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My heart beat happily in my chest as I skipped down the grand staircase, well walked being a 6th prefect and all and therefore having to give a good example, to the great hall for breakfast. Today was my 2 year anniversary with Ron, and the day that I leave Hogwarts after lunch to spend my Christmas with the Weasleys at the burrow. A smile crosses my face as I think of what's going to happen today, maybe a private lunch out the front of the black lake or a walk to see buckbeat in the forbidden forest. I turn the corner and seeing the familiar red hair, surrounded by people waiting to get in the hall, I nearly fling myself into the arms of my boyfriend but before I could do so my brain registered who he was talking to, Lavender Brown. I stopped short frozen wanting to listen to what they were talking about.

"When are you going to break up with her? We've been going out for over 18 months and you still haven't stopped it like you promised you would! Do you love her more than me?" lavender complained in her high pitched shriek.

When her words registered in my mind my heart stopped beating with a jolt.

"I'll break up with her soon baby. I mean how could I possibly love that thing? She's as ugly as a troll with those skinny, knobbly legs and the bush that she calls hair on top of her head. I said I would just as soon as the holidays start. I mean the only reason I'm with her is so that I can do good with my studies with minimal work. All I need to do is kiss that disgusting mouth occasionally and blurt out I love you once a week. Stupid bitch can't even realise that no one will truly love her."

Suddenly Lavender looked up and found my eyes. Then a cruel smile began to spread across her face. I felt the blood drain from my face like water through a sieve leaving my face deadly pale.

"So your saying that you could never possibly love a troll like her and you will happily break that bitches heart as soon as the holidays begin?" she questions in a loud tittering voice. By now there was a crowd of least 100 students watching. I recognise some of the people in the crowd, there's Shamus,Dean, the twins and to relief Harry. Surely one of my friends will stand up for me.

"That's exactly what I'm saying baby" Ron said nodding with every word lavender says.

"Or you could tell her now." Said lavender nodding her head towards me

Ron slowly turned, then seeing me smiled. The look made my heart sink. I think of the hours upon hours I spend with him every week helping him keep up with assignments while he played wizard chess or sat on the floor staring out the window, leaving me to do all the work. I remember how many times he's told me he loved me and how close I was to giving him my first tonight.

"Guess the truths out now. But seriously how did you ever believe that I actually loved you? For the smartest witch of our age you are really thick." He cruelly said well aware of how much pain he was causing me. I looked up at Harry, pleading with him silently for him to stop this, to defend me. He looked away. Rejection caused through my body forcing me out of my frozen state. And I ran. As fast as I could to the place where I could be alone to the giant oak tree near the black lake. I ran so fast I almost missed hearing the arguing between Ron and one of the twins.

I climbed up the tree, my only comfort being that I was sure no one would find me. Contrary to popular belief I wasn't the un-athletic (Is that a word?) book worm that every thought I was, well I was the bookworm. In fact this is where I spent most of my time. The tree had curved with age and with a few planks of word and some clever wand work I had easily turned the tree into a small house with just enough room for a small study and an alcove with a bed above. The house seemed to blend into the tree so it was very difficult to spot unless you were watching me climb in. It had become the perfect place for me to study away from the prying eyes within the library. I collapsed onto the bed, crying blindly grabbing for my favourite book Hogwarts: A History trying to will the book into distracting me from my heartache.

I didn't see the red head watching from a neighbouring tree.

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