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Scent of a Sweet Start

The blonde boy walked at a slow pace as the sun set. He was headed down the sidewalk, though his movements were weak and sluggish. The remaining sunshine shone down on his head, causing his golden locks to glow. His bright yellow eyes appeared almost dull, all of the energy normally found in them, lost. His gaze stayed on the ground, only darting up every once in a while when he'd have to cross the road.

It hurt to lose. It wasn't as if he'd never felt the feeling before, but he'd lost against Aomine this time. He'd tried hard in the Interhigh today; he was more than just trying, he was giving it his all. But that still wasn't enough. The Generation of Miracles' Ace was definitely strong; in fact, some could argue he was physically the strongest. But Kise wanted to win for once, to win for himself, and his team.

He stopped walking and glanced over into a display window of a nearby antique shop. It was summer break, but all he'd done was train and focus on the game with Touou High's basketball team. He'd been eager for the match today, and had done all he could to prepare, but lost regardless.

Reluctantly, he sighed and continued towards his apartment. It would be a long walk, because he'd gotten off the bus early, afraid he'd have an outburst. He really needed to blow off some steam. For that reason, the long walk was perfect. Though he staggered a little, his legs exhausted from imitating Aomine's moves, and trying to keep up with him.

I should've known I wasn't strong enough yet. Well, at the least I can say I didn't give up until the very end, he thought to himself, his bangs swaying with the crisp wind. It was summer, but as the sun began to disappear, the temperature dropped dramatically. He was thankful that he brought his yellow sweatshirt with him.

It was almost eight or nine when he got to the apartment complex. It was a nice complex; his parents urged him to move into a nice one. Affordable or not, they wanted the best for him, so they moved him into an above-average, two bedroom apartment, assuming he could use the leftover space for whatever he wanted. They pretty much paid for it, sending him about five hundred dollars a month—his family was rather wealthy, but he hated relying on them. The rest of his expenses he covered with his successful modeling career.

As he made it to the main entrance, he thought about what he'd eat for dinner. Well, I'm too tired from the game today, so I'll settle for some instant ramen tonight. Wait, pasta sounds good too. But then I'd have to cook it…

The wind blew and the bushes nearby rustled. His thoughts stopped as his body came to a halt. His eyes widened. He thought he'd seen something in the bushes to his right. He blinked a couple of times, and looked over slowly. What came into view was something he hardly expected.

A small girl lay on her side behind the bushes, almost hidden from view. Her skin looked luminescent under the moonlight, and her pink hair reminded him of cherry blossoms. Her eyes were shut, and she appeared to be sleeping. He stared at her for a couple more seconds until he realized she was completely naked.

"W-Whoa!" Kise said, turning and covering his eyes. His face had completely reddened and his expression was a mixture of shock and confusion.

"Did I really just see that?" he said, laughing. "Nah can't be true." He took another look just to be sure.

He turned around, face reddened again. "Okay, okay. Focus. She's lying down in the bushes, naked."

He realized that was all the information he had. He sighed, and slapped himself in the face, attempting to regain his concentration. He had to think. "I've never seen her face before, so I doubt she lives around here. And she'll die out here in the cold, with the temperature dropping and her…" He coughed. "…circumstances." He groaned. "First thing's first, then."

He turned around, hesitantly, and tried to keep from looking at her body. Quickly, he took off his sweatshirt and walked over to where she lay. "You can do this, Kise. Just don't look."

Eyes closed, the first thing he did was hold her up. Her limp body was light, and easy for him to hold up. He didn't want to hurt her, so he slid his hands from under her armpits down to her waist. He bit his lip as he felt her curves, trying hard to push back dirty thoughts.

His eyes kept shut, but his heart pounded, denying him peace while he attempted to slide the sweatshirt on her. He easily held her with one hand and quickly slipped the sweatshirt on, slipping her arms through the armholes, trying hard to be gentle. When he felt it was safe to look, his head turned slowly and he opened his eyes with hesitance.

The size difference between him and the girl was tremendous. While the sweatshirt was normal sized for him, on this girl it appeared to almost swallow her whole. Her arms disappeared in the sleeves, and the band at the bottom closed in at her thighs. He would've laughed, but a small sigh escaped his lips instead. He was satisfied now that she was covered up. It would be easier to analyze the situation without her body distracting that sixteen-year-old mind of his.

He looked her over again, and saw bruises trailing up and down her legs. They were everywhere. His mouth gaped open. He couldn't even begin to think of what kind of situation she was in. He bit his lip, feeling sympathetic pain in his stomach. Her hair was ragged and tangled, and half her body was covered in dirt from lying in the bushes. She looked thin, as if she hadn't been eating, and her body felt frail and fragile in his arms.

To take a better look at her, he held her face up to look at him. She was beautiful. Her bangs parted in the middle and went to both sides of her face, framing it perfectly. It was the color of cherry blossoms. Her cheeks were slightly pink, and her eyelashes were long and luxurious. Her lips were slightly parted and appeared glossy. Her complexion was clean of blemishes, and her skin glowed in the moonlight. For someone who was in an unhealthy condition, he was surprised to find that she still held so much beauty. But her expression looked strained, now that he noticed it, and she was breathing in a weird pattern. He had to get her to safety.

But he couldn't call the police at this point; they'd take too long to get here. He lived almost in the outskirts of town, where the most luxurious apartments were. The police station was across town. By the time they got here, it'd be really late, and he didn't want to risk causing problems for other people living in the complex. Besides, if the press somehow got around the story, his modeling career could get ruined. People might start to think the whole thing was his fault, and that he raped her or something ridiculous that only the press would come up with.

Just stay focused, Kise. Just get her to safety, he thought to himself, knowing he had only one last option.

He'd have to take her to his apartment.

So, with a sigh and a grunt, he lifted her bridal style and carried her in the front doors. Glad that there were only a couple hallways and an elevator separating him from his suite, he hurried to the elevator doors, praying no one was inside. The view of him with a mostly-naked girl wouldn't exactly look good.

Luckily, the elevator was empty. As soon as he reached his floor, he made his way to his door as quickly as possible, while trying to keep his footsteps light and quiet. He didn't want to cause a ruckus, and if anything, he'd end up with a lot of trouble if he was caught.

Sliding the key card through the slot, he heard a slight 'click' noise. He grabbed the handle, careful not to drop the sleeping girl and waltzed inside, quickly closing the door behind him.

As soon as he got into the living room, he gingerly set her down on the couch, treating her as if she were a porcelain doll. He dropped his bag next to the couch, as silently as possible. His eyes shifted to the girl, and taking off his shoes, he headed back over to her. He tenderly brushed back some bangs that had fallen astray onto her face, cautious not to wake her. Her expression seemed a bit more at ease now, and he smiled with content.

His satisfied mood lasted only for a moment. His eyes flashed back to her legs covered in cuts and bruises, and his smile subsided. He furrowed his eyebrows in anger and thought. Who would do this to a girl like her? What could she possibly do to deserve this?

He shook off the feeling and regained his composure. "I should probably bandage her. But…I've never really done it before. Maybe I should call someone, like—

Realizing that it was too late to call for help, he ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He'd already had a messed up day, and it didn't seem to be getting any easier.

Swiftly, he turned on his feet and headed to the bathroom. "Gauze…where do I keep that again?" he mumbled to himself as he rummaged through the pantry above the toilet. "Oh, here it is."

Keeping the gauze wound together tightly, he approached the girl on his couch in the living room. Making sure he didn't cut off her circulation and pull the bandage too tight—which he'd done several times, and ended up restarting each time—he spun the wrapping around her leg with delicacy. When he finished, he stood to look at his masterpiece.

On her right leg, the bandage covered all around her shin. On her left, it covered mostly her thigh. Both arms had their helping of bandages, and her right foot was wrapped snuggly. Still, she looked like a toilet paper roll when he was finished.

He burst out laughing, holding his mouth in an attempt to muffle the sound. Pfft! Maybe I outdid it there a little…She kinda looks like a mummy. He shrugged with a crooked grin. At least she's a cute mummy.

Suddenly, his overwhelming day took hold of him. He yawned and it brought tears to his eyes. He blinked them back and stretched his arms in the air. He knew it'd be unhealthy to skip dinner after such an energy-absorbing game, so he hurried into the kitchen and fumbled around, searching for something edible that didn't need to be cooked. Putting in any effort to cook wouldn't be possible at this point, and he knew he needed sleep soon. By mulling it over, he had decided something quick and easy would be the best option. He pulled out an orange, and satisfied, began peeling it with a small knife.

To ensure that he didn't create a mess, he idly moved to the trashcan and continued peeling it. As he did so, his eyes moved to the girl several times.

Is it really possible to sleep through all of this? I mean…either she's a deep sleeper or—

Remembering the strange breathing pattern she'd had, his eyes widened. She'd been running. It was the only way she could've needed that much air, even while passed out. That explained why she hadn't woken up through the whole thing.

He took a slice of the fully peeled orange and popped it into his mouth. He savored the flavor and chewed while he thought things out. His eyebrows furrowed.

So she had been knocked out cold, not just sleeping. She must have been so fatigued that her body couldn't take it. Knowing that, she'd probably purposely thrown herself into the bushes as her final resort to hide. He sighed, and popped another slice into his mouth. Or who knows? Maybe I'm wrong…

Breaking his chain of thinking, his cell phone lit up from inside of his bag. For a moment, he didn't realize what it was, but then he heard the vibrating. He was thankful he'd set it to vibrate. Startling her awake with a ringtone was the last thing he wanted to do, after all he'd done.

Reaching inside and taking the cell phone out, he answered, saying, "Ah! Kasamatsu-senpai! You called! What's up?"

"Hey…I wanted to apologize for today," Kasamatsu said, his tone of voice serious.

"For what, senpai? We did our best, right? And we didn't give up!" Kise laughed, trying to cheer up his teammate.

"Yeah, but…look, I have a lot of things I need to say. I just want to get them off of my shoulders. Just…listen, okay?"

Kise's expression went serious and his tone did the same. He stood, grabbed a jacket that was hanging off the armrest of the loveseat next to the couch, and headed out onto the balcony. "Alright, go on," he said as he slipped the jacket on and zipped it up.

"I wasn't fair to you," Kasamatsu said with a sigh. "I feel like I put the responsibility of our game today solely on you. I wanted to win more than anything; I wanted to redeem myself for a past mistake I made."

Silence filled the air for a moment. Kise leaned on the railing silently and with ease. The wind blew, sweeping Kise's bangs to one side, which in reaction, he brushed them back, but slowly. He continued to listen, intently as he stared out into the city lights.

"But I was wrong," Kasamatsu continued. "I knew determination was a good thing to drive someone, but throughout the game I felt like hatred was taking me over. I…hated myself for missing that pass last year, you know? I lost all hope in playing basketball. I let Touou take the game from us when we had the chance to beat them. Throughout the whole game it was like I wasn't focusing because I was just thinking about winning, and being able to rub it in their faces."

Kasamatsu grunted, and breathed in. "I apologize. Kise, you are definitely a prized member, but I won't put the responsibility on you. Your legs were in pain after the game, but I was fine." He laughed bitterly. "Sweaty, but I had plenty of energy left to spare. It was like I couldn't give it my all because I was leaning on you."

Kise smiled sadly. He'd known Kasamatsu wasn't the type to just give up on things. He knew what was coming next. Eating the remaining pieces of his orange, he kept silent and waited.

"That's why I'm going to train hard, and be the best captain I can. I'm going to teach Touou not to underestimate us in the Winter Cup!"

Kise grinned as he said, "Yeah, senpai! We'll show them as a team!"

Kasamatsu replied with an enthusiastic, "Right! And, I'll still lean on you some, but only because we're teammates. From this point on, I'm going to go all out, too!"

Kise's grin widened. "Yup, we'll show Touou for sure!"

"Well, that's all I wanted to say, so see you later," Kasamatsu said. "And don't slack off this weekend!"

"Yeah, yeah," Kise said, still smiling. It made him happy to know Kasamatsu was back to normal. "See you," he added, just before he hit the "end call" button.

He stepped backwards and leaned against the sliding glass door with relief. He could feel the wind caress his face as he lifted his chin upward.

Kise wasn't sure if they would actually be able to beat Touou. He'd played against Aomine, one on one plenty of times in the past, and even that practice alone wasn't enough to beat him. Even if you knew his movements on the court, it was impossible to catch him. He was faster, stronger, and more agile than most people.

Kise clicked his tongue lightly, and remembered what'd he'd given up in order to defeat Aomine. As a kid, he had looked up to Aomine and Aomine was like his role model. However, because he looked up to him, he always wanted Aomine to win. After all, if you wanted to be like that person, logically you'd want them to win.

And that was what made it impossible to win against him, so he'd given up looking at Aomine as his role model. Instead, he categorized him as a rival in his head. Despite his efforts to give that up, he still lost. He'd even been using his "copycat" ability during the game. For half of it, he had matched Aomine's moves, but Aomine was still too strong.

Kise felt like crying again, but he held back. It was crushing to know that your very best just wasn't good enough. But he was certain he could win if he got stronger. It might kill him, but he was certain it was possible.

The city lights flickered in the distance, and the sharp edges of the buildings grew blurry. The lights grew larger, and more circular as Kise's eyes filled with tears. He blinked, hoping the feeling would pass again, but the tears proceeded until they were blatantly running down his cheeks.

Wiping them away with his sleeve, he sniffled and sat, and covered his eyes. He didn't allow himself to make any noise. For the sake of his pride, he wouldn't.

He let the tears flow freely, but scolded himself. He'd been a crybaby since he was little; when he didn't win, he cried. When people teased him, he cried. Most of it, he'd gotten over, but he still had his moments. He didn't like it, but it was the way he'd always been. And now he was crying over what seemed like something so simple.

When the tears dried, and his eyes stung intensely, he stood and tilted his head upwards. He smirked to himself. Although loss hurt, each time it came about, he felt renewed and stronger afterwards.

No matter what, each mistake he made would only bring him one step higher than before. He smiled at the thought, his eyes glowing with newfound confidence.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," Kise said to himself, sniffling a little, but now with a bright and glowing expression.

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