Chapter 4

I waited for the kid's pity party to end, I've seen sad cases before, and this was no different. But the kid just had to shot his own dad; no kid should ever have to go through that pain.

Timothy eventually walked in and I looked him over. "You are soaking wet, let's get you changed."

He nodded and let me help him take his jacket and t-shirt off. He led me up stairs into what looks like a boy's room. He changed shirts and we walked back to a door in his room. He opened it and there were several platforms only accessible by ladder.

"This is where I've been hiding." Timothy explained, climbing up. "Come on. Hurry up." He called, wanting me to follow.

I picked up Tim and climbed, making sure not to drop my dog.

We got to the top of the platform and I could see a window open with a sleeping bag on the floor, and food in a corner. Beside the sleeping bag was a hunting knife and a slingshot with several rocks.

"This is your camp?"

Timothy nodded, "We can stay here tonight. It's safe."

I nodded.

"As for food, help yourself."

I smiled. "Thanks." I looked through his little pile, finding nothing amazing. I opened a pack of pretzels and gave some to Tim as I ate.

Timcanpy ate them up, loving it.

Timothy gave me some blankets before sitting down and eating some smoked almonds from a can.



"You are a nice kid, your parents should be proud." I continued to eat, but between my crunching on pretzels, I could hear sniffling.