This takes place after Regina leaves during The Cricket Game 2x10. I usually only write House fics but I've hit a major writers block with the fics I've been working on so I decided to take a break and write about something new. This is about what happens after the Cricket Game and what I think what will happen so its going to be a AU type of thing. After that episode I won't be following what happens in the show. Enjoy and let me know what you think. I'm open to any ideas you might have :)

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Title - She's Falling From Grace

Setting - Takes place after "The Cricket Game" 2x10

Chapter 1 Who You Will Always Be

She couldn't believe this was happening right now especially after everything she's done to prove she's changed. Why does this always happen to her? Why does something bad happen right when things seem to get better. At this rate she'll never have her happy ending. Regina wiped the rapid tears from her cheeks as she drove. After seeing Henry's heart break as he lost all faith in her, she couldn't help but break down in tears. She couldn't stop as she drove, where? She didn't know… All she knew was she had to get far away from this place, somewhere where they couldn't find her. She drove for hours until she reached an abandoned cabin in the woods. She knew this would be one of the first places they'll look but for now she didn't care. She was exhausted and decided to stay for the night until moving again by morning. Her tears had stopped by now as she got out of the car and stepped inside the abandoned cabin. She was cold and tired but she knew if she lit the fire place, someone would notice so she laid on the bed and wrapped her coat around herself the best she could to keep warm. It was hard to fall asleep with all the guilt and regrets flowing around in her head and the look on Henry's face as Emma Swan told him what she had supposedly done. At that thought she began to wonder again about Archie and the false accusations against her. It didn't make sense. How could they have seen her do it when she was at home all night? Someone had framed her and for the sake of Henry she was going to figure out who and prove to him that she had changed… that she was good.

"You can pretend all you want but we know how you are and who you will always be."

Emma's hurtful words echoed through her mind and she couldn't help but let the tears fall once more. She had turned into the person she swore she would never be and despite her evil past she would not only prove to Henry but she would prove to everyone that she could change… that she wasn't Cora.

Emma couldn't understand where Regina could have gone. This was a small town with hardly any place to hide and yet Regina seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth. She thought maybe she would have crossed the town border but she knew that wasn't possible. She loved Henry too much to leave him. She stood in her office looking at the map on the wall. She was trying to figure out where the Evil Queen could have gone. They checked everywhere and not only was she worried for their safety but Regina's as well. The town had formed into an angry mob outside, demanding answers as to where the Queen was. She can hear David trying to talk to them but from the sound of it he wasn't having much luck. Even though they had seen the evidence something didn't fit. Regina was right when she tried defending herself in the interrogation room earlier that day. It was sloppy. It's a frame job but until she was proven innocent she would have to lock Regina up. Still, the image of her choking Archie was enough proof to convince her and everyone else, even it didn't make sense. It was just the look on Regina's face when she had told her that they knew who she will always be no matter how much she tried to pretend. She could literally see the anger diminishing in Regina's eyes and replaced by pain. They were all prepared for her to attack but instead they just stood there in shock as her face scrunched up, close to tears and she disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke before they can fall. She had never seen Regina so broken since she came here a year and a half ago. She was so lost in her thoughts and when Snow rushed in she jumped.

"Mary Margaret what's wrong?" she asked, seeing the anxious look in her mother's eyes.

"I think I might know where Regina may be hiding. There's this cabin in the woods that David and I stayed in during the storm last year. If we don't get to her now it's a matter of time before the mob gets there first."

"Where's the Blue Fairy?" Emma asked as she grabbed her car keys.

"She's with David why?"

"We're going to try again and this time she won't see it coming."

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