was another Singles event with Goldust facing Mark Henry.

Goldust's music hit as Tony Chimel announced, "The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Making his way to the ring, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 260 pounds, Goldust!" The Bizarre One removed his robe and wig as Mark Henry's music hit, "And his opponent. From Silsbee, Texas, weighing in at 400 pounds, 'Sexual Chocolate' Mark Henry!" Mark Henry enters and the referee calls for the bell.

The two enter a tie up and Mark Henry delivers a knee to the gut then sends Goldust leaning against the ropes. Henry drives his elbow into the Bizarre One's back then Irish whips him into the ropes, Goldust ducks a right hand then kicks at the tree trunk leg of the 400 pounder before Henry does a thumb to the eye. Goldust sees the World's Strongest Man running at him and hits a spinebuster then goes for a pin only Mark Henry kick out with authority. Bringing the man to his feet Goldust strikes with the uppercut before having an Irish whip be reversed and Henry plants the Bizarre One with a powerslam followed by a stomp. After hitting the resident of Hollywood, California with right hands Henry body slams Goldust and connects a running elbow drop. Returning to his feet, the former power lifter hits a running leg drop before Goldust throws lefts and rights while on his knees and attempts to launch an offense but Mark Henry displays his amazing strength by doing a flapjack. Henry's about to go for a pin when he spots Chyna and another woman standing on the entrance ramp, this distraction allows Goldust to drop the opponent onto his head from behind. The Bizarre One asks the fans for Shattered Dreams and cheers provide the answer. Walking over to the nearest turnbuckle, Goldust puts both of Henry's legs onto the second rope. Backing up to gain momentum, Goldust runs at the 400 pounder and kicks him right in the family jewels. The referee calls for the bell, making Mark Henry the winner by disqualification.

With the match over Chyna and the mystery woman advance down the ramp and into the ring. The Amazon-like woman asks for a microphone.

She helped Mark Henry up before saying, "I hope you're not hurt too bad, Mark. Listen, I got a confession to make. The other night I had with you was incredible, it was. But I'm afraid that I am just not womanly enough for you. You are too much for one woman, Sexual Chocolate so I want to introduce you to my friend Sammy. Now I know you like tall woman and I know you like exotic dancers so I have a proposition for you. I only planned for two but Sammy and I will allow you to take the road off your mind." Mark Henry faints from the countless images passing through his mind before coming to his senses again, Chyna helps him up and the trio leave the ring.

Next, a video shows a man with his hands cuffed above his head in dungeon.

Michael Cole asked, "King, was that Dennis Knight?" Val Venus attacks Test during a match with the Godfather, resulting in the Godfather being the winner via DQ.

After changing into her ring gear and lacing up her boots, Angel puts her cape on and secures the buckles before heading out for her match with Jacqueline.

The cape itself was black, the shoulder guards were dark purple and curved downward, the front was composed a vest with gray buckles.

Out in the arena, Jacqueline's music hit as Tony Chimel said, "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring, from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 175 pounds, Jacqueline!" The young woman walks out.

Jacqueline stood at around 5'6, appeared to be in her mid 20s, had black hair that went to her waist, dark skin, dark eyes and had an athletic build.

She stands in the ring awaiting the arrival of her opponent, she doesn't have to wait long because Dark Side plays and the arena goes dark then flames explode on the entrance ramp followed by purple light and fog.

Tony Chimel resumed, "And her opponent. From Death Valley, weighing in at 220 pounds, Angel!" The Deadgirl begins her slow, methodical advance to the ring not taking her eyes off her opponent.

Michael Cole said, "Ever since losing her title at Unforgiven last year and being denied of a rematch, Angel has been in a foul mood. A bit earlier, she demanded Mr. McMahon to reverse his decision of not being granted a rematch for the WWF Championship and if McMahon doesn't, Angel promises to destroy the Corporation one by one. She's given him the end of the night to respond."

Jerry the "King" Lawler nodded, "I hope so, Michael. If Mr. McMahon makes the wrong choice, he will be on the receiving end of the Deadgirl's wrath!" Angel arrives at the steel steps and parts the sides of her cape then brings her arms up, rolling her eyes back as she returns the lights. She next steps through the middle rope glaring at Jacqueline while undoing the buckles. Once the last one was undone, Angel removes the cape and places it outside the ring. The referee signals for the bell, getting the match underway.

Angel and Jacqueline lock up and Angel shoves her opponent away. Recovering from the display of raw power, Jacqueline targets Angel's legs in an attempt to bring the Deadgirl down but the kicks have no effect. Realizing that her kicks aren't doing any good the dark-haired young woman switches to punches. Angel grabs Jacqueline and tosses her into the turnbuckle, throwing lefts and rights followed up by a choke to the count of 4. Angel slams her elbow into her foe's temple in a way that made the fans know that she isn't messing around. She next throws Jacqueline halfway across the ring with nothing but raw power, her hand clamps down on the older woman's trapezius tightly and the referee asks Jacqueline if she wants to quit and the woman shakes her head no. Getting to her feet, Jacqueline drives her elbow into Angel's stomach to make her release the vice-like grip. Once she does, Jacqueline shakes her shoulder to get feeling back into her trap. She blocks a right hand and is able to back Angel up to a turnbuckle and execute a tornado DDT. She goes for a cover but Angel kicks out with authority at 2. She sits up and whips her head around to glare at Jacqueline and made the older woman's blood freeze.

Jerry the "King" Lawler said, "Uh-oh, I've seen that face before and it doesn't end well with Angel's opponent, Cole." Wrapping her hands around Jacqueline's throat, Angel chokes the fool in the air before slamming her to the canvas with a sick thud. If one looked closely, they could see Angel's green eyes turn a few shades darker. Angel grabs an arm, twisting and wrenching it before heading to the nearest turnbuckle and walk the top rope for Old School. Jacqueline surprises her with a roll-up pin but Angel escapes at 2 and a half. Enraged, the teen chokeslams the older black-haired woman before sealing her fate with a Tombstone. Angel folds the arms over the chest and flips her hair with rolled back eyes so that her black sclera was visible. The ref's hand hits the mat 3 times before calling for the bell.

Tony Chimel announced, "Here is your winner, Angel!" The match somewhat helped Angel relief some of the frustration and her irises return to their normal shade of green.

Inside the Corporation's locker room, Kane watched his sister's match with great interest. It was rare to see Angel destroy her opponent so mercilessly and what intrigued him was how the color of her eyes changed. Out of the corner of his good eye, the 7 footer sees Shane McMahon head out the door wearing referee attire for the upcoming match between Triple H and Mankind to see who earns a spot in the Royal Rumble.

In the arena Tony Chimel said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the special guest referee for this match, Shane McMahon!" Shane slid into the ring and hopped to his feet as DX's music played, "The following contest scheduled for one fall is to determine who will enter the Royal Rumble. Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Chyna, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 244 pounds, Triple H!" The blonde-haired man high-fives the fans and enters the ring, taking a sip from his water bottled water and did the DX chop then removes his sleeveless shirt.

'This is going to be interesting.' Angel thought.

Mankind's theme hit and Chimel resumed, "And his opponent. Weighing in at 287 pounds, Mankind!" The deranged masked man walks down the ramp under blue light and rolls into the squared circle.

After making sure that none of the contestants have any hidden weapons, Shane calls for the bell.

Mankind unloads on Triple H with right hands, sending the young man to his knees then smashes his left arm against Mankind's shoulder before Triple H retaliates with a right hand of his own. The blonde-haired man shakes feeling back into his left arm after being slammed on his opponent's shoulder twice and brings Mankind over to the turnbuckle. He wrenches at the masked man's left arm then stands over Mankind pulling the arm back in a submission hold and Shane McMahon asks if Mankind wants to quit but the deranged individual refuses. Mankind battles his way out of the hold and assaults Triple H in the corner then Irish whips Hunter into the ropes and catches him with a running bulldog. Triple H breaks a side headlock placed on him and punches Mankind against the middle rope before the brown-haired man tosses Triple H out to ringside. Running into the ropes, Mankind sends him into the security barricade via baseball slide. He knocks Triple H off the ring apron when he spots the blonde trying to get back in. Returning to the apron, Triple H rams his shoulder into Mankind's gut before hitting a springboard sunset flip pin and Shane McMahon does a quick 3 count before calling for the bell.

Tony Chimel said, "Here is your winner, Triple H!" Mankind can't believe what just happened and Triple H gets a microphone.

He informed, "Mick, I'm sorry but business is business. A win is a win. And when it comes to the WWF Championship, I'll take it any way I can." Shane raised his arm, "But I will say one thing to you, Mick. Happy New Year!" He nailed a Pedigree on Shane McMahon from out of nowhere before grabbing the mic again, "He's all yours, Mick." Dropping the microphone, Triple H departs with Chyna.

Mankind grabbed the microphone and knelt down, "I'm going to put you in a submission hold you are pretty familiar to." He locked Shane in the hold he was in a couple of weeks ago, "Scream or I'm going to break your fucking shoulder!" He directed the device to Shane's mouth to let the man scream in pain as Vince, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco, "Hold it right there, Vince or I'll break it off. I swear to God I will!"

Vince cried, "Let him go, you son of a bitch!"

Mankind stated, "You know Vince, I've changed my mind. Instead of wanting a title shot at the Royal Rumble, I want it tonight!" He saw the WWF Chairman nod, "What was that? Did you say it's okay?"

Vince nodded desperately, "Yes, yes! Now let him go!"

Mankind further demanded, "Let me think about it, it's not enough! I want it no DQ!"

The middle-aged man agreed, "Fine, no DQ!"

Mankind said, "I guess we have a deal. And Rock, see you later tonight." He finally releases Vince's son out of the hold and leaves the ring through the crowd.

As Vince and his two cronies help Shane up the ramp, WWF Champion The Rock comes out complaining to Vince about the match later tonight like how he wasn't ready. Vince told him to get ready.

After replaying the event, the next Singles Match gets underway.

Edge's music as the man approaches the ring by walking through the fans and over the security wall.

Edge had blonde hair that reach his shoulder blades, stood at 6'5, brown eyes and a beard. He wore blue tights with Gothic symbols on them, a trench coat and sunglasses. He removes his coat and sunglasses when D-Lo Brown's music hit and makes his way to the ring.

Once the bell rings, D-Lo places Edge in a side headlock that the blonde breaks free from by Irish whipping Brown into the ropes but gets caught in a shoulder tackle from the opponent. Edge drops to see his stomach when D-Lo runs at him, leaps over him the second time and hits him with a drop kick the third time. Irish whipping the man into the ropes, Edge goes for a hip toss but D-Lo Brown blocks it so Edge hits him in the mid-section then sends Brown out to ringside. Running off the ropes, Edge executes a crossbody onto D-Lo Brown. The enemy drops Edge face first on the security barricade before rolling him into the ring. The match abruptly ends when Terri Runnels comes out to confront him. She fell off the apron and was concerned about the baby growing inside her. Returning from a commercial break, the cameraman finds Terri being wheeled to an ambulance.

In the arena, the lights go out and Burned plays. Flames explode on the entrance ramp and Kane along with Vince, Shane, Brisco and Patterson, walk to the ring under red light. Stepping over the top rope, Kane walks to the center of the ring and slowly brings his arms up then throws them down making fire spew from the ring posts.

'I can't believe the nerve of the guys, making a mockery out of Kane!' Angel thought with disapproval as she watched Kane dismantle Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco in 2-on-1 Handicap Match after Vince reminded them about those responsible for his son's emotional scarring.

That disapproval turns into anger when Vince, upon seeing Kane grab Shane by the throat, warns the crimson red demon that he will send Kane back to the looney bin. This seemed to work because Kane lets go of Shane. Angel can't help but feel sorry for Brisco and Patterson because they were innocent victims.

Back in the dungeon, Dennis Knight asks for anyone to come save him and two men enter his cell. They proceed to undo the man's shackles and take him somewhere.

Road Dogg retains his WWF Hardcore Championship against Al Snow.

EMTs attend to an injured Shawn Michaels following a brutal attack by the Corporation when the Commissioner tried to get into his car. The EMTs place Michaels in an ambulance to take him to a hospital.

The time finally comes for the championship match.

Tony Chimel said, "The following contest is for the World Wrestling Federation Championship! Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 287 pounds, Mankind!" After Mankind enters the ring, DX join him at ringside to insure that the Corporation doesn't pull anything like they did with Shawn Michaels. The Rock's music was next, "And his opponent. Being accompanied by the Corporation, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 275 pounds, he is the World Wrestling Federation Champion, The Rock!" The Rock enters the arena wearing black sweat pants with white stripes, a loose button-up sweat shirt, elbow pad and wrestling boots. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and lifts his championship belt above his head for the booing crowd to see.

Jumping down, Rock removes his sunglasses and hands the WWF Championship to referee Earl Hebner who holds it up, signaling that it's up for grabs. Handing it to a stagehand outside the ring, Earl calls for the bell to get the match started.

Rock and Mankind enter a lock up and Rock places a side headlock on the deranged psychopath but Mankind breaks it with an Irish whip. He knocks the WWF Champion down with a shoulder tackle and assaults The Rock's face with right hands. He next plants him with a piledriver and goes for a cover only to have Rock kick out at 1. Mankind places him in a headlock and Earl Hebner asks the champion if he wants to quit and Rock shakes his head in no before head butting Mankind to make him let go. Rock unloads on the challenger with right hands before one final punch sends Mankind out to ringside, the Big Boss Man tries to land a shot at him but Road Dogg comes over to prevent that. Rock exits the ring and Irish whips Mankind into the steel steps knocking the top half off

Rock taunted, "The WWF Championship doesn't deserve to be worn around the waist of a Jabroni like you!" The young man stomps away on Mankind's chest before grabbing the top half of the steps and walking back over to bash Mankind's head in but the masked man thwarts it with a drop kick. Going for a cover, he gets a 2 count as Rock kicks out. Reaching under the ring, Mankind pulls a table out and sets it up, igniting it for extra and the crowd goes wild. Kneeing the champion in the gut, Mankind drives Rock through the table with a bulldog. The fans chant "Holy Shit" over and over again. When The Rock was in the ring to pull Mankind up, the brown-haired man drives the Mandible Claw down Rock's throat and Mankind enters the ring to keep his finisher in place when the Big Boss Man hits Mankind and Billy Gunn deals with him.

The crowd comes unglued when Stone Cold Steve Austin's music and the Texas Rattlesnake makes his way down the ramp, taking out any members of the Corporation that stand in his way. He nails Rock with a steel chair and Mankind seizes the opportunity to go for a pin. The ref counts to 3 and calls for the bell, the crowd roars in delight.

Tony Chimel said, "The winner of this match and new World Wrestling Federation Champion, Mankind!"

Jim Ross cried, "Mick Foley has fulfilled his dream!" Steve Austin throws his hat at a furious Vince McMahon and flips him off.

Triple H and Billy Gunn hoist Mankind up on their shoulders as the new WWF Champion relishes in victory.

'Congratulations, Mankind.' Angel thought.

A while later, the time came for Vince to give his answer though everyone could tell that he is still pissed over what transpired. The Corporation stand in the ring with him.

Vince said, "Despite what happened a little while ago, I have been contemplating on my answer to Angel's request and my answer chance of hell of her ever becoming WWF Champion or Women's Champion anytime soon! She would disgrace the honor of wearing that belt!" A bell tolls and the arena goes dark.

Michael Cole stated, "Uh-oh. Vince is in for it now, King!"

Jerry Lawler said with fear, "I agree with you, Michael. Angel's got to be livid from hearing this!" When the lights come back on, Angel stands in the ring and proceed to take out each member of the Corporation. Kane watches the carnage unfold from ringside, not bothering to stop his sister's fury.

Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man suffer a double chokeslam, Angel feels Shane McMahon hit her from behind so she whips around and sees Shane become as white as a sheet from the burning rage on Angel's face the Deadgirl gives him a Tombstone then turns her attention to Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson, Tombstoning both of them. The Rock turns Angel to him and throws lefts and rights on her but all that did was enrage the teen more. Wrapping her hand around the former WWF Champion's throat, Angel lifts Rock 7 feet into the air and chokeslams him with so much force that it made Rock's body bounce off the mat. She brings her gaze to Vince McMahon who looks like he's just seen the Devil. The Chairman rolls out of the ring to escape but Angel's in hot pursuit, catching the middle-aged man halfway up the ramp and brings him to ringside. She pins him to the ring apron.

Angel growled, "You just made the worst mistake of your life, asshole! Now you will suffer the consequences because of it!" Picking him up, Angel drives Vince's spine into the ring post before driving the man through the security barricade.

Cole begged, "Okay, Deadgirl, you made your point! Stop this!" Angel slams McMahon's skull into the other steps 10 times and next brings him to the announce table, standing on it Angel does the Rest in Peace sign with her eyes rolled back before chokeslamming Vince through the announce table.

Jerry Lawler said, "Listen to these people, they're sadistic!" Stepping into the ring, Angel surveys the carnage that resembled a bad car wreck. Bodies lied everywhere except for Kane.

Angel goes to one knee and raises her arm into the air, flipping her hair back as Dark Side plays and purple light descends. The cameraman captures Angel returning to her feet and rolling her eyes back until her black sclera remain, making her look like she had no eyes. The lights go out again and when they return, Angel's gone.

In her locker room, Angel showers and changes into street clothes before picking her bag up to leave the place. Entering her hotel room, Angel sits on the bed.

She said, "I can't believe the nerve of Vince. Refusing to let me have a rematch for the WWF Championship. At least I showed him that crossing me has dire consequences." She smirks at the last part and eventually falls asleep.

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Angel raises hell in response to Vince's refusal of letting her invoke her rematch clause.

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