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Chapter 66.


I blinked my eyes and rose an arm to shelter my eyes from the bright morning sun, which was so rudely streaming through my window. I groaned and turned over, hitting something warm.

My eyes flew open and was met with a very nude chest.

With widened eyes, my gaze moved upwards to a chin, housed under very kissable thin lips, up to a slightly crooked nose and finally to closed eyes, with indecently long lashes kissing his cheek.

God, this man was beautiful.

Then it hit me.

Edward Cullen was in my bed.

He had done something no one had ever done before.

Oh fuck.

Moving quickly and silently, loathe to wake the man lying tangled among my sheets, I shuffled off the bed and grabbed the phone before going into the next room. My fingers were flying over the numbers at lightning speed and I waited impatiently for the other end to picked up.

"What James?" a very grumpy sounding Emmett answered after a lengthy three rings.

"Edward is in my bed."

That definitely caught his interest.

"No one has ever slept over," he said in a hushed voice.

My heart was racing.

"I know," my voice shook.

"Did you guys..." he trailed off suggestively.

"No," I said shaking my head. "We just slept."

I heard Emmett release a deep sigh, "That's good. Putting out on the first date is never good."

I rolled my eyes, "With the amount of one night stands you've had?"

"We're not talking about me, you're the good boy here. Wouldn't wanna tarnish that squeaky clean image," he said.

"Fuck off Em," I snapped. "I'm freaking out. What does this mean?"

"Stop freaking out, and you're smart. You can figure it out."

I groaned, "You are no help."

"When you figure it out, you'll realize just how much of a help I've been," he said. "Now I'm gonna go back to my beautiful woman, before our darling children wake up."

We said our good-byes and I hung up, worrying my bottom lip between my teeth.

I didn't know what to do.

The fact that no one had ever slept at my house, and would never even get close to my bed, and Edward Cullen had managed to do both in one night; was to be frank, fucking terrifying.

"James?" I heard his sleep roughed voice call out.

Jeezus, I could cum just by listening to that voice.

Okay, where did that come from? I shook my head and head back to the bedroom, planting a smile on my face.

"Morning," I said.

He rubbed his eyes and gave me that crooked grin I loved.

Wait, what?

"Thank you," he stated.

"For what?" I asked, a frown creasing my forehead.

"Last night," he mumbled shyly, his eyes skittering away from mine momentarily.

I sat on the bed and cupped his chin, raising it until he was looking at me, "There's no need for thanks."

A small flush colored his cheeks and I couldn't help but think how adorable he was.

Seeing him like this made me wonder, how I could've ever believed the things I had heard about him.

I leaned in and brushed my lips against his; I almost laughed when his eyes widened in shock. I deepened the kiss and watched as his eyes fluttered to a close. My own eyes slid shut then, and I licked at his lips, hoping to receive the opening I so craved.

I wasn't disappointed when his lips parted, and his tongue tentatively made contact with mine.

I'm kissing him with my morning breath.


But he has morning breath too.

Okay, so that might've appeased me a bit.

We continued kissing for who knows how long, but I could care less. I was enjoying this immensely.

Eventually, however, we did have to come up for air. Even then we were still lazily pecking at each other's lips before finally sliding apart, both of us breathing heavily.

"You're beautiful," I whispered, running a hand over his hair.

"I'm not," he said softly, his body quivering as my fingers delved into his hair, scratching softly against his scalp.

I pinned him with a glare, "Don't ever let me hear you deny your beauty, or worth."

He nodded, eyes wide and wild, "Okay."

"Now, are you ready for breakfast?" I asked.

He scrunched up his nose, "What time is it?"

I turned my head to glance at the clock beside my bed, "Just after seven, why?"

He blushed and I couldn't resist joining our lips again before leaning back to let him continue, "Could we just, um, stay in bed a bit longer?"

I don't know why, but his words made my heart swell.

Instead of being scared shitless, I felt elated at the prospect of having him in my bed longer.

I leaned down, our foreheads touching, "We can stay in bed all day if you want."

Holy shit, I was in fucking trouble.



It was a good morning.

Patty and Bernie had come earlier and had taken the twins to the big house for the morning. I had pumped off some milk for them and they were starting to have their first foods, so I wasn't really that needed. Emmett had slept through the entire exchange and I smiled to myself when I heard him on the phone with James.

He hung up and groaned, throwing his arm over his face.

"What happened with James?" I asked, sliding my hand up his chest.

"Edward spent the night," he said.

"What!?" I cried sitting up.

"They didn't do anything, only slept," he said opening his eyes to peer at me.

"Oh," I said flopping back down and resting my head on his shoulder. "So what was he freaking out about?"

"No one's ever spent the night," Emmett said. "Not even when I thought he was straight."

I rose a brow, "Seriously?"

Emmett nodded and brushed a kiss on my lips.

"Wow," I said going quiet for a few moments.

"Our besties are gonna get married and have obscenely gorgeous kids!" I said gleefully.

Emmett shook his head and chuckled, "Baby, men can't get pregnant."

I shrugged, "Technology is getting more advance by the day, who knows what could happen."

Emmett laughed and drew me closer, "You are too much babe."

"Nah," I whispered leaning down to rest my forehead on his, "I'm just right."

And just like that, the mood shifted.

I didn't want to think about James and Edward anymore. Nope. All my focus was on the warm, hard body slightly beneath me.

I watched as his eyes darkened and his fingers moved to my waist, I felt the tightening and knew what was coming.

Three months.

That's how long I've been waiting for this moment.

We hadn't made love but for that one time, when I was still pregnant.

I wanted to feel him now, without any hindrance.

I craved him.

I gasped as he lifted me off the bed and situated me on his lower body, the heat of his length pulsating against my core.

"Bella," he said, voice deep and low.

Shivers ran up and down my spine, "Hmm?"

"" I cut him off by kissing him.

I had enough talk to last me a lifetime. It was time for some action.

I ground my groin against his, reveling in the throaty groan that reverberated in his chest.

He broke the kiss, breath coming in ragged bursts, "The twins..."

"Are with your parents, now would you kindly shut the fuck up and make love to me?"

That was all it took for him to get into action.

I wanted to memorize every moment.

This was special to me.

I loved this man, and he loved me.

Every touch, every caress was stored into my brain.

Every kiss, every nip against my flesh with his teeth, sent me careening into orbit.

He took my breath away.

Fingers tore at material, making their way onto my heated flesh.

I cried out as the gentle roughness of his fingers touched me there.

"Emmetttt," I panted, slightly embarrassed by my reaction.

Fuck, I was practically desperate.

"Shhh baby," he crooned sitting suddenly, causing his finger to slide inside me.

I swear I came right fucking there and then.

I felt completely wanton as I rocked back and forth on his hand, dying to feel that pleasure again.

He didn't seem to mind at all, and in fact added another finger for good measure and thrust them fast and deep into my heat.

I know I'm going to be a trembling mess in his arms by the end of this session.

His lips were hot against my skin, leaving a trail of love bites on my pale flesh.

Usually I was not a fan of markings, but his markings made me feel empowered.

I was his to claim and mark as he see fit.

Sounds contradictory doesn't it?

Well, the way I see it, giving myself to him completely was not weakness.

I was secure enough to know that he would not abuse my selflessness.

And in return I got the same thing from him.

He was mine.


I liked the way that sounded.

"I've wanted you..." he said giving me soft and tender kisses.

"Me too," I whispered breathlessly, he stilled his fingers inside of me.

"Do you want me to be gentle?" his breath skittering across my flesh.


No, I wanted him wild and raw.

I shook my head, gnawing on my bottom lip.

Emmett growled and slammed his mouth against mine, his fingers gone now, leaving me with a feeling of emptiness. I shouldn't have been worried.

Within seconds, I found myself flat on my back, my clothes hastily stripped off my body and a very aroused and naked Emmett between my legs.

"I love you Isabella Swan," he said suddenly serious, his eyes boring into mine.

I felt my breath stick in my throat and I had to cough before I could reply, "I love you, Emmett McCarty."

I didn't need anymore foreplay.

I've been ready.

I just needed him.

I watched as he reached over the edge of the bed for the little foil packet, and I watched as he sheathed himself. I could feel the heat coiling in the pit of my stomach as he lowered himself over me, the blunt tip of his penis brushing against my folds. My eyes detoured to his arms, the muscles tense as he braced himself to keep his full weight off of me.

"This is forever," he said.

"And ever," I replied lifting my hips in invitation.

The moment that I felt him break the barrier and slid home would go down as one of my most memorable moments in my life.

Even though I remembered the last time he was in me like this, it was a fading memory.

However, as he stretched me, filling me completely, I knew I would never forget this.

My eyes were closed tightly as he stilled his hips, allowing me to get used to the intrusion, but my body had other plans and suddenly I was bucking lightly against him, my nails digging into his shoulders.

Needing him to move.

Needing more.

Ask and you shall receive.

There was nothing gentle about it.

Once Emmett got started, it was though he were trying to prove a point.

God only knows what it was, but it surely had been made.

I was screaming obscenities as he pounded me into the bed, my legs quivering.

By the time he turned me over, positioning a pillow under my stomach, raising my ass off the bed, I was as limp as a noodle. I was still recovering from my last mind blowing orgasm when he was suddenly there again.

I screamed and clawed wildly at the bed, my fingers curling around the sheet.

"Mine," Emmett growled behind me, his fingers gripping my hips tightly as he propelled me up and down on his lap.

I would have serious bruises later, but I didn't have a care in the world.

His body leaned over mine, his chest against my back as he pulled me up and back against him.

His breath hot against my ear, his voice dark and sexy, "You're mine."

My voice has disappeared.

I loved and hated my voice at the same time then.

"Bella," Emmett said drawing back before slamming back into me.

I gasped, my mouth slack. "Yes!"

"Who do you belong to?" another mind shattering thrust.


"Answer me!" he grunted with another powerful flick of his hips.

"You! I'm yours!" I screamed.

"Good," he growled and brought me over the edge yet again.

Like I said, trembling mess.

I could not move, literally.

I just welcomed the crush of his body against my back as he came with a loud groan.

"I love you," he said with a kiss to the back of my neck.

"Ditto," I said and smiled as he rolled off of me, only to return seconds later, scooping me up against his chest.

A few minutes passed with nothing but the sound of our breathing filled the air, just basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

"Bella?" he said, finally breaking the silence.

"Yeah?" I replied, burying my face in his chest.

"Marry me?"

Did he just say that? Really?

Maybe I was dreaming?

No, he really did.

Dear God...

Despite the inner battle, when my mouth opened, only one word came out.



Two months later


My best friend was getting married.

I never thought I'd see the day that happened.

Isabella Marie Swan was actually getting married.

She had called and gushed the news over the phone like some love-struck teenager, but it was hard not to get caught up in the excitement. Of course, I planned the wedding, with Alice's help.

I was also the Man-of-Honor.

Fucking right, you heard that shit.

Bella had politely told anyone who objected to me standing up for her on her big day, to fuck right off.

"He's my best friend and it's already decided, if you don't like it, you can fuck right off!"

On the big day, yours truly wore a lovely green suit that hugged my body in all the right places, of course that was important as I would have someone watching me rather closely.



The things the thought of that man does to me.

It's been two months since we decided to go on that date, and two dates later, a month on, James asked me to be his.

I'd be a fool to say no, right?

Well Bella didn't raise no fool. Ha.

She'd be proud I said that.

I had met his mother.

That was an experience to remember.

I loved her.

My Evie.

"My mother's name is Evelyn," James had hissed to me when the waiter had come to take our order. "I forbid you to call her Evie."

I had patted his cheek, and laughed at his obvious jealousy.

He's never had to compete for his mother's affections before.

He got over it soon enough, when he realised that all the menial things he had to do before that he'd prefer not to do, were being done by me as Evelyn had me to do it now.

I continued sleeping over at his place on occasion, earning smug looks from Emmett and Bella when we were all hanging out together.

Of course he slept at my apartment too.

In fact he stayed over for a few days.

No one has ever done that.

I was head over heels in love with him.

The wedding came off without a hitch, Bella was beautiful and I may or may not have cried. The twins were adorable in their green and white outfits.

They were still the most spoiled babies in the state, what with Rose and Alice as their Godmothers and James and I as their Godfathers.

The speeches at the reception had been entertaining. Evoking mushy feelings and what not. The room was abuzz with chatter as we ate, and then came the fun part. The bouquet throwing and the garter toss.

Bella insisted I be in the running, so I found myself surrounded by eager females, dying to catch the flowers.

Shockingly I caught the bouquet, to Bella's delight.

I rolled my eyes at her when she started gushing over me.

"Woman please," I said huffily. "You're a wife and a mother now, please act like an adult."

She flipped me off and then went in search of her husband and children.

James won the garter.

No matter how much we were egged on by our asinine best friends, we opted to do the little ritual involving the garter.

That had been ages ago, and now everyone was just sitting around talking happily to each other. The first dance would be coming up soon, and I wondered where James had disappeared to.

I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turned around and found myself falling into a pair of eyes I knew well.

Speak of the devil.

"Hey," he said softly, a small smile on his lips.

"Hey handsome," I replied with a grin.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked.

It was then I realized that Bella and Emmett were on the dance floor, and other couples were joining in.

Had I been so lost in James' presence that I had blocked out everything around me?

"Of course," I smiled, taking his hand as he led me onto the dance-floor.

No words passed between us as we swayed in time with the music, his hands draped loosely around my waist, his head dangerously low against my neck, so low that I could feel the brush of his lips against my neck when he moved.

"Edward," he said so softly, I thought I had imagined it.

"Yeah?" I replied, turning my head over so slightly that my lips brushed over his ear. I was slightly taller than him, and sometimes that did have its advantages.

"I know it seems really premature, and we've only been dating for about two months, but I really care about you."

"I really care about you too," I started to say but he cut me off.

"No, let me talk. Please," he said raising a finger to my lips.

I nodded and pretended to zip my lips shut before locking it and throwing away the key.

"I love you."

My brain exploded.

It was too soon.

I couldn't say it back yet.

I was so fucked up.

He'll hate me.

My head started to hurt and I was afraid to look into his eyes.

I was surprised when I noticed that he was smiling, "You don't have to look scared to death Edward, I understand that it's too soon for you to say it back, but I know you do."

"How do you know?" I whispered.

He smirked at me and tilted his head up, and drawing mine down to join our lips in a sweet kiss.

"Just trust me, yeah?" he said sassily.

I smiled against his lips and nodded.

Nothing else really mattered then.

For the second time in my life, I felt loved.

Genuinely loved.

When the kiss ended, I felt as though I was bursting.

"I love you too James," I whispered.

The smile that lit up his face was worth facing my fears.

I looked over at Bella and Emmett who were grinning at us, giving the thumbs-up sign. I brought them to James' attention and he rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Our best friends are two of the dumbest fucks I know," he said kissing me again.

I couldn't agree more.



She was finally mine.

I looked over at the beautiful woman who sat next to me, a smile on her face as she cooed at our children.

How could I have ever thought she was plain, beats the shit outta me.

I guess temporary insanity could be my excuse.

Well, whatever the reason, I'm glad that I got over it.

I couldn't picture myself without her by my side.

"You are stunning Mrs. McCarty," I said softly, getting her attention.

"Thank you Mr. McCarty," her cheeks flushed red.

I would never get tired of making her cheeks go pink.

"I love you," I said.

She smiled at me, ran her hand across my cheek and then said, "You have no choice."

Cheeky woman!

She was right though. I really didn't have a choice.

I was irrevocably hers; no matter what.

"Did you ever think that we'd be here?" she asked smiling at me.

"Never in a million years," I chuckled, throwing my arm around her, drawing her close to me.

"Your grandfather got his wish after all though," she said with a light laugh.

She was right, somehow I had forgotten all about the old man and his sly plans.

"The old bastard must be gloating somewhere up there, this very instant," I said growling playfully.

We kissed and were interrupted by Alice, telling us that it was time for our first dance as man and wife.

We swayed to the music, and honestly I couldn't remember what song Edward had chosen for us. Neither Bella or I had come up with anything. Considering our lives had been completely hectic as of late.

This woman was everything to me.

The part of me that had felt hollow, was now full.

I felt complete.

"Look at them," she whispered, breaking me out of my reverie.

I turned my head to look in the direction she had nodded, and my gaze landed on Edward and James who were lost in each other's gaze.

"Aren't they adorable?" she said with a sigh. "We might have a wedding to plan sometime in the future."

"You are completely mental about them getting together," I said giving her an Eskimo kiss.

"Maybe a little, but everyone deserves love. Edward deserves love," she said vehemently.

"I agree," I said kissing her softly, thankful that the tenseness left her body.

Edward looked up and looked over at us, instantly we both started waving at him like crazy people. He alerted James and the two of them rolled their eyes at us when we continued with our antics.

"They love us," Bella said grinning up at me.

"What's not to love?" I asked with a grin of my own.

We danced over to our parents who had kidnapped our children.

"Hello grandparents," I said with a smirk.

I received deadly glares from Renee and my mother, the men merely rose a brow.

Bella laughed and reached for our daughter who waved her chubby little hands as she stretched out for her mother.

I took our son from my father and we gave a little wave before heading back to the dance floor.

"Now our first dance is complete," I said pressing a kiss against Zayn's forehead.

"Uh huh," Bella said mimicking my actions with Lux. "You, the babies and me. Our family. My world."

We scooted closer, well as close as we could with two chubby babies in our arms.

"I love you so much," she said quietly, as though we were in our own bubble and she didn't want to interrupt the reverence of the moment.

"I love you," I placed a kiss on her lips, "I love you," I kissed Lux. "And I love you," planting a kiss on Zayn.

This was my family.

I was finally happy.

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