Chapter 16

Allen woke up under a sheet with Kanda right beside him. Allen rolled over and rested his head on Kanda's chest, going back to sleep, but accidently waking Kanda.

Kanda smiled and pet Allen's soft white hair.

Allen smiled and opened his silver eyes to look up at Kanda. He kissed his lover's soft lips. "I love you."

"I love you too." Kanda held Allen gently.

They heard some yelling and then heard gunfire.

The two jumped up and slide on their clothes.

"What's going on?" Allen asked.

"I don't know." Kanda said, grabbing his sword.

Allen grabbed his gun and followed Kanda out. They ran out, seeing bodies on the ground.

Allen paused when he saw the girl he had healed yesterday, dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

Kanda paused when he noticed Allen's pause. "Let's go."

"Yeah. Sorry." Allen ran, following Kanda.

Kanda saw a man in bullet proof clothes and pulled Allen back. "It's an Akuma from the Noah camp."

"They are after me." Allen whispered.

"I want you to go to the infirmary. It's a bunker. You can protect the women and children; it will be safe for you there. Now go." Kanda ordered.

Allen nodded and kissed Kanda's cheek.

Before Allen could run off, Kanda grabbed Allen's arm and spun him around, kissing Allen passionately. "Be safe."

"I will."

Kanda smirked and let Allen go.

Allen ran to the infirmary. The kids and woman had turned over tables and were hiding behind them as a few mean watched the doorway behind tables. Allen joined them, ready to shoot whoever entered without permission.


Kanda waited behind tents for Akuma to go by. He knew where their weak spots were, hands and necks. He took off a few of their heads, but in the process he had gotten grazed a few times with shots. He fought until he saw something that made him freeze.


Akuma stormed into the room, firing into the crowd. The bullets riddled the tables, killing some kids and women. They killed the guards and proceeded forward.

Allen clutched his shoulder; a bullet had hit him through the table. He clutched his bleeding shoulder, still holding his gun and fired at the Akuma.

"We have located the target. He is resisting." An Akuma said into his ear piece. "He was accidently injured. Make sure the medical team is ready." The Akuma turned to Allen. "Hands up and drop your weapon or we will continue to fire into the crowd." He warned.

Allen looked at all the kids, the ones that weren't dead, as they cried, scared. Allen stood and set his gun down, his hand went to his shoulder, where his shoulder was still bleeding.

"Kick your gun over."

Allen did.

The head Akuma motioned for two other Akuma to go in and handcuff Allen.

One snuck up and injected Allen with a tranquilizer.

Allen felt dizzy.

Two men grabbed Allen and walked out.


Kanda fought as he watched Allen fight against the Akuma who were dragging him away. Allen looked off, like he was drugged or something. "Allen!"

Allen looked up weakly, his eyes widened. "Kanda!"

Kanda fell forward as something hit his chest and his leg.

"Kanda!" Allen screamed as he love fell to the ground, shot down.

"Calm down." An Akuma ordered as they threw him into a van.

Tears collected in Allen's eyes. "You shot him! You shot him." Allen whispered the last sentence in disbelief, crying.

An Akuma injected Allen with another sedative. "Just go to sleep."

"Murderers." Allen whispered and fell unconscious.