"Honey Hive Heist"

written by: Toni the Mink

Sonic and all related indica (c) SEGA, Archie, and NOT Ken Penders :P

All Fancharacters (c) Toni the Mink

*bang* *bang* *bang*

"...rrRrr... get the door..." Vector mumbled as he slowly turned in his bed, smacking his hand into the giant lump in the bed next to his. The lump let out a mighty snore in response.

*bang* *bang* *bang*

Vector just wanted his sleep. He didn't want to deal with clients at 2 in the morning.

Of course, this was the best thing about being boss... if he didn't want to deal with something, make his lackeys do it.

"Rookie! Answer the door!"

The rookie in question, laying in a cot on the other side of Vector's bed, stirred slightly. "Why don't you get it..?" he moaned.

"Because I'm the leader and I give the orders. If you wanna stay in the Chaotix, kid, you listen to me and do what I say."

"What am I getting myself into..?" the preteen chameleon slowly climbed out of bed, and sluggishly made his way downstairs to the front door of the little cottage that the team was occupying.

"Yes?" he yawned, opening the door to face the potential client.

Nobody was there. Only a heavy rainfall and a wail from an infant.

Who in the right mind would play Ding Dong Ditch at two in the morning, and in this downpour? the chameleon thought to himself as he shut the door and headed back upstairs to his awaiting cot.


Wait, the wail from an infant?!

The preteen whipped back and swung the door wide open, looking down to the stoop. There in a hive-shaped basket laid a little baby bee, crying in the heavy rain. Quickly, the chameleon picked up the basket and brought it inside out of the rain, then looked back outside for any trace of the sender. "Hello?" he cried out, "Anyone there?"

No answer. Judging the time between the last knock and when he answered the door, the person must have been long gone by now.

The baby was more important at the moment. So he closed the door and turned his attention to the baby, picking him up, changing his wet blanket to a warm, dry one, and coddling him. "There, there, don't cry little one..."

"Espio, what's all the hub bub down here?" a voice boomed from upstairs. About a moment later, down came a tired teen crocodile, not even bothering to cover his yawn. "How long does it take to answer a door?" he asked, "Didn't you tell that person to bug off?"

"That's not very good for business, boss," replied Espio. "Besides, I think we have our very first case. Look!" He turned sideways, showing the infant insect in his arms.

The sleepiness in Vector's eyes went away as they went wide at the sight. "A baby?"

"Someone left him here," said Espio, "I couldn't see anybody in the thick rain."

"What kind of deadbeat, irresponsible parent leaves their baby at some stranger's doorstep?" Vector growled, "Especially a little cutie like this one! Oh we're getting to the bottom of this for sure!"

"How are we going to be paid, sir?"

Vector stopped a moment. "Good question, kid... You're already showing the signs of a detective!"

"Thank you. I try."

"As for payment..." Vector rubbed his chin, "Guess once we track down the deadbeat, we'll shake payment out of 'em."

"What do we do with the baby until then?"

"Guess we're stuck with 'im," Vector approached the two, "So the parent leave a note or anything?"

Espio inspected the crying baby, "Just a little charm necklace made of gold."

"GOLD?!" Vector wasted no time digging through the child, locating the charm, and yanking it off, "And here's our payment!"

"Vector, really!" cried Espio, "I know you're the leader, but I have to disgress! That belongs to the baby!"

Vector groaned. "Fine... Doesn't look like it can get us more than a few mobiums anyway..." He carefully placed it back around the baby's neck. "There you go, little guy... C'mon, no more crying... Cootchie cootchie coo!" He tickled his large finger under the bee's chin. Almost instantly did the crying melt into a squeal of joy. "There, that's a good boy."

"Hm... You're a natural, boss."

"Who, me? Nahhh... I'm not really into little kids..."

"You took me in, didn't you?"

Vector paused briefly, before sheepishly putting a hand behind his head. "Okay, maybe I am a little..."

Espio smiled and looked down at the child once more, getting a better look at the charm. "Hey Vector, look... Our first clue." The croc leaned in to see what the young chameleon was pointing at. "It says... 'Charmy'..."

"Charmy..?" Vector scratched his head, "What's that supposed to mean? Is that his name? His home? The brand of charms he's wearing?"

"My guess is as good as yours."

The baby bee began raising a fuss once more. The crocodile let out a loud yawn. "We'll figure it out in the morning. It's not like whoever dropped the kid off is coming back anytime soon." He turned and made his way up the stairs, "Come on, let's hit the sack. We need to be well-rested if we're gonna find this guy."

"But boss, the baby. He's crying again."

"Then make him stop. Sooner the better." Vector disappeared up the steps.

Espio sighed, and cradled the baby some more. "Welcome to the group. You don't know what you're getting into... Charmy."

"Queen Vespa!"

The tall, dark hornet female wickedly turned. "Welcome back, Poyse," she droned to the taller, male hornet who took a knee and bowed. "I trust you've returned with good news."

"I have, your highness," Poyse raised his head, "I would never dream of returning to your highness empty-handed." He stood back up and snapped his fingers. In response, two hornet soldiers marched in, holding a smaller, female honeybee by her arms, and threw her to the ground.

The hornet queen smirked devilishly. "Queen Bea..."

The bee glanced up in shock. "Vespa..!"

"Why did you even bother running?" Vespa strutted over to Bea, "I already destroyed your castle, enslaved your people, and murdered your husband. Your colony belongs to me! Now..." She stooped over the bee queen, "Step down and give me your crown."

Bea shuddered. "... Never..."

"I said step down!"


Vespa slapped her hand across Bea's cheek. "The next hit will sting much worse! Step down or else!"

"I still have my pride... and my duty to stand up for my colony..."

Vespa flapped her wings and levitated slightly off the ground. She then aimed her bottom quarters towards Bea, and from under her dress, a long, sharp stinger protruded. On the tip, a small, green substance. "Are you willing to die for them, Bea?"

Bea shut her eyes tightly, shaking. "You can kill me, but my son lives on!"

Vespa raised her eyebrows. "Son..? You mean..." She landed and whipped around to the male hornet, "Poyse! I ordered you to chase both them down!"

Poyse stepped back defensively. "My orders were to track down the queen! There was no mention of a child!"

"You idiot!" the hornet spat, "The child was traveling with the queen! When I said chase the queen, you should assume I mean the queen and her BABY!"

"With all due respect, I am not a mind reader."

"You need a mind to do that," mused Bea, snaring a lethal response from Poyse. The hornet withdrew a sword and aimed it at Bea.

"Insolent little-"

"STOP!" Vespa screeched. Poyse froze in his tracks, allowing the hornet queen to grab the bee by the chin. "Where's the boy?"

"I'll never tell..."


"I gave him away to save him!"

Poyse raised his sword once more. "Perhaps I can convince this woman to speak..."

"No..." Vespa responded, "What harm can a baby do?"

"Even the smallest detail can make a big difference."

"Then if you're so worried, go find him." She grabbed Bea by the throat, "I will take care of the queen." The hornet licked her lips, "I've been wanting to do all sorts of harm to you for the longest time. Now's my chance..!"