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Misha stood in the window this time, delighted at the joy he saw on his friend's face. Sam was awake, eyes bright as he looked down at Dean with so much affection Misha almost felt he was intruding. Dean was saying something, muffled by the glass but obviously important. Sam's answering smile was enough to make Misha grin. Turning away, he startled as Gabriel's face appeared right in front of him.

"Jesus!" Misha exclaimed, taking a step back in alarm. Gabriel cracked a smile, all gold eyes and honey hair.

"Nope. Just me." He said, sidling up next to Misha to spy on the happy couple. Dean was holding Sam's hand now, never taking his eyes off of the taller man. The changes in his friend unnerved Misha a little, but true happiness was in front of him, and the changes could only be for the better.

"So." Misha said after a few more seconds of voyeurism.

"So?" Gabe queried.

"Now what?" Misha asked, gesturing at the four of them.

Gabriel frowned, face thoughtful. He didn't reply for a second, simply staring at the ground.

"If you wanted, I'm sure your job is still open." Gabriel said, and Misha didn't ask him how he knew that without him telling the other man. "You could go home."

"And the other option?" Misha asked. "What about Dean?" He questioned, pretending the veiled dismissal didn't sting a little. Did Gabriel really want him gone that badly?

"I have a feeling the lovebirds aren't going to separate for a while." Gabriel murmured, proud smile on his face. "Sam will rest here until I can take him somewhere safe again."

Misha frowned. "You'd quit your job for him?"

Gabriel's smile took on a darker tinge. "I've done more."

Misha shrugged. "That's depressing."

A small bark of laughter escaped the shorter man. "Depressing?"

Misha nodded. "I don't think I know anyone I'd do that for besides Dean."

Gabriel met his eyes for a second, gold eyes warm. "Well, I would need someone to look after Deano." He said slyly, almost casual like. Misha felt his heart stop at the invitation.

"I don't think he likes me very much." Gabriel admitted with a smile, leaning up against the window. "You, however..." He trailed off. "Argh, fuck it." He said sharply, face twisting in frustration. He turned so Misha was facing him.

"Come with us." Gabriel pleaded, hands going to Misha's shoulders. Shock rolled through Misha again. "When Sam's better. I know it isn't much, and I get it if you don't want to come, but..." He trailed off again, looking in at Sam and Dean again. "They're not the only ones who need you."

Misha was caught between disbelief at the slightly cheesy (but well meant) line and gratitude. He didn't know much outside of his job and Dean-the latter of the two being infinitely more important. What Gabe was offering was something Misha wanted more than anything.

And that scared him a little bit.

"You really mean it?" He asked the blonde man, eyes wide. Gabriel nodded, looking almost anxious. Misha had never seen the man look so unsure of himself-this strong man who'd faced down so many.

"Then yes." Misha breathed. Gabriel's face lit up, but he covered it quickly behind a lip quirk-raised eyebrow combination.

"Good." Gabriel finally said, turning back to the window like nothing had happened. Misha smiled at the way he was able to dismiss emotion when he felt uncomfortable-something told him Misha would be fixing that.

Something told Misha a lot of things were going to be changing.

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