Based on past real events between Luke and myself.

"...Leon? What did you do to Lucas?"


"He's in a corner muttering to himself."



"Just go to him."




"Damn...his mind is too fucked up now."

"It's my fault."

"No it's not—"

"I don't care what happens right now. I'm not going to let him go insane because of me—"

"It's not your fault, Leon."

"I wouldn't have crushed his life if I had known about him—"

"Stop thinking like that!"


"He created his own world for himself; we tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen."

"You, Claus, and Ninten tried, but ultimately I destroyed it."

"...I'm sure he'll grow to love you again."

"I don't deserve to be loved by him now. I've done enough."




"Go, he needs you."

"...Got it. Just hang tight here."


I'm sorry, Lucas.


"God damn therapist did nothing but make Lucas even worse!"

"It's okay, Claus—"

"It's okay for him to slap the hell out of my brother? What kind of fucking therapist does that? He better remember how tight I tied him up...and he better rot in jail."

"...Hey, look."

"...Oh damn. Ness is kissing him."



"How is he?"

"He's been taken to rehab."

"...What happened?"

"Well I...told him I loved him, and kissed him...for about a minute."

"...Then what?"

"He came back. He smiled and hugged me."

"...That's great. How long is he going to be in rehab?

"They said...about a month."


"Don't worry, I'll visit him everyday."



"You realize what you've gotten yourself into now, right?"


"You will commit every second of your life to him, you will commit only your heart to him, and you will not disregard either his wants and needs. You will stand up for him no matter the ordeal.

...In doing so, you'll be the perfect Ness in his eyes."

"...I know."

"...You'll be the person I can never become. So, do it for me too."

"...Where're you going?"


"But where?"


"You're going to come visit him tomorrow though, right?"


"...Sorry. We understand if you don't want to."



*One Day Later*


I walked into the hospital. I asked the nurses for Lucas' room. I was led straight there.

I slowly appeared in the doorway. Everyone was here—Claus, Ninten, Ness, and Lucas.

Lucas noticed me and directed everyone's attention away from the laptop. "Leon..." he sounded.

"Leon?" Ness said. I stared at all of them, unable to move my lips or body to respond.

"Leon!" Ninten exclaimed. He ran up to me and hugged me.

"Hey, where were you?" Claus asked.

I made a subtle grin, still holding back my feelings. Released from Ninten's grasp, I walked over to the bed and stared at Ness and Lucas.

"...Leon," Lucas whispered. "...I-I'm...I'm sorry."

I shook my head weakly. "I've already forgiven you. There's no need to apologize.

...I never meant to hurt you Lucas. I'm really sorry. I truly am."

"But..." Lucas didn't smile. He and Ness were still staring at me, trying to predict my next action.

"...I'll be gone for a while," I said.

"What?" Ness jumped off the bed. "Where're you going?"

"...Away from here," I answered.

"Why?" Ness immediately asked. I turned and walked to the door, ignoring Claus' and Ninten's sad expressions.

"How long?!" Ness demanded. I ignored his question.

I stopped in the doorway to tell everyone how I felt.

"Ninten. Live your life full of energy. Smile and be optimistic." He lifted his head up and showed a small grin.

"Claus. Watch over everyone and make sure they stick to the right path. Smile and care for everyone." He nodded, and then hid his face.

"Lucas." I paused. "I'm so sorry for the pain I've caused you. I shouldn't have treated you so carelessly.

...Remember to keep your head up. Smile, and love everything."

The eyes in the back of my head could see a few tears run down his cheeks.

Ness ran up to me and grabbed my shoulder, wanting to stop me from saying anything more. I could hear his sniffle.

"Leon..." he said.

"...Ness," I began. "Be the person I can never, ever become. No matter what, stay strong, and protect everyone with all your strength and heart."

Ness let go of my shoulder, and released his tears.

I didn't want to say anymore. The room was beginning to fill with sadness, and was about to affect me. I walked away, speaking one more breath.

"I'll see you all later."