"Hello?!" Kanda called. He was all alone in a black, endless void. "Allen?!" He called running through the void. He stopped after a while, tired. He looked down at his clothes and realized that he was wearing white clothes that resembled hospital scrubs. Kanda shielded his eyes as a light suddenly appeared in the horizon. "Hello?!" He heard a noise and turned into the darkness. "Hello? Anyone there?!"


Kanda watched as a teen approached him.

The teen was wearing the same white hospital scrub-like clothes as Kanda. His hair was a reddish brown color, his skin was pale and unblemished, and his eyes were the same shade of silver.


Allen smiled softly. "Hi Yu."

Kanda slowly walked over to touch Allen's hair, to see if what was in front of him really real or just a cruel mirage. He held a soft, silky lock of red brown hair, it felt just like how his white hair did. Kanda embraced Allen. "I love you."

"I love you too." Allen said and kissed Kanda's cheek. Allen looked into the darkness.

"What's wrong?"

"What about the Order? What will happen to Lavi? Timothy? Lenalee and her baby? Timcanpy?"

"Easy. It's no longer our problem."

Allen was still unhappy with the answer.

"Allen, I'm tired. I thing we deserve a rest. Let's go to our new home." Kanda said.

Allen smiled and gently held his love's hand as they walked together into the light.

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