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Vanilla Coffee and Peach Tea

Chirping could be heard outside, and the sun was rising steadily over the horizon as Kise dragged himself out of bed. Yawning, he ran one hand through his hair and headed into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Putting toothpaste onto his toothbrush, he looked up at the mirror and his reflection and realized he had slept in his clothes from the day before. He thought he had changed, but he was still wearing his basketball uniform, which was disgustingly clammy in some spots.

Still looking himself in the mirror, his thoughts were clouded with the memory of losing to Aomine the day before. He was pretty much over it, but he strived to win against Aomine. So keeping a positive mind and trying harder, like he did best, was essential.

Maybe I'll go to the gym today, and get some running in, or work on my abs. Yeah, abs…I could work on those.

He groaned, and groggily rubbed his face with his unoccupied hand as he finished brushing his teeth. He hadn't taken a shower either, and his own smell was becoming apparent to him.

Without haste, he started up the shower, and spit and rinsed his toothbrush. Placing the brush back in its place, he swiftly removed his clothes, dropping them in the hamper underneath the counter. Stepping into the shower, and closing the glass door behind him, his mind cleared. Tilting his head back, he closed his eyes with relief.

Her eyes fluttered open, her body thrown into the sitting position with speed. Heart pounding, she was panting, as if she'd awoken from a terrifying dream. She clenched at her heart, grabbing a fistful of her shirt in her hand.

As her pulse steadied, she scanned her surroundings.

Where am I? Where is this?

Looking down, she saw she wasn't wearing anything but a sweatshirt, that wasn't even hers. Someone had also bandaged her, but who?

I have to get out of here…what if it's them? What if they were the ones that took me here? I can't let them take me back yet…

Slowly, she slid her legs off of the couch she'd slept on, and stood up. Moving slowly, she quietly padded out of the living room, towards the front door. She reached for the handle, but before she could, she heard the sound of a shower. Her hand stopped and she turned around.

So someone else is here…I can't be sure if it's one of the men my father sent. I suppose I could take a quick look just to be sure…

Following the sound of the shower, she traveled light on her feet. The noise led her to a closed door, and she gulped.

What if it's not one of the men? Then it could be anyone! But I have to know!

Her face reddened, and she inhaled and exhaled.

Its okay, you can do this! You've seen male parts before! It can't be that awful…Besides, what if it's a woman?

Her face twisted into a disgusted look at the idea. "Honestly, I just hope that I don't have to see any parts of anyone," she said, shaking off the thoughts.

She carefully rested her hand on the doorknob. She bit her lip, turned the knob, and opened the door lightly. Poking her head inside, she realized she had entered the main bedroom of the apartment.

The room smelled of sweat and dirty socks, and she pinched her nose. The bed sheets and cover were spilling off of one side of the bed, sweeping down into one large pile of cushion. Pillows were here and there, only one in the right place. Men's clothing adorned the floor, and when she stepped in a pair of dirty underwear, her facial expression went sour.

"This is disgusting," she remarked. "How would someone walk through here?"

Curious, she looked around some more. There was a bookshelf against the far wall, with few books on it, and a collection of basketball trophies lined up along one shelf. Next to the bookshelf was a calendar with days circled and crossed out in red marker. Windows symmetrically were placed on both sides of the bed, letting some warm light into the room.

There were two doors; one in the corner closest to the bedroom entrance, and one that was creaked open a little, with steam coming from the slight opening. Figuring one was the bathroom, and the other was a closet, she turned to the slightly-opened door.

Being sure to avoid the piles of clothes, she found herself playing a game of hopscotch across the room. A small light reflected off the surface of something and she stopped. She turned to where the glare was coming from and noticed a small picture frame on the bedside table. Quietly, she fumbled over towards it.

"Oh, what's this? A picture of two little boys…friends, maybe?" She said aloud, holding the frame in her hands. "They're so young and cute! The guy with blue hair looks more muscular for his age, but his smile is so genuine! And somehow, the blonde one looks familiar…" she mumbled, tilting her head to the side slightly.

A small squeak noise came from the bathroom, and the sound of water stopped. Setting the frame back onto the bedside table, she hurried over to the crack without making any noise.

If I'm not quick, I'll get caught! Just look and run! Look, and run…

Peeking inside, she slowly scanned the room through the crack, but it was too small. She pushed it slightly but didn't see anyone. "Huh, that's funny…I thought—

Before she could finish her statement, the door flung open, and a tall boy, wrapped in only a small towel at the waist bumped right into her. From the force and shock of her being up so close, his feet rolled forward, and he started to trip. She clenched her eyes shut, just waiting for the final impact.


Suddenly, he toppled forward onto her, catching her and swinging her on top of him with momentum. The two hit the ground with a thud, the girl now on top. After a moment, she slowly opened her eyes. Her head was sideways against his chest and she could hear a pounding heartbeat.

She quickly pulled up from him and leaned over him, looking him in the eyes. He stared back, and for a moment, complete silence filled the room and her thoughts. He was beautiful. Not just the average pretty boy, but stunningly beautiful and handsome. His golden hair was bright and matched his striking eyes, which had dramatically long eye lashes for a man. His skin was very fair, and his arms and torso were nicely toned. He was well built, and looked like a model.

Suddenly, his expressionless face went red. His eyes widened and his mouth quivered. "U-um, my towel—

Pulling her from her thoughts, she blinked and looked down at where his towel was—or had been. During the fall it had probably fallen off. She felt a warm sensation against her sex now, and saw that it was his own. Her face paled as she remembered she had little clothing on, and in the position they were in now, she looked as if she were practically begging him for it.

Jumping up with a pokerfaced look, she scampered straight out of the room, not turning around once, and closing the door behind her. After a minute of just standing and trying to comprehend what had happened, she slid down the door, her back pressed to it, until she hit the ground. She curled up her knees and wrapped her arms tightly around her legs as she pressed her face into them.

Her legs felt cold as ice against her now tomato-red face. As she sat there, she listened to the noises from inside the bedroom. He wasn't talking, but movement could be heard from outside. Figuring he was putting on clothing since he'd just gotten out of the shower, she was reminded of seeing his sex right in front of her own two eyes.

Sighing, she covered her face with her hands and ran them down her face in humiliation. "That was probably the worst way I've ever seen how to introduce yourself to someone."

Kise stay lying on the ground, his gaze pointed at the closed door. In a state of mental shock, he had no idea what to think of his current situation. He'd definitely gotten a wake-up call, but he wasn't sure what else to think of it. Other than it serving as a reminder that he had a female guest who was practically naked, just walking around in his apartment, that is.

He sat up slowly, the palm of his hand against his forehead. "…I didn't expect that," he said, sighing with a crooked grin.

Can't say it wasn't pleasant, though.

He blushed, just remembering the feel of her against his length. He felt like a pervert for thinking about it, but his sixteen-year old mind couldn't let go of it. And, despite his good looks and popularity, he had never experienced any sexual contact with any female before.

Using the bed as support, he stood and headed towards the dresser. He reached in a drawer and threw out a plain yellow t-shirt and matching pajama pants. Considering he was a model, it was only right to keep his look neat and clean, even when off-duty, or in lounge clothes. He wasn't particularly popular to the extent of receiving attention from the paparazzi, but if he did have contact with anyone, he needed to keep his image. Or so he'd learned from his manager.

Man, does she never let anything slide. Midori-chii told me she'd be a great candidate for being my manager, but…should've known sadism ran in the family.

About two years ago, when Kise's modeling career started to bloom, he'd realized he needed a manager to help handle all the work. Midorima had offered to ask his older sister if she'd volunteer, and she had kindly accepted. Kise had for some reason, expected someone kind and gentle, but had gotten a cold-hearted and emotionless girl who had one goal: to put Kise on top. Not that he was one to argue, but with her cold attitude and strict rules, he sometimes regretted his choice.

I should have known she and Midori-chii would have similar traits…in personality, especially.

After slipping on the t-shirt and pants, he hurried to the living room, hoping the girl was still there. When he opened his door, he saw that she was waiting patiently and calmly on the couch he had set her on the night before.

She looked up at him when he entered, and tugged down at the bottom of his sweatshirt, the only garment she wore at the moment. "Um…hello," she said, lightly.

Kise blinked slowly and stared at her for a moment. Her legs were thin but shaped well, and she was desperately attempting to cover them from him when he walked in. When she met his gaze, he quickly averted his eyes and scratched the back of his head in awkwardness. She had beautiful eyes, her lashes framing them like a models, the color of her iris an ocean blue. A model himself, he felt as if she would be competition in the modeling world. "Hey..." he said, as he felt his face heating up.

After a minute of silence and continued unease in the air, Kise piped up. "So, um…sorry about what happened. I didn't expect you to be there, and all." He bit his lip and kept his eyes off of her. He wasn't sure if he had just made the conversation better or worse at this point.

She replied after a few seconds of prolonged hesitance. "No, it was my fault. I was just checking if…well, never mind. My bad, I apologize." She looked down and kept her eyes on her shoes, watching her toes flex, probably out of uneasiness. When she caught Kise watching intently, her cheeks flushed and she turned her eyes elsewhere.

"Want some coffee? Or tea?" Kise asked, trying to break the ice. "I mean," he started, grabbing at the collar of his t-shirt and tugging at it, "it's kind of chilly this morning, so I thought it would be nice."

Internally sighing, he scolded himself. Nice going! It's summer, how in the world would it be cold out?

Despite his inept remark, she replied slowly, "I'll just have tea. I've never been that big on coffee…or caffeine, really."

"Sure, yeah!" Kise said, jumping up and heading to the kitchen in order to relieve the situation by occupying himself with something.

Opening the cabinet above the stovetop, he saw boxes upon boxes of tea flavors. He remembered how often his mother had sent him tea bags, despite his hatred for tea. Some boxes in the back had even gotten dust piled up on them. Most of them he hadn't touched, much less knew he even owned.

They make peach-flavored tea? And blueberry? Huh, those are strange flavors for tea…

"I have a lot of flavors, would you like to pick one?" he called from inside the kitchen.

"No, anything is fine…I like sweet flavors, though," she called back.

"Sweet, huh? Not like I have a gazillion flavors that are sweet to pick from," he mumbled to himself. Turning the boxes towards himself, he went through all the choices he had. He had chocolate tea in the very back, a more basic vanilla tea hidden behind it, and some regular herbal tea in a smaller box in the corner. Figuring the sweetest flavor would be peach, he pulled a tea bag from the box, setting it on the counter next to the cup he planned to pour it in. Then he turned the knob on the faucet all the way hot.

While he waited, he searched for a nice mug to brew his coffee in. Picking out his favorite and oldest mug, which was a rusty brown color with hand-painted basketballs, he reached for his bag of pre-grinded French vanilla-flavored coffee. It made him feel somewhat unmanly to admit it, but he did prefer his coffee with a lot of sugar and creamer, and less actual coffee flavor. While every other male family member preferred his coffee black, Kise couldn't possibly get over the bitter taste of it. Therefore, he sided with the females in his family, whom preferred theirs with special ingredients.

As the water continued to heat up, Kise poked his head out of the kitchen and took a peek at the girl. She had stood and was looking out of the glass door leading out to the balcony. He got closer and noticed her expression in the reflection on the glass. She looked confused with a mixture of pain and sorrow. He so desperately wanted to comfort her, but for unknown reasons. He knew he found her attractive, but to want to comfort someone after first meeting them was strange. They had spoken for a mere few minutes, and yet he already wanted to hug her. He shook the thoughts off, refraining from his wishes, and returned to the kitchen.

When he came back out, he held a warm cup of freshly brewed tea, and a mug filled with coffee that had an aroma of coffee beans with a hint of vanilla.

The girl still had her back turned, so he cleared his throat and said, "Here's your tea, sorry for the wait."

She looked up at him slowly and walked over to him. She gently pulled the mug from his grasp, slightly brushing his fingers as she did. She sipped it and smiled, "Thank you very much."

Sitting down on the lazy boy, attempting to cover his sheepish expression from seeing her adorable smile, he sipped his coffee. "My name…I mean, I'm Kise. Ryota Kise…Nice to meet you."

She sat down on the couch across from him. "Valerie. Valerie Emerson. It's a pleasure to meet you." She smiled, her ocean blue eyes sparkling at him. She appeared more comfortable now, her shoulders slumping slightly as she held the tea cup with both hands.

"That's an unusual name," Kise laughed awkwardly. "So, you're from another country I'm guessing?"

"Yes, actually. I live in the United States of North America. However, at the moment, I'm…running from someone," she looked down into the contents of her cup with a saddened gaze.

"Running? From who?" Kise asked.

"Well, I suppose it's alright for me to tell you…as long as you're not with them," she said, sighing.

Who are they? What exactly has this girl gotten herself into?

"About a couple years ago, I actually came here in hiding from my parents. You see…my father, Eugene Emerson, runs a large company in the United States," she said, looking back up at Kise. "He was pressuring me to learn the basics of running his company, which required all of my free time. He never respected my wishes or dreams… I told him I'd be going on a mission to require more knowledge about his company when in reality, I just wanted to run away."

"I see," Kise said, surprised that this girl opened up so quickly to him. His eyebrows furrowed as he processed what she told him. "So were you being chased by some of his agents last night then?"

Her expression turned serious. "I was. And they were persistent. I ran for miles, hiding behind corners and in alleyways. Eventually I lost them, though," she said, laughing slightly.


Her eyes widened and she blushed. "Um, well, I threw my clothes off a cliff…"

Kise was surprised. His mouth gaped open and his eyes went wide, his eyebrows rising. "You what?"

Flustered, she shook her hands in denial. "I had to! I needed a decoy, and my clothing strewn off the side of the cliff would definitely distract them. I mean, if they caught me—

"But you were stark naked! How long did you run that way? Guys could've—I mean, you might have caught a cold or something. It was cold out last night," Kise said, turning his reddened face from her view. His face was hot with the knowledge that he'd said his thoughts out loud. He didn't regret it, but the fact that the thought of other guys seeing her naked made him feel uneasy, was strange to him. He'd only just met the girl, and was already this worried about her.

"I guess you could call it stupid of me, but I was desperate," she said, exhaling a breath of relief. "If they catch me, I'm going back to my studies in the U.S. I don't want to, but they'll force me. I have to move place to place in the hopes of losing them and being able to live a normal life."

"I understand," Kise said, looking at her, his hand holding his chin in thought.

"That's how I ended up in Japan. I needed a place to go, and Japan has the least ties to my father's company, so I thought it was the safest alternative. It took me a year to fully learn Japanese, but I think it's worth it," she said, grinning.

"I'll help you," Kise said, abruptly.

"Huh?" she said, surprised.

"You probably need a place to stay, and if they search for you around here, they probably won't expect you found someone to stay with. They'll eventually move on and search somewhere else, so until then, you can stay with me," Kise said, looking at her with a sideways grin. "Besides, my apartment is large, and has two bedrooms. You can take the other one. It has its own full bathroom, too."

As Kise rambled on about the quality of the bathroom, Valerie stopped him. "Wait. Why would you help me? I end up in your home somehow, bother you with my background story, and walk in on you while you're showering." She raised her eyebrows with concern. "And you want to…help me? Isn't that a bit strange?"

Kise shrugged. "You saw me naked, but that only makes us even. You were passed out in the bushes utterly naked, so I carried you here, bandaged you up, and dressed you in my sweatshirt." Kise found it shocking that he could say that seriously without becoming flustered or his face heating up.

"Oh," she said, looking down. Her face was reddening.

"I just feel like I should help you. You deserve that much," Kise said, looking at the decorative pieces on his mantelpiece. "You're running away with no plans and no money, so I just feel inclined to help you. Good karma, you know?"

She smiled at him, expression bright and glowing. "That means a lot. It really does."

"But first," Kise started, "we need to get you some clothes."

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