Another late night at the lab with Tony. Tony. Huhh. No, BAD ALEX BAD! Stop thinking about your boss that way.

Allow me to explain. My name is Alexandrea Woodrow. I've been an assistant of one Tony Stark for the past five years of my life. We've become close friends, almost as close as he and Pepper. Pepper was his girlfriend at one time, but it didn't work out that way. She couldn't handle him being a superhero and all of the stress that came with it. So they broke it off, remaining good friends.

That didn't help me though. Considering I've been... um... attracted to Tony for a long time. I know better than to confront him about it, especially because he's a "playboy." But also because he's my boss, and that type of relationship is not appropiate. (Also, I'm 25, and he's 40. Too much of an age difference.)

But we usually spend our days in his New York lab, at the so-named: "Avengers Tower." Tony renamed it that after the Loki incident. Anyway, we usually spend long nights developing new technology and most recently, a cure for cancer.

It's about 11:30 now, Tony let me go home. Home to my empty house. Being in a science lab all day, I don't exactly get out much. No boyfriend. No husband. Then again, until I met Tony... stop right now Alex. No more of those sick fantacies.

Driving down the road in my old, beat up Ford, I noticed a light. I was on a rare, empty stretch of road in New York. (My house lies on the outskirts of NYC, so it's not nearly as crowded.)

Then a sudden burst of electric blue shot from the sky, trailing down to Earth. The same color as Tony's arc reactor. SHUT UP!

Maybe it was my natural curiosity, maybe it was my sleep-deprived brain. But something told me:

"Hey, you should check that out."

Why not? What was the worst that could happen?