First off, thanks for reading! I worked very hard on this first chapter.

To anyone who has read Black Cat, I'm basically doing the same storyline (Which I DO NOT own whatsoever), but changing little things here and adding some romance between you'll guess who and my OC. :3

If I get the chance, I'll post pictures on deviantart to let you know how my character looks and different outfits she might wear.

To those who haven't watched Black Cat, go watch at least the first episode, or this might get extremely confusing, and that's something we want to avoid, right?

I'm naming the chapters after the episodes because that's exactly what it is; almost a summary of the episode (only a lot longer...)

I will repeat this only once, none of the content aside from my OC belongs to me, it is fully the property of the original writer.

Have fun and please do comment! Thanks!