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Chapter 1- Leaving

"HA! Take that!" yells Tosha

I look up from my laptop to see that Tosha (with Jeffrey's help) has beaten a dragon of some sort in Skyrim. Tosha's black hair bobs around her face as she dances a little victory dance. Riley and her exchange high-fives but I just go back to my story planning.

"What do you guys want to do now?" asks Jeff

I shrug my shoulders. We had gotten together to actually do something together but it rarely turns out like that.

"How 'bout black ops?" suggested Riley. Go figures Riley would want to play, she always wins-always.

"Sure." agrees Tosha

"You gonna play Cierra?" asks Jeffrey


"Why not?"

" 'Cause you guys always kill me."

"Come on, don't be a loner." whines Tosha

"I'm perfectly fine with being a loner."

"Please!" Tosha pleads

"Only if I get to be on Rileys' team."

"Aww, I wanted to be on Rileys' team." Pouts Tosh

"We could both be on Rileys' team." I suggest

"Haha, yeah! 3 on 1!"

We played round after round until we got bored of beating Jeffrey.

"Hey, can we go to my house?" asks Jeffrey

"Why?" questions Riley

"So we can go play minecraft." answers Jeffrey "Plus then I can give you a ride Cierra."

I roll my eyes. I'm the youngest in the group and I don't have my license yet so Jeff (who has one) usually drives me to and from our get togethers.

"I don't mind." shrugs Tosha "Plus I don't think my parents would mind us getting out of here." I don't blame them either, we aren't exactly quiet.

"But then we have to walk all the way there." grumbles Riley

"Don't be lazy Riley." Frowns Jeff as he pokes Riley in the shoulder repeatedly.

"Wait, isn't it supposed to be the other way around?" I joke

"You're right." Chuckles Tosha

"Fine." Pouts Riley

I start packing up my laptop and Tosha went to tell her parents we were heading out. I slip on my denim jacket, wishing I had brought something warmer. I saw Riley slip her purple beanie on over her long black hair. Jeff Tosha came back downstairs and collected us and we left.

"We better hurry, it's starting to get dark." advised Riley

"What time is it?" I ask

"Time for you to get a watch." Jeffrey muttered

I pulled out my cellphone to find it was only 4:22.

"Stinkin' January, it gets dark too early." I shake my fist at the sky.

We walk out of the development and cross a few roads until we got to some woods. Jeffrey started heading into the woods.

"Jeffrey where are you going?" I asked

"It shorter to go through here." Jeff points to a small path leading into the woods.

"No way am I going through there. Not at dusk." I shake my head.

"Come on Cierra." Tosha was annoyed; I could hear it in her voice as plain as day.


"What, are you scared Slenderman's going to get you?" jokes Jeffrey

"No" I cross my arms defensively "It's just not a good idea to go into woods at night."

"It's not nighttime, it's just dusk. Come on, it's getting darker as we talk." Tosha says impatiently

"Tosha es muy impacient…" I mutter under my breath as we started into the woods.

It was quite a bit darker in the woods, the tall evergreens blocking out what little natural life there was left. My hair got caught on a branch again and I was about ready to let out a string of cuss words when Tosha tripped over a fallen branch.

"Are you okay?" I ask helping her up.

"Yeah…" she seemed a little discombobulated but was still looking all right. She brushed her pant legs off and kept walking. I took care to watch for the branch she had tripped over.

We walked for a few minutes and I felt like we were getting nowhere. I shook my hair free of another branch and pulled it up into a ponytail.

"Jeff, how much farther?" I asked

"Almost out." He yelled back at me.

We rounded a bend in the path and I started to feel funny, I felt dizzy and my legs started to feel heavier. The last thing I remember is the sensation of falling.

When I opened my eyes again I found myself looking at a dark, musty room full of pillars. It looked like something straight from a Lord of the Rings movie set.

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