"Well... onward we go to the award for 'Best Dream Sequence'! We have two nominees for this... both written by Pepe K.

In second place it's Fifi's dream of being the Beserker in 'A Time To Every Purpose Unto Heaven' part 11.

And in first place... Hamton's nightmare from part 9 of the same tale! Well done Pepe!

*Pepe K. arrives at the podium along with Hamton*

Pepe K.:"Thanks goes to Hamton's subconcious for that one."

Hamton:" Yeah, it was alot more scarey than my old student film."

Pepe K.: "My Worst Nightmare"?

Hamton:" Uh,...yeah.I guess I watch too many old black and white movies.. But thank you very much for this award!

   *Hamton bows amdist cheering crowds*

Pepe K.:(taking the stage) Well, that draws to a close the ceremonies of the UKE's for this year of 2002. We look foward to the next year's awards and especially towards the new TTA stories and art that are coming out this year! For all the authors and artists and critics who have contributed to our ceremony this year - I'd like a big round of applause!

    *The audience gives a standing ovation that lasts and lasts*

Pepe K.: Lets's also hear it for all our beloved Toonsters!

    *another standing ovation. The various Toonsters bow, hug and wave*

Pepe K.: And their forbearers - the Looney Tunes!

    *Huge outpouring of cheers and applause*

*Suddenly Daffy Duck runs on stage and grabs the microphone from Pepe K.*

Daffy: And Don't FORGET!!!

     (in a snide sing-song voice)

I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I WON ! I-I-I-I-I WON!! Nyah, nyah-nyah ,nyah, nyah!!!

    *The audience throws 5 tons of rotten vegetables at Daffy – covering him!  He arrises like Bugs did - as Carmen Miranda with all the veggies made into a hat. He smirks and sticks his tongue out*

Daffy: Nyah!

* a golden UKE award is thrown, beaning him on the head and his feathers all fall off, leaving him naked*

Daffy: ( starting to pick up his million and two feathers)  ..Philistines!

Pepe K.: (retrieving the mike) And......


*The ensuing cheering blows the roof off the theatre!*

Pepe K.:(blowing a kiss) Good Night, Everybody!

* wild applause as the crowd FINALLY breaks up and can go home for another year*



Pepe K.



Produced and directed by:

Pepe K.

Created by :

Nathaniel T. Freeman & Leloni Bunny, based on the Harley Awards from www.toonzone.net (created by Anthony "Brainatra" Dean, with Robert Dougherty, Craig Marinaro, Jennifer Lynn "Sharklady" Weston, Jonathan "DR. BELCH", John "Captain Caps" Kilduff, Romey, Colin Feder, Danielle Berse, Beth "Siren", & Dot Warner)

Associate producers/directors:

The J.A.M.

Sean Campbell


Abel DuSable

Murray Mouse


Ludwig Van Goff


Thomas Alva Edison and Nicola Tesla


The J.A.M

List Poll:

Ludwig Van Goff

Voting Supervision:

Ludwig Van Goff and Pepe K.

Award statue designed by:

The J.A.M.

Visualization of the Award by

Murray Mouse

Stage designer:

Pepe K.




Orville Wright, Wilbur Wright, and Henry Ford

Kraft Services:



Control-C and Control-V


People who are anti-extremists

Ink and paints:

Dainippon Ink Co.

Character Posing:

Maddona and Julie Brown


Samuel Morse, Guglielmo Marconi, Thomas Alva Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell

Sanitation services:

Pete Puma


Acme Co.


Dr., Sir, Judge, King, Duke, Count, Viscount, etc.


Get one on yourself

Best Boy:


Worst Boy:


Gaffer (what's a gaffer?):

The anonymous stagehand


Pepe K. as himself

The J.A.M. as himself

Sean Campbell as himself

Thorne as himself

Abel DuSable as himself

Murray Mouse as himself

RottinKid/Werekitty as herself

Ludwig Van Goff as himself

Ian James Corlett as Goku

Noel Blanc as Yosemite Sam

Julie Brown as Minerva Mink

Sherry Stoner as Slappy Squirrel

? as Krazy Kat

? as Ignatz the Mouse

Leloni Bunni as herself

Pepe K. as Dr. Lord Pavel D'Lord

Andy Fox as himself

Peter Parker as Spider Man

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Hank Azaria? as Krusty the Clown
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The Rock as Himself

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Kath Soucie as Fifi

Tress Macneille as Babzilla

Kevin Mickel as Himself

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Noel Blanc as Bugs

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Hadley Kay as Hamton

Tress MacNeille as Rhubarb

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Noel Blanc as Sylvester

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Noel Blanc as Speedy Gonzales

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Doug McLure as Himself

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Leloni Bunny as Herself

Pepe K. as Officer Pooch

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Pepe K.