I have (on request) decided to add a wedding chapter, with a little smut at the end for good measure (since quite a few of you were asking for Loki smut.) Enjoy!

The day arrived too quickly. Alex and Tony were attending, their twins had already been born. Pepper was watching them right now, and she adored the little ones. I met them, both were the cutest little things you could ever see. I hoped Loki and I would have babies of our own to love, someday. But for now...

"Wakey wakey!" Alex called.

I was buried into my sheets, trying to hide. I was really nervous, since everyone in Asgard would be attending. I was about to be the princess of Asgard. Oh god.

"Come on, HEY! Get up, we gotta get you ready." Alex was beating me with a pillow.

"Stop it." I mumbled.

"Then get up! Come on Emma... You're getting married today!" She pushed me out of the bed. I fell to the floor in a tumble of sheets and nightgown, landing with a soft 'thud.'

"Ow! Was that really necessary?"

"Yes. Now come on!"

Alex grabbed my hand and half-dragged me to the bathroom. In there was a warm bath for me, bubbles and all. Alex left me to clean myself, which I did very meticulously. After that, she led me to a dressing room so that I could be prepared by the best beauticians Asgard had.

There were six of them in total. One was working on my face, one on my hair... and four on my hands and feet. (One on each.) After two hours, I was all dolled up... or so I was told. Apparently I couldn't look in the mirror until the look was complete.

Alex looked beautiful. She had on a lovely ruby gown, sleeveless, with a garnet studded sholl over her shoulders.

"You look hot." I complimented.

"Nothing compared to you, sweetie. If you could see yourself..."

"Why can't I?"

"I want you to get the full effect with everything on."

I shrugged.

Next was the fitting. I was waiting in the dressing room until two maids came in with everything that I was meant to wear. I slipped into the outfit, which was also sleeveless. The skirt was long, but flared out at the bottem, like a spanish 'flamanco' dress. The rest of it cradled my legs in stretchy fabric. The colors were golden (the main parts, being the skirt and the top) and a deep green (the frilled bottem, along with a strip of ribbon around my waist).

The shoes were strap heels, the leather straps wrapping around my legs in a criss cross fashion up to my knees. Then there were the jewels to attend to. Aorund each arm was a golden bracelet, each was snake wrapping my wrists. The heads were faced down, decorating the backs of my hands with them. The eyes were huge emeralds.

I had a lovely chocker to match my bracelets, with the head of the snake nestled in my cleavage.

Finally a veil was put in. It was woven into a haircomb, and placed into whatever hairstyle they had given me. The veil was also a filmy green. Finally I was allowed to look. I gasped.

"Oh... my... god." I whispered.

My lips were a shade of lovely red, my eyes were surrounded in varying shades of green. The way it was applied... how do I describe it? It was almost egyptian in a way, the way the eyeshadow gave way to lines and the eyeshadow framing my eyes in peridot ovals.

My cheeks were pink, but it was a vey light pink. My hair was in a lovely up-do, in an intricite tangle of whirls and braids and curls.

As I marveled at myself, Thor came up.

"It's time.." He said. I gulped.

"You'll be fine. I will be waiting for you." Alex reassured.


The music played. I heard the mumbling of the crowd.

"Lady Emma, you shall be alright." Thor reassured me.

"Thank you..." Then the doors opened to the biggest corridor I had ever seen in my life.

"My god..." I whispered as we began to make our way to the beat.

The people were silent, appraising me. They all gaped at me.

"Stunning.." I heard.


"How did he get HER?"

Soon, we were at the alter. Loki was clad in the finest Asgardian vestments. His helmet was glowing in the sunshine.

"Loki... you look amazing."

"And you are beautiful, my love."

Odin began to speak, and we faced one another as the vows were exchanged. I looked to my husband with tears in my eyes. I never thought I could be so happy.

"With this ring, I thee wed." Loki said and slipped a gold band around my finger.

I repeated the words, and then the moment came...

"You may now kiss the bride." Odin said.

Loki lifted the veil and dipped me. He kissed me with passion and love in his efforts. He let my lips go with a smack.

The crowd cheered, and Thor was tearful. We were married. Holg god... I was MARRIED. And completely in love, to top it off.

We ran down the aisle, and had a lovely reception party. Everyone danced, and had a wonderful time. But soon it was time for us to head to our room.

"Come my love..."

Loki lifted me up into his arms, and began to carry me away.


My dress fell to the floor in a heap at my feet as Loki pulled off his top half of clothing. I had never seen so much of him before. I ran one hand through his ebony locks as he got under my panties.

He kissed me, deep and tongue-tied. He lifted me to where my legs were straddling his waist, and carried me to our bed.

Loki was kissing his way down my neck, leaving light little pecks of coolness. He set me on my back as he pulled his pants to the floor. I stared at him. His manhood rose and stiffened, looking as if it were near ready to burst.

I spread my legs for him, revealing a bounty of chocolate locks framing my entrance.

Loki jumped me, and switched our positions to where I was on top. He guided himself into me, keeping a steady pace. I moaned into the air, and grasped his shoulders. I began to take control, pushing hard and baring down.

He was groaning, eyes closed.

Picking up the pace, I was near collapse until I came on top of him. He flipped me, thrusting until he finished.

We gasped for air in a heap of lust.

"I love you." I said.

"As I you... destiny." he smiled.

With a final kiss, we slept, happily.