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I do hope you've enjoyed my little version of a possible wedding had they decided to go the Jewish route. I hadn't seen or read any stories that covered it in much detail before, so I thought I'd give it a try. Remembering my own wedding some 31 years ago, I thought there would be suffecient drama involved with friends, family and just plan nerves without needing super villians. Well I threw Gill in there just to show Kim really did need her mission shoes both literally and figuratively since Ron was there.

I had planned to write and post their Ketubah, or marriage contract plus, but I'll wait till after I rewrite chapter 8 which will include the signing of it.


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For those of you that might have been expecting this last chapter to be about Tara and Josh, that situation will be taken up and concluded in the story "Mistakes Were Made." I think it will only be about three or four chapters long but I've been way wrong about that kind of thing before and it will be rated differently. Language thingie.

I've already started and posted two chapters to a different story, "Cloudy, With a Chance." It has more drama than I've ever tried before and it doesn't belong to my normal KP universe, so it doesn't tie in with any of my other stories.

Some of the future projects, or plot bunnies, that I plan to work on are a story to explain who Him and Her are from The Monkey's Tail, a story explaining why Ron is interested in the fact that Junior and Bonnie have the contract for the Oh Boys, I have to explain why Agent Havoc comes back and what his first name is, I have to tell how Kim gains full access to her own Monkey powers, I have to tell about what happened with the Lowardian's other two attempts to take over the world and I have to explain why Wade wanted a fully intact Kim-bot. Four different stories that do tie-in to the others.

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"Mistakes Were Made." Chapter 1, Paragraph 1

It was late morning when they finally got out of bed the next day. Actually it was almost 2:00 PM before they were fully dressed. After dealing with Kim's two younger brothers last night, the couple had picked up where they were so rudely interrupted. It was interesting how long it took for their stamina to finally run out and how short a time it took for them to recover it to start all over again. When Ron suggested they try an afternooner, Kim was all up for the idea but she reminded him they had a dinner date to go over a few things with Tara to get ready for. Ron's smile may have remained, but a part of him drifted off to a dark place as he grew reserved and quiet. He still didn't know any real details on what was going on with Tara and Josh and he didn't want to press Kim for any since she had already told him that she had promised not to talk about it till Tara got there and could tell him herself, but he knew it was something bad. To him this was like waiting to take a test that he didn't study for and thought he really should have. Kim tried to pull him away from that place and she thought she had for the most part, but she also knew that a small part of him remained there, as a small part of her was already there since she and Shego had talked to Tara before the wedding.


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