There was a flurry of movement when Ron, Harry and Ginny were also forced into Mrs Weasleys back-breaking hug, then greeted by Mr Weasley, Bill and Charlie, The boys with manly hand-shakes and Ginny with hugs and laughter. After the all the fussing was finished-mainly from Mrs Weasley complaining that Harry hadn't eaten enough and that he looked far too scrawny, the group headed towards the exit, running through the brick wall in between platform 9 and 10.

Once in the car park Mrs Weasleys inner drill sergeant came out and she began organizing who would go in which car. Mr Weasley had bought his own old Chevy that he had improved himself much to Molly's displeasure and Charlie had bought his magically enhanced Jeep that he used on the dragon reserve in Romania. I chuckled when Mrs Weasley ordered Fred to hop into the jeep and George the Chevy and both twins sauntered over to the jeep. All the while yelling at each other "IM FRED!" "NO YOU BLOODY GIT I AM" "NO YOU TWAT WE BOTH KNOW THAT YOU'RE GEORGE"

"ENOUGH!" yelled Mrs Weasley. "BOTH of you hop into the jeep"

The boys turned and winked at me, letting me know that had been their intention all along. Smiling, I rolled my eyes and waited for Mrs Weasley to direct me to my seat.

"Looks like this cars all full dear" Mrs Weasley said kindly "I'm sorry but I think you might have to go with Charlie and the twins" she looked sadly at me, as if apologising in advance for whatever the twins would do during the car trip.

"It's alright Mrs Weasley. I can handle anything those boys throw at me" I replied with a giggle. "Your right dearie, if there's one person who can handle the twins it's you"

Charlie stuck his head out of the car window yelling "Come on Hermione you can come sit in the front with me." Smiling I strode up to the car and opening the door, clambered into the car. Looking up into the mirror I smuggled a laugh when I saw Fred and George continuing George's master piece on the once again asleep Lee. The twins are quite creative I thought trying to stifle my smile into a stern look when the boys looked up and noticed me watching them. They were adding an agitated looking bumblebee playing poker to the underside of his chin. We were driving ….on the road for your information, however we were driving abnormally fast, it kind of reminded me of a small knight bus. I looked out the window glad to see muggle London again, even though the magical world is my home it still felt good to see my roots again- to see where I came from.

Charlie caught my gaze, gave me a wink and asked "How are things Hermione? I feel like we haven't talked in ages."

"That's cause we haven't." I replied with a wry grin. "I've been good Charlie. We got Professor Lupin back as our Defence against the dark arts teacher this year so it's been really interesting this term."

"That's great Hermione. Actually Lupin did tell me about that when he came to the burrow for dinner the other night."

"Ohhh that's why he wasn't at dinner on Thursday."

Charlie let out a burst of laughter "Can't get anything past you can we Granger"

There was a final sharp in which I just managed to save my head from crashing into the window and then the burrow was in sight. I felt my body grow hot and my breath grow shallow with discomfort. Don't you dare think about it Hermione, everything is fine and you're going to have a good time here- admittedly away from Harry and Ron at all costs. Charlie shot a worried look at me but I just smiled weakly trying to convince both him and myself that I was fine.

The jeep screeched to a stop and the twins exited quickly out of the car, being chased by the now awake and not very amused Lee. Charlie and I watched as the boys ran wildly around the garden, pushing things over to make it harder for Lee to catch them. I laughed out loud when Fred picked up a nearby gnome and flung it behind him without looking, arms flailing madly, hitting Lee in the stomach. Getting out of the car myself, I looked up at the mismatched house that was somehow perfect, setting my shoulders I strode towards the front house, Charlie following closely behind.

I opened the door to a flurry of activity. Mrs Wealsey already in the Kitchen, peeling some potatoes with flicks of her wand while trying to distract Arthur from interrogating Harry on all things muggle. Percy was sitting up at the table completing some work and Bill doing his best to protect the food from Ron's grabby fingers. Normally I would have gladly got right into the thick of it but somehow the pain at seeing Ron out ways my wish to carry on like normal.

Turning slowly I walked out of the doorway and headed up the jumbled stairs towards Ginny's room. Dumping my bag on the floor I stretched out on my fold out bed, releasing the kinks from my back. I picked my book back up determined to ignore my feelings and settled onto my stomach with the book open on the bed in front of me.

I was so absorbed in my book that I didn't hear the creak of my opening door and only sensed the visitor when a figure moved into vision from the corner of my eye. Smiling I looked up to see Percy. I wasn't quite sure what I thought of Percy, I mean I respected him a lot for his brains and sense of duty but I found him hard to communicate with as he was so quiet, only talking when something interested him, never small talk or chats.

"Mum wanted to let you know that dinners ready in half an hour." Percy said peering down his nose from behind his thick glasses.

Smiling I stood up and gave him a quick hug. "Good to see you too Percy. I had a lovely term thank you for asking." I teased him gently; letting out a small chuckle when he looked just stared at me then quickly left the room, hurrying down the stairs.

I was by myself for about another 20 minutes before the door crashed open again. Lavender and Ron were there locked in a passionate embrace, hands moving everywhere, literally licking each other's faces in an attempt to get closer. I felt my heart lose hope, there was nothing left. I would never have someone to hold like that –minus the saliva of course. Tears threatened to overflow and reveal my true felings, but I kept a tight leash on them. "Excuse me." I said warning them off my position within the room. They broke apart the saliva making a small chain between them. Before both turning and smirking at me. Suddenly Mrs Weasley bustled into the room.

"Oh didn't we tell you dear? Lavender here is going to be spending the holidays with us. Isn't that wonderful? Well anyway we thought that since Lavender should stay in Ginny's room and that you could sleep on the couch in the living room. It's just that Ginny's room is awfully tiny enough as it is with two people and everyone's staying at the burrow for the moment. Would that be okay with you dear?"

She didn't give me time to respond and instead rushed out of the room. Leaving me staring at the smirking couple.

"Well go on then you stupid Mudblood. Pack your bags and leave. None of the weasleys want you here anyway, you should be happy their allowing you to sleep on the couch instead of out on the street as you deserve." Lavenders voice growing crueller and crueller with each word. Ron just stood there, nodding along with what she said, smiling when he noticed the tears swimming in my eyes.

I looked her straight in the eyes and said "Fine." With as much dignity as I could possibly fake. Gathering my bags I headed downstairs, trying not to think of Mrs Weasleys and Lavenders words.