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Summary: Morgan and Reid go undercover as a gay couple.

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Chapter warnings: Frot

Spencer hadn't really believed Hotch when he had said that there was an unsub attacking gay couples and that he wanted Spencer and Derek to go in undercover to draw the unsub out, but here he was sitting across from Derek at a gay bar drinking some fruity drink.

Morgan reached over and gently caressed Reid's hand on the table, "Whatcha thinking about baby?"

Reid shrugged, "The case."

Morgan chuckled and shook his head. This was only their second day on the case and they had learned a lot about the unsub already. They learned that it wasn't just gay couples that he killed, it was interracial gay couples that he outed. They could tell with the way the kills were, that this unsub was devolving and at a rapid pace which is why Hotch put Morgan and Reid undercover. What they still hadn't found was a stressor.

"Hey Derek, did you see one of the detectives looking at us? You don't think…?"

"Baby, right now, I'm not thinking anything. Right now, I'm trying to enjoy my evening with you."

Just then some guy came up to them and gave Reid this flirtatious grin, "Hey handsome, wanna dance? I'll make it worth your while."

Reid blushed and looked at Derek who was glaring, "Um, no thank you."

"You sure?"

"Listen dickhead, he said no and I'd prefer you back the fuck off my boyfriend or I'm gonna make it so you wished you had never stepped foot over here in the first place," Morgan growled.

The guy squeaked and ran away. Reid chuckled and shook his head.

"Derek, calm down please."

"What, I'm just supposed to let some dude mess around with you? Think that he can have you? You're mine Spencer."

"I know that, it wasn't anything but harmless flirting. And I think you got our guy interested. He's looking at you."

Morgan nodded, "Good. Let's keep him interested."

Reid frowned, "How?"

Morgan stood and pulled Reid to the dance floor. Reid squeaked, "Derek, no! Derek, stop!"

"Oh no pretty boy, you ain't getting out of this."

Reid pouted and Morgan chuckled and kissed his boyfriend on the lips as they started to move to the music. After about the second song, Reid had to admit he was having fun. He grinned and reached up to kiss Morgan on the lips. Morgan moaned low in his throat and deepened the kiss. What had started out innocent was quickly getting hot and heavy. Reid and Morgan were practically sucking each other's face off. Reid moaned softly and partially wrapped his leg around Morgan's hip and started to grind against it.

"Fuck," Morgan groaned as he let his hands trail down and grip his boyfriend's ass.

Neither one saw how the unsub was watching them with a mixture of fascination and pure hatred on his face.

"Um, Hotch, you think we should stop them?" Emily asked. She was hidden towards the back of bar.

Hotch, who was next to her shook his head, "No, they're keeping him interested.

Emily glared at him, "Hotch they're practically fucking each other on the dance floor. I really don't wanna see my coworkers like this."

"Emily, get it together, alright, they have to act the part and keep the unsub engaged." He turned to his mike and whispered in it, "Just thought I'd let you boys know that you most certainly caught our unsub's attention."

Morgan moaned an affirmative trying not to give too much away.

"Derek, please," Reid moaned. He was still grinding against Morgan's leg.

"Mm, someone's getting horny."

"Fuck, take me Derek. Take me, now!"

"Shit, you want me to take you right here on the dance floor, where everyone can see how well you take my cock up your ass?"

"God," Reid moaned.

"Yeah its making you hot isn't it? The thought of everyone, including the team watching you getting fucked."

"Want you Derek."

Morgan kissed Reid on the mouth gently and gripped his boyfriend's ass tighter and started to grind against him when his cell rang. He groaned and pulled away from Reid causing the young agent to drop his leg.

"Hey baby girl," he panted.

"Everything alright Thunder God?"

"Yeah, you're just kinda ruining the moment. What's up?"

"So I've been doing some digging and I found some things interesting about our unsub."

"Gimme a second. I gotta get the team," Morgan said before speaking into his mike telling the others to meet them outside because Garcia has information.

Once everyone was hidden together behind the building Garcia spoke.

"So, I think I found the stressor. See Franklin had a boyfriend in college. The guy's name was Wilson."

Reid frowned, "Was?"

"Yes, my Junior G-man. Wilson was found dead in his dorm room two days later after telling Franklin, that he didn't love him anymore and he found someone better, of his own race. They never found who did it and after that Franklin dropped off the grid."

"You said you found something else interesting?"

"Mhm. Franklin's last name is Franklin Obierne."

JJ frowned, "What's so interesting about…oh shit, Obierne was the name of the detective that was saying a lot of crap about gays."

"So let me get this straight, Franklin, the son of the detective we're working with is gay, and his father despises gays," Rossi commented.

"You are correct fine sir."

"Yeah that doesn't strike me as strange," Morgan said shaking his head. "So what's our next move?"

Hotch frowned, "You and Reid head back to the bungalow and the rest of us will head back to the motel across the street. Now I guess we just wait until he attacks. Garcia set up a couple of microphones in the bedroom to be able to hear when he attacks."

Reid turned red and Morgan shook his head, "Microphones? Really?"

"Would you prefer cameras?"

"Oh hell no, but c'mon man, there's no way I want you guys listening to us, especially that chick," Morgan said.

"It's not like we weren't just listening and watching you just now on the dance floor," Prentiss smirked.

Reid blushed even further, "Let's go back inside, we don't wanna lose the unsub."

Morgan nodded and they headed back into the bar and found Franklin at his same spot watching the couples. Morgan noticed how when they reentered the bar Franklin's whole expression changed.

"We really need to be careful with him because there's no telling what he'll do."

Reid nodded. Morgan led Reid back over to their table and they finished their drinks and pretty much drunkenly flirted with each other.


By the time Morgan and Reid got back to the bungalow where they were staying, Reid was dry humping his leg. Morgan chuckled.

"You're like a puppy when you want something."

Reid pushed Morgan against the wall as soon as the door was shut, "Shut up Derek," he murmured kissing him.

Morgan moaned and grabbed the back of Reid's head to bring him closer as he deepened the kiss. Reid moaned and fisted his hands in Morgan's shirt. After the need for air came, Morgan trailed kisses all along Reid's neck causing Reid to moan and throw his head back.


"You like that don't you baby, love it when I kiss your neck."

"Yeah, gets me hot."



Morgan bent down to kiss his neck and then bit his Adam's apple causing Reid to cry out.

"Fuck, Derek, now! I need you now."

Morgan chuckled and pulled back, "Alright baby, let's head to the bedroom.

The two lovers headed to the bedroom unaware that they were being watched from the closet. Just as Morgan pushed his lover on the bed, he shook his head. Talk about your mood killer.

"What's wrong?" Reid frowned.

"Gotta take a leak. Hang on."

Reid chuckled softly as he watched Morgan rush out the room.


It didn't take that long for Morgan to use the bathroom, but when he returned he didn't expect to see Reid on the bed handcuffed and gagged.


Reid tried to give Morgan some kind of warning but it was too late Franklin thrust a syringe into Morgan's neck causing him to pass out.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him for you," Franklin told Reid before dragging Morgan out of the bungalow.


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