Thud, thud.




Thud, thud, thud.






"...I'm back."


"W-Whoa, Ness!"

"Ness, who's at the d—"

"...Hi, Lucas."



"We've missed you!"

"I know, I know, but you both are suffocating me!"

"Ninten, Claus! Come out here!"


"...What is i—LEON!"

"H-Hi Ninte—ah!"

"Leon! You're back!"

"Hey Clau—oof! Too much hugs! Let go!"

"Never! We aren't letting you go again!"

"That's right!"

"I'm fine now, really! ...C-Can't breathe!"

"H-Hey, hey! We're falling!"

"Oh sh—"






We all sat down together in the living room. The four boys sat directly across from me with eager and relieved faces. I felt like they were going to tackle me again, since I was also criss-crossing my legs, leaving myself wide open.

They continued to stare at me. "...What?" I said to them.

"Nothing," Ninten sang.

"We're just glad you're back," Ness stated.

"Yeah...I'm glad to be back too," I responded.

Lucas looked around. "Where's Sunamoa and Miu?" he asked.

"I asked them to stay behind; I wanted to see you guys alone," I answered.

"Oh, I see..." he responded.

"How was..." Claus began, "...um, your recovery?"

I looked at him and shyly smiled, "...It was fine. I learned a few things while I was gone."

"Like what?" Lucas asked.

I looked down, hiding my growing grin. Then, I looked back up, revealing it.

"Secret," I answered.

"Tell us!" Ninten exclaimed.

"Nope," I replied. "Nope, nope, nope."

"Meanie~," he cried, playfully punching my knee.

We all chuckled at him. When I stopped, I noticed the atmosphere. Happiness. Confidence. Hope. Safeness.

And, love.

All these could be felt so wonderfully as I sit here. Every half-second, I felt thankful to see the smiles on their faces as my vision focused on them only. Nothing else mattered.

I felt so happy.


"Guys," I began.

"Yeah?" Ness responded for them.

I paused, and regathered my courage. "...Do you all love me?"

They all stared at me with no expression, until...

"Ninten," Claus said firmly.

Ninten nodded, reached over to the back of my head and slapped it.

"Ow..." I reacted. "What was that f—"

I cut off myself when Ninten hugged my arm. Ness crawled over to my left side and wrapped an arm around my back. Lucas grabbed my left arm. Claus brought his arms around my back and hugged me.

"Of course we love you," Ness said.

"...Oh," I sounded.

"Don't get the wrong idea—" Claus stated, "it's not that we want to marry you or anything, but..."

"...we just don't want to lose you again," continued Lucas.

"Even though we have each other..." Ninten mentioned, "...we still don't want you to feel lonely."

"We won't ever forget about you; you're a part of us," Ness stated. "You'll always be in our hearts."

I looked down, not wanting to show them my tearing eyes. "...Guys..."

They brought their selves closer, wanting to feel my warmth, and not wanting to let me go again. I whispered to them under a hidden breath.

"It's good to be back."

Lenne: If you haven't figured out yet, Leon is my persona.