As Captain Kirk and the landing party beam down, a Romulan vessel uncloaked,

Scotty fired the phasers making them feel very provoked.

Lieutenant Uhura opened the hailing frequency,

While Captain Kirk met their commander very easily.

The Romulan aimed his disrupter at the ground party,

But as they were used to this, they acted nonchalantly.

"This planet belongs to the Romulan Star Empire,"

He said, and Kirk acted as if he was about to fire.

However the redshirt actually shot the Romulan,

Who died without honour; would the Federation win?

Wait, win what? As the Romulans retaliated back,

More of Kirk's red shirts died during the ensuing attack.

"Scotty, I need more red shirts," cried he, "there are dangers!"

"Aye. They'll be down in but a wee moment, armed with phasers."

But the Romulan jumped Kirk, and they went over the cliff.

A red shirt followed him over, becoming scared and stiff

"Scotty, beam us up," cried Kirk, "before we hit the ground!"

As Kirk caught the transporter, he saw the redshirt was drowned.

And so he sent a detail of red shirts to the planet,

Who trapped the Romulan behind a large piece of granite.

But he escaped, leaving more dead red shirts, back to his ship,

Uhura sent a message to the Romulans; a blip:

"Stay out of Federation territory, or suffer

The consequences." He anticipated the offer.