A/N: I have a word randomizer, I have some characters, and I a lot of thoughts knocking about in my brain. Time to do an A-Z of The Avengers. This is basically my dumping ground for writing exercises and drabbles, so please don't be to harsh on the con-crit. Nothing will be betaed, nothing will be meticulously plotted, and I doubt anything will go over 2000 words.

If you really like any of the ideas, feel free to beg for more, or gank the idea (although credit would be appreciated).

One. Steve Likes

Prompt word: Artist (Seriously, that was the first A word the randomizer spat out, no shit) , Steve/Tony, 213 words, G

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Steve likes... stuff. Steve likes precision and truth and irony and the smell of New York after it rains. Steve likes pancakes and burgers and drinking milkshakes at the diner window while watching the world go by. Steve likes watching Natasha and Clint dance around one another like an abstract tango, he likes Thor's booming voice and Bruce's quiet humor. Steve doesn't like Tony.

Steve doesn't like dismissal. Steve doesn't like privilege or entitlement. He doesn't like sarcasm or spite, or the way Tony makes all these things seem like a beautiful whirlwind of color and movement that surround him until he's unsure how to escape. Steve hates the way Tony makes him feel.

Steve hates the ache in his chest when sees Tony covered in grease and sweat from days in his workshop. Steve hates the hollow feeling in his throat when Iron Man is smashed into walls or roads or Hulk. Steve hates the compulsion to draw everything about Tony. Steve loves to draw.

Steve loves the feel of paper against the heel of his hand. Steve loves the charcoal smudges he finds hours after putting away his tools. Steve loves sitting in the quiet of the workshop, watching chaos become order; drawing movement and wonder and beauty. Steve wants.

Steve likes and doesn't like and hates and loves and wants.