Hello everyone! I know it has been a super long time and I'm so sorry! I was stuck in a rut and wasn't feeling very creative. This one is short but I am going to try to write a much longer one for the next chapter! Enjoy!

Annora watched as the two brothers walked off chuckling to each other about the intimate moment they had just witnessed. She allowed another sigh to escape her slim throat and agitatedly ran her fingers through her hair. This was silly she told herself, so Fili and Kili had witnessed her interaction with Thorin, that didn't mean she had any reason to be nervous or anxious. It was completely innocent, if of course you forgot the itty bitty, teeny tiny fact that Annora was falling for the dwarf and that she had dreamt what Thorin's beard would feel like against her skin. Nothing to be concerned about at all.

"Guuuuuuuhhhhhaaaargh!" she groaned, very unladylike mind you, into the quiet of the garden. "Why? I just….gah!" Annora threw her hands up into the air, turning on her heel and following in her companions' footsteps.

Her mood had gone from blissfully content to extremely agitated and anxious in a small span of time. She didn't like how Thorin affected her. She found it concerning on several levels; when he was close to her, she found herself drifting to be closer to him and found her attention very often distracted to him. She feared that distraction could get someone hurt by her lack of observation. What if she missed a sign of danger and couldn't warn the others because she overlooked it due her drifting eye? Certainly under dangerous circumstances the fear of an enemy would overpower any attraction towards the dwarf king. Yes she was sure that wouldn't be a problem and a confident smirk appeared on her face.

The smirk suddenly disappeared when her mind whispered yet another concern for her to consider. She was on a dangerous journey through lands that would be throwing all kinds of obstacles in her and her friends way, which would require everyone to be as level headed as possible to survive. Although when she contemplated the matter further as she walked up the winding path back towards the center of Rivendell, Thorin and the older dwarves were far from being level headed. She wasn't the one who would be a danger to the group. They were emotionally attached to the goal and desired results of this quest. She burrowed her brow, what would happen if that desire overpowered their common sense? They could become rash in their decisions, more so than dwarves already were. She gnawed her lower lip steadily; Thorin was the one holding the deepest desire to see his kingdom back in his people's hands. Could she trust him with her and her cousins' life when it came down to a decision to keep them safe, or would he sacrifice them to further his goals? Tightness constricted her chest and a sinking feeling knotted in her stomach. It wasn't a question she could confidently answer for she knew how strong Thorin's desire was for his lost home.

She knew she could count on Fili and Kili. While they too were eager to help their uncle reclaim what was rightfully theirs, they had yet to be born when the great dwarven city fell to Smaug. They had never known Erebor and were logically less attached to it than the ones who had once lived there and held the memory of their lost home close to their hearts. She still recognized their wish to step foot into the lonely mountain but when it came down to Erebor or her life…she felt certain her friends would value the life of a friend over a home they never knew. At least she hoped so, if she was incorrect then Bilbo and herself had great reason to be concerned for their well being.

Annora took in a deep breath of the night's fresh air and glanced over her shoulder longingly at the garden she had left behind. Her eyes grew sad and a part of her wished she could stay here in Rivendell with Bilbo and Aranel. The valley was so peaceful and the urge to stay right where she was, where it was safe and beautiful, was so strong she could taste it on her tongue, sweet and tempting. If she stayed, she would never have to worry about dragons, long lost dwarven halls, Wargs, or her own death. She could live along the forest with a people both beautiful and intelligent; who would treat her as a friend and would not look at her as a question upon this earth but for who she was on the inside. Bilbo seemed just as enchanted with this place as she was and Annora knew in her heart that is she asked it of him, he would stay with her in this place of magnificence and wonder.

A face flashed across her mind and she knew she could never stay in Rivendell. As tempted as she was, she would never leave her friends to their fate alone. There were many dwarves in the company along with a witty wizard she knew and they would continue on their journey with or without her just fine but she had made a promise. Not only to the company but also to herself and she was determined to see it through to the very end.

With a decision firm in her mind, Annora chased after the brothers with a grim determination and a limb in her stride. She would not back down, never turn back and give herself and her friends everything she had.