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Natasha put another clip into her gun before aiming at the target across the room, firing several rounds at it. She didn't particularly care that it was after three in the morning and she was coming up on twenty-four hours since she last slept. This was where she needed to be.

In her mind, the Tower was divided into different areas to work out different emotions; each one had its purpose and each one was used at one time or another depending on what she needed. Her bedroom, her and Clint's bedroom to be correct was a place to rest and relax with the only man she had ever let into her heart, the man who was currently away on a solo mission and hopefully would be back by tomorrow night. While the rest of the Tower was open to all of its inhabitants, their bedroom was only for them; even Asgeir and Alex weren't brought into their personal space. At the moment the bedroom seemed too small, the walls too close to deal with the thoughts in her head.

The living room was a place for laughter and companionship. If you were ever looking for someone, the first place to check was always the living room. Everyone appeared there at least once a day to get work done or simply hang around. Asgeir and Alex would be playing on the carpeted floors or running around the couches, Steve would be on the couch either catching up on the literature he missed during his frozen years or watching some television, Bruce would be sitting in the single person chair brushing up and expanding his medical knowledge, Pepper would be typing away on her laptop, handling the latest Stark Industries problem while Tony sat next to her, tinkering on his latest invention, Jane would be doing some work on her latest astrophysicist experiment while Thor enjoyed the newest iPad purchased. And Clint, Clint would either be up in the air vents simply hanging out or perched on the couch, playing with the kids as they ran past. She didn't really want anyone's company, not that she could have found it at that late hour; the only people who might possibly be awake were Tony and Bruce who might still be working in the lab.

The gym and gun range in the basement was the place where she worked out all her frustrations in as safe of a way as possible. Sometimes she would spare with whoever was down their, Clint and Steve were always the best competitors, other times, like tonight, she would simply take her gun out to the range and imagine the object of her anger and frustration was her target. She could spend anywhere from five minutes to five hours in the basement, all depending on her mood.

As she emptied yet another gun clip, she knew if she hadn't found the peace she was searching for in the three hours she already spent down there, then there was no way she was gonna find it if she spent another three hours shooting at the target. All she would have was a punch of perfectly shot targets and a lot of bullets littering the floor. She carefully put away her gun and all of the bullets she had taken out, Alex and Asgeir were at the age where they enjoyed riding the elevator and exploring the Tower, before she walked into the elevator, heading for the place she hoped to find some peace for her mind.

She took a deep breath as she stepped out onto the roof, the cool night air filling her lungs and clearing her head. As much as she loved the other parts of the Tower, the rooftop was always her favorite place to be. Its silence was only filled by the sounds of New York traffic several stories below and it was almost always empty. This was where she went when she needed to calm her swirling thoughts, work out a difficult problem or handle the latest issue life threw at her. Tonight she was doing all three. She didn't even have the comfort of knowing eventually Clint would join her outside, filling her silence with his company and reassuring her that things would be all right with his presence. She looked down at her ring finger, her eyes catching onto the tiny hawk tattoo on the side of her finger.

"Shit," she muttered, running her hand through her bright red hair as she leaned against the railing that encircled the rooftop. She stared up at the sky, searching for an answer in the barely visible stars. She was only certain of one thing at the moment: she would never ever trust anything the SHIELD doctors told her again.

She understood their thought process, hell she was on board with them up until that day. With all the things that happened to her in the Red Room, she knew her body was full of surprises, but she assumed she knew all of the surprises by now. She was trained, changed to be the ultimate assassin. She had given up all ideas of a normal life; she couldn't even describe what normal was anymore. All she knew was a life of missions, fighting and killing. Now she had added a dysfunctional family into the mix, but things had remained the same for the most part.

Now life had decided to throw her for yet another loop. Not just her, but Clint too. What was supposed to be impossible, what she had been assured was impossible after so many years had happened. "Shit," she cursed loudly, her fists hitting the railing in frustration. "What am I supposed to tell him!" Natasha sighed, putting her head in her hands as she rested her elbows on the railing. 'How am I supposed to tell him I'm pregnant?'

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