A/N: Merle and Andrea drabbles. Because theyre the two characters I love to hate, and hate to love. Enjoy.


There's something slightly charming about Merle Dixon and a bottle of bourbon. I mean not in the, oh he's magically a good human being, but he comes drastically more bearable- less...of an angry perverted asshole like youd expect. He took another swig of the bottle leaning against the ply wood, fire blazing near his boots. He lets out a breath and she can see it rise in the cold night air as she extends her hand indicating her need for another sip of the bottle. He doesn't do more but grunt as he leans forward sharing his alcohol, eyes vaguely rolling up to the sky.

"You really aint seen em?" Merle says quietly. "My brother?"

Andrea's face makes a tight smile as she takes another swig, the world a little more shaky,little less stable.

"Not for months-" She muttered softly, watching his face fall. She sighed watching her breath linger in the air before finishing off the bottle, tossing it carelessly to the side. Its shell shattering and exploding all over the asphalt. It must take a lot to make Merle Dixon flinch, his eyes were glossed over carelessly watching the flames completely undeterred by her little onslaught.

"I think." She said taking a deep breath. "I think I know how you feel." wishing alcohol didnt make her feel the desire to fill the silence between them.

"Oh yeah?" he said lifting his metal hand, flexing fingers he could only feel but not see. "Bout wha'"

"Bout Daryl."

His eyes turned mean then and he crossed the space between them venomously. "Whatya know bout tha' suga tits?" His lips curled into a tight snarl.

She pushed him away gently undetereed.

"Jus...wantin to see em again. The not knowin... the...not wantin not wanting him to be yknow...the walking dead." Andrea said a quiet hiccup in her voice. "Wish it hadnt happened to Amy."

Merle rocked back on his heels a little bit, staring at Andrea as if he was seeing her in a new light. "Forgot you had a sister." he mumbled, sliding over so he was now beside her instead of in front of her. Silence brewing between the two, the only sound before the snap and crack of the fire.

"Govenors gonna be lookin for ya." He said finally.

Andrea stared at him for a minute, a small smile brimming her lips. "Ya. Suppose so" she rose to a stand pausing only briefly.

"Hey Merle."

"Ya'" He said, his mind everywhere else but on the girl before him.

"Ya aint such an asshole."

He smirked a bit, despite the fact he was brotherless and she was walking into another mans bed.

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