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Introduction This story will be about Kim Possible's and Ron Stoppable's wedding day and it will follow the same basic background that I have laid out in my previous stories, "The Monkey's Tail," and "Broken Heart, Broken Mind." It actually comes one week after the final chapter of "Broken Heart, Broken Mind."

My Thanks to Temporaryinsanity91 for helping me go through a bunch of titles till I found one that worked for me. Kind of like naming a child.

There will be no major drama in it. Just the little dramas that are brought to all such occasions by the people and their families, which can be major at the time, or seem like it anyway. No villains attacking them or trying to spoil the day. They have themselves, families and friends for that, or so it will seem.

The story will have a lot of terms in it that I am not that familiar with but have done research on and hope to use them to convey the feel of before, during and after the ceremony. If I make a mistake in their use or something else, please understand that it is out of ignorance and not lack of respect. I do hope that someone will correct me if that happens and do it quickly. I hate looking toopid.

This will be a short chapter to lay some more background for the story and give you a feel for the water temperature before we jump in.

That said. "Last one in the pool is a stale Nacho!"


"Could It Be"

'Cause today is the start of the rest of our lives
I can see it in your eyes.
And it's real, and it's true
It's just me and you.


Kim's old bedroom at her parents home. 7:00AM W-Day

Her breathing slowly increased as she slowly started to wake up. Her face hurt from smiling so much the previous day. Stretching out, she felt happy.

Today was the day that she would become Mrs. Ronald Stoppable. This was going to be the happiest day of her life and nothing was going to interrupt it. Nothing.

Then she heard a loud rumbling noise.

It was coming from her. Her tummy was grumbling at her because it wanted breakfast or something. It hadn't gotten anything since early yesterday.

"Not today. Not till after the wedding. You knew what the drill was going to be." she told her complaining stomach as she rubbed it into submission.

She sighed and then said to herself, "If only food was the only thing we had to do without."

It had been a strange meeting with Rabbi Katz in his office she recalled. He had some video equipment set up behind him to record them during this meeting. He said he would give them a copy so they could refer back to it if they had any questions.

"It is an old custom for the bride and groom not to see each other for a week preceding the wedding, but I know that the two of you are still having to go on missions and what you do is for the good. So I think God would allow the compromise I have for you. You can still go on missions together up until twenty four hours before the Nisuin, or the wedding ceremony, but, and this may be a mighty big but, in exchange, I would like you to abstain from having any kind of sexual relations for that week instead. That includes kissing."

Both Kim and Ron had the same reactions. Their eyes went wide in shock as their jaws dropped down.

A light flashed from behind the Rabbi's desk as he chuckled to himself as he said, "I just love taking a picture of young couples' reactions at this precise moment in these meetings. The look on their faces is priceless."

Ron was actually the first to recover from the shock as he said, "Wait, wait. You mean like no "tongue" kissing or no "heavy make out" session kissing. Right?"

Smiling a brief smile as the Rabbi saw that Ron had entered a haggling stage, as a lot of others had before him, Rabbi Katz said, "No Ronald. I mean no kissing. At all. Maybe a chaste kiss on the back of the hand, but no "tongue" as you put it. And no finger kissing."

After the two young adults went back into their shocked stares, Rabbi Katz continued. "Now, please remember that I am not going to send out the Kissing Police to watch you two. This is purely voluntary and you would be the only ones to know if you do or don't kiss. I'm a bit surprised that you wanted to go this path Ronald. You know that some of our traditions can be rather rigid."

"Actually Rabbi." said Kim. "It was my idea."

"Really Kimberly?"

"Yes sir. When Ron and I were growing up, even before we started dating and we were just best friends, whenever I would talk to Ron about my dream wedding day, it would be about the wedding gown or my father leading me down the aisle, the saying of our vows or who my bride's maids would be. I never really thought about the church or whether it was a priest or minister. But whenever Ron would talk about it, he would talk about his best man, the breaking of the glass, his "bashert" (Yiddish for soul mate.), reciting the sheva brakhos (Seven blessings.) under the huppah and who the Rabbi would be. My dreams were more child-like compared to his, but I knew even then, how important it was to him. That's why I want to do it this way. For Ron."

Ron reached over and took her hand and said, "Kim. It's like I told you. It's not the "how we get married" that's important to me. It's the "who I get married to" that's important. So long as it's you, I don't care if it's in front of a Rabbi, a minister, a Justice of the Peace or even one of those drive thru wedding chapels out in Vegas where the guy is dressed up like Elvis. So long as it's you I'm marrying."

She looked back at him and said, "I know and I love you for that. But please, let's do it this way. I want to, so both our childhood dreams can come true. Please?"

She started looking doe-eyed at him and he looked away, half pleading and half laughing, "No! I give! I give! Please! Please don't use the puppy-dog-pout again! I give."

Smiling at him, enjoying their mutual joke, she looked back at the Rabbi and said, "That why I want to do it this way. For both of us."

"If I ever had any doubts about you two getting married, which I didn't, that reason would have put an end to them. But remember that it was your decisions to follow the customs and traditions of the Jewish religion so far as your marriage and I have already agreed to conduct it, but I do hope that you understand why it can't be held in the Temple."

"It's because I'm not Jewish." said Kim without any disappointment or ill feelings in her voice.

"Kimberly, it is nothing against you or your beliefs. All the members here are delighted that you come as often as you do to our assemblies, more than most of our regular members do. There are a lot of people that are upset with me because you can't be married here in the Temple. But sometimes we have to do things that we don't want to do and this is one of them. It's because of our..."

"Traditions." finished Kim. "I understand, really. We both do. We wouldn't have been able to fit everybody that wants to come anyway. I'm just glad that you were able to make arrangements with the center downtown so we could have it there and be able to have our friends and family there with us."

"Plus all the dignitaries from around the world that have asked for permission to be present." added Ron. "Rabbi, we're just happy that you agreed to conduct it. I know that some would have declined to do an interfaith marriage."

"Please believe me when I say this to you both, that when you asked me, I was honored. I believe that it would be an act against what we, as Rabbis stand for to not agree to conduct your ceremony. So far as the center is concerned, they do have all of the proper items to conduct the Nisuin (Marriage ceremony.) in the proper manner. It's not the first time they've been called upon for this."

"Now there's one more thing we need to discuss," the Rabbi went on. "and this shouldn't be that big of a problem. You both need to fast the day before the wedding and wait till after it conclusion to break it. Now there will be..."

"Wait." interrupted Ron. "What was that about breaking something Rabbi?"

"Ronald, you can't eat anything the day before the wedding and you have to wait till it's over to eat anything that day."

Back in Kim's old room in the present, she remembered, and almost broke into laughter, Ron's reaction to what the Rabbi told him about not eating a full day before the wedding.

He fainted.



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