This is going to be a very long story about DarylxRick. I hope you all like it

He awoke in the tent, to the sound of feet walking around on the rocks. He climbs out of the tent and was greeted by everyone. "Mornin'.", a survivor said to Rick. Rick simply nodded and stopped next to Carol. "Hey're still a little damp. The sun'll have 'em dry in no time." Rick smiled a little grin, "You washed my clothes?" "Well, as best as we could. A washboard ain't as easy as my old maytag back at home.", Carol said gently.

Rick came across Lori and hugged her from behind. "Mornin', officer." She giggled and kissed his chin. Rick smiled and looked at her. "Well, how' ya' sleep?", asked Lori. Rick shrugged, "Alright, I guess." He embraced her for a moment, before being startled by Jacqui and Carl screaming. Everyone alerted, the survivors ran out to the screams and saw the walker…

Lori grabbed Carl and started pulling him back to camp, along with Jacqui. Dale, Shane, Rick and Morales all had a weapon in hand. The walker turned its head away from its prey. It growled and they charged at it. Hitting it's body, a couple head shots with a bat. The walker was being pushed to the ground until Dale cut its head off with the axe. They all gasped as the walker's head was still trying to bite. Daryl came from the forest as they stared at the animal's body. "God damn it. I've been tracking this damn thing for miles. You think, if we cut off this part, it'd be safe?"

They all stared at Daryl, as if he were crazy. "I wouldn't suggest it.", Shane said. "I got us a couple dozen squirrel, for just occasion." Daryl said disappointedly. "Merle!" He screamed. "I got us some squirrels!" The cute little archer said as he walked through camp. "M-Merle? Where are ya'?" He called out. Rick came up behind him. "He's gone." He gave the younger Dixon a guilty look. "He dead?" He asked, not trying to sound upset. "Chained to a metal pipe on the roof." Rick looked at the ground, hiding his face. "So…You just left him there? In Atlanta with all the walkers that could have got him?!" Daryl balled his fists, and charged at Rick. Shane clothes-lined Daryl and held him in a choke hold.

The younger Dixon squirmed, kicked and thrashed, trying to escape the police mans' hold. "He's alive, Daryl." Rick said, as he looked at the Dixon boy. "He was at least when we left him." T-Dog chimed in, "I put a padlock on a chain and locked the door. Ain't no walkers gon' get him." Shane released his grip, and the Dixon boy pulled himself up. "We're goin' to go get him, right?!" He asked softly and with hope. "I'll go. Glenn, we need you to go too. You know the city like the back of your hand." Rick said and Glenn just nodded.

Daryl climbed into the back of the truck, "LES' GO!" He hollered at the group. "I don't think you should go, man." Shane looked at Rick and huffed. "I have to. I was the one that chained him to the roof, I have to get him back." Rick said tenderly. Shane reached in his sheriff bag, and handed Rick 4 bullets for his python. "Let's just hope… 4 is your lucky number." Shane hugged Rick tightly, "You watch your ass, man." Rick nodded and hugged his family before running to the truck. The group drove away as the others watched.

They arrived on the out-skirts of Atlanta. "Which is closer, guns or Merle?" Rick asked. "We ain't havin' this conversation. We're gettin' my brother, first." Daryl shrieked. "Daryl's right. Merle is closer." Glenn said softly. Rick nodded and stop Daryl quickly. "We're gettin' him back, I promise. " He put his hand on Daryl's shoulder. Rick looked in Daryl's eyes and it was like time stopped. The officer looked at him and thought how attractive he was.

Daryl pushed Rick's hand off and started walking away. Rick stared out into the distance. "Rick…? Rick? Rick!" Glenn stepped infront of Rick's eyes. "You comin' or not?" Rick refocused on Glenn and nodded. "Hurry up, it's going to be dark soon!" Daryl hollered. The group followed Glenn who ran in front of everyone. They arrived at the trashed department store, being as soundless as possible. Daryl saw a lone walker, scuffling along the tile. He aimed his crossbow and pulled the trigger. The walker collapsed dead on the ground. Daryl collected his arrow, cleaned it off and grunted. "He better be safe, Rick." Daryl said as he gave Rick a stone glare.

They made their way up to the roof, only killing a few walkers on the way. Everyone moved aside and T-Dog used the bolt cutters to break the chain and padlock. They rush through the door and Daryl immediately started yelling. "Merle! M-Merle!" He ran around the roof looking for Merle, like a lost puppy dog trying to find its owner. Then, He found Merles' hand on the ground with a blood covered hacksaw lying next to it. "No! No!" Daryl screamed in horror.

Daryl fell to the ground and started to shed tears. "M-Merle…" "Glenn, T-Dog, try to find us another way off the roof to go look for Merle." He said with a stern voice. They both nodded and immediately started to search. Rick walked over to Daryl quietly and knelt down next to him. "Daryl… I-I'm sorry." Rick softly said with remorse. Daryl didn't say anything. He just stared at his brothers' severed hand. Rick put his hand tenderly on Daryl's shoulder and gently squeezed. Daryl laid his hand on Ricks' hand and softly squeezed.

"Let's go get those damn guns." Frustration could be heard through his voice as he squeezed more tightly on Ricks' hand. Rick helped Daryl stand and help him balance. "Are you going to be alright, Daryl?" Rick said with compassion. Daryl sighed and didn't answer. Rick gently pulled Daryl back and helps him in his arms as a strong embrace. Daryl's' eyes widened and sunk into Ricks' embrace. "I'm sorry, Daryl. I really am." Rick said once more as he rubbed Daryl's' back gently. For once, Daryl had a real smile on his face. Rick pulled away, slowly letting go of his embrace. But then, Daryl pulled him back in and passionately, yet a little more aggressively, laid a kiss on Ricks' tender lips.

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