Prompt: Zoned. 687 words, Steve/Tony, PG-13
So I thought seeing as we started with a Stony ficlet, we would end with one too. This concludes my Avengers A-Z, thanks so much for reading. I hope y'all enjoyed it, and if you can find it in your hearts to leave some feedback, I will be incredibly grateful!


It's funny. And that means both funny ha-ha and funny strange. It's funny because everyone in the tower, no matter how extreme their personality, reverts to the same default expression, at some point, between the hours of ten and twelve every Tuesday morning.

Well, everyone except for Steve, but it would be kind of odd for someone to be distracted by their own physique.

Tony's taken to calling it zoned. Like, if Natasha gets unexpectedly laid out by Clint, she's clearly zoned. There's no way Clint would be able to take her without some serious zoneage.

Steve has no idea what it means, but he chalks that down to it being one of the few colloquialisms he hasn't picked up, and gets on with whatever he's doing. When he does eventually punch the term into urban dictionary, he's a little confused, mostly because zoning doesn't seem like something Natasha would do, but then what would he know? He's only known her for three and a half months, people are complex.

The first time Clint zones, he's practicing shooting while hanging upside down from the gymnastics rings. Steve's in the boxing ring, facing off against Natasha, and Clint accidentally hits Tony in the ass with one of the soft tipped arrows.

After Natasha's first time, she swears she's over it, and that there's no way she'll lose her focus like that again. But then the week following, Steve takes off his shirt and wipes his forehead, and she falls from the pommel horse, barely managing to cover the clumsy movement as a slightly messy dismount.

Bruce spends most of his time in the corner doing yoga, or pilates, or tai chi, and usually has the expression no matter what direction he's facing. Nobody really knows whether or not it counts as zoning, but no one is really game to ask. Pepper tripped over him her first time, even though he was a good five meters from the entrance to the gymnasium. Which is where she had been when she'd spotted Steve practicing his tumbling.

The team's first impression of Rhodey's new girlfriend had been interesting. It was the same Tuesday that Clint had shot Tony in the butt, and in amongst the whining and exclamations of careless projectile usage, a wolf whistle had echoed across the large room. It turned out that Major Danvers wasn't afraid to voice her gratitude when faced with a perfectly sculpted behind, even when accompanied by the person she was currently sleeping with.

Tony has no idea when his first time was. He thinks maybe it was the morning he found Steve in his kitchen looking for milk in nothing but a pair of low slung sweat pants. Or could have been that time he accidentally on purpose walked in on him in the SHIELD decontamination shower.

Or that time he'd made Steve put on and take off his whole suit in the lab, when all he really needed to work on was the cowl.

It definitely wasn't the time they had that raging argument and Steve had pushed him up against one of the corridor walls just a tiny bit too hard. That wasn't zoning, that was totally fear.

Completely. There was absolutely no zoning involved in that. None at all.

It would be totally weird to be turned on by a dude shoving him against a reinforced wall, right? And then Steve had kissed him, and it he hadn't done anything because he was scared. Not at all because he was distracted by a pair of ohmygodincredible pecs pressing up against his and Jesus H Christ those shoulders.

But then even Tony has to admit that he's totally zoning because he's having some sort of sexuality crisis, right in the middle of sticking his tongue down Steve's throat. And he really doesn't know when that happened, but apparently it did, and okay, so there's a very large hand tangled in his hair and that's new, and really fucking hot.

Now that he thinks about it, it was probably that time with the fridge. Yes, it was definitely the time with the fridge.