Greater Than, Lesser Than, Inequal

Suggestion 4: Abominations, Destroyers and Judo, Oh My!

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Naruto walked through the halls of the Sandbox Academy on his way to the Student Council room. He heard some soft whispers from some of the other students that he had passed on the way to his best friend's place of operations. Most of them revolving around the rumor that he had beaten down Kanoya and his little gang of armed delinquents with his bare hands in under a minute.

Since that fight, Kanoya decided that he no longer held a grudge against Medaka or her monstrous tendencies. Deciding that since he now at least lost to a human (Read: Naruto) he can call it quits and get back to his studies.

Or just kinda...fake study and laze around for the last year of school.

And surprisingly enough, he wished Naruto good luck in any endeavors that he faced. Which since he was so close to Medaka, were basically a given for future problems.

But that didn't matter.

He already made the decision about helping Medaka with any trouble she had forced herself into. He made it a long time ago. That he would get stronger and stronger, until he could protect her and help her with her mission to help people. Even with the criticisms he had received over the decade, he wasn't going to let it deter him.

It didn't matter who said what. Not little sarcastic and sadistic lolis. Not an obsessively perverted Onii-sama. Not an overly loving Otou-sama. Not the end of a pipe held by a powerful human being built into destruction. Not even...

That man... He would never make him falter again.

Naruto reached the door of the Student Council Room. He steeled his resolve a long time ago. When he remembered when he once awoke in a bed and saw her crying face over his as a child. What had happened to him? Why were her and his mother so worried about him? Whatever it was, he wasn't going to let her suffer alone.

He opened the door and standing there, her Gi open to show her white bra and panties, Medaka held out a spare uniform to the man at the door. "Naruto, we're going to the judo club."

"Fuck no."


Medaka stood there silently with her hand still stretched out holding the uniform. The clocked ticked as she looked up at it in surprise. "Hmm, 1.5 seconds. That's longer than I thought he would stay."

Naruto lazily walked back down the hallway as he heard the council door open back up behind him. He looked over his shoulder to see nothing following him. As he turned back around, he saw Medaka look at him slightly ticked off with her hands on her hips. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Back to Homeroom. I think I'll be skipping the council today. I've done a good chunk of suggestions for the week. I'm going to take a break. Maybe try some of that new ramen Shiranui brought for today." He tried to walk away from her again, leading them back to the council room. Since the sight of the beautiful council president dressed in her undies and an open Gi following the scarred blond boy around demanding him to join her in an activity they were sort of oblivious to was not something he wanted on his mind for the rest of the week.

"No you're not. We have a request today. It's from Third-Year Nabeshima of the Judo club. She's asking us to come view their training habits and help them decide a successor for her captain's position among the members." They arrived at the door of the council room as Naruto made way and allowed her to move in. He then walked out and closed the door behind her.

"Okay great! You always do a great job with finding talent in people! Good luck with that!" He gave her a thumbs up she couldn't see before trying to walk away. As he barely made a foot out, the door slammed open, Medaka palmed his scalp like a basketball and pulled him back in. "NO! GENEVA CONVENTION! GENEVA CONVENTION!"

"Naruto, stop being difficult and come with me to the Judo Club." Medaka was holding onto his legs to keep him in the student council room. "As the General Affairs Manager, shouldn't you be jumping at the chance to do your job?"

"I've done a lot of requests this week!-"

"I still did more."

"-I mean for normal humans I did a good job! I'm taking this as my leave of absence!" Naruto was digging into the floor, desperately trying but failing to escape from Medaka's titanium grip.

Medaka just sighed and looked down at her oldest friend, "It's just a visit to the Judo Club. Is it really that bad for you?"

"I think the fact that I'm arguing so much with you and that I'm currently trying to gnaw through my legs shows I hate that bastard so much I don't want to go!" Naruto added before he continued to chew on his kneecap like a teething puppy.

"Naruto..." Medaka said with a soft, caring tone in her voice as she looked down towards Naruto. "I know that it may seem hard, and that for you it might not be a pleasant trip. But this isn't just for you or me, this is for all the students that need our help in that club. If we have the power to help, we have a job to do our best to help them. So come on Naruto..."

In her half-naked state, Medaka reached a hand out to him with a beautiful smile, sun-rays behind her increasing her charm. "Come with me Naruto. Help me like I know only you can."


Naruto looked up at her in her wonder out grace, "Nope. Still not worth it."

*Dashing Crushed*

Medaka gave him a miffed expression and narrowed her eyes. She sighed, "Fine. How about a lifetime supply of ramen?"

Naruto stopped struggling and laid on the floor without movement. Sweat started to form all around his head because of the tempting offer.


"Ohoho, welcome to the Judo Club! I'm the current Captain of the Judo Club, Nabeshima Nekomi! I was the one who sent out for the request. Nice to meet you." The light-green haired senior greeted the two new faces with a cat-like smile as they stood in the middle of the judo dojo.

The purple-haired girl was wearing a Judo Gi which barely contained her bountiful chest. Behind her was a taller blond man who seemed completely disinterested in what was happening around him. The girl walked forward and grasped Nekomi's hand in hers.

"I'm Kurokami Medaka from the Student Council. The other one behind me is Genral-Affairs Manager Hitoyoshi Naruto, say hi Naruto."

"Hmmmmm." Naruto hummed flatly as he just started walking towards the wall of the dojo. Just because Medaka got him to come doesn't mean he had to enjoy it.

"Don't mind him he's just acting out. You know how they are at that age." Medaka said as she tried to joke with the judo captain. "So what can I do for you today Third-Year Captain Nabeshima."

"Ahahaha, well I'm really just a captain in name alone. And I just can't seem to be able to pick a suitable successor. I guess I'm just not as good as everybody thought." Nekomi answered as she scratched the back of her head and laughed.

Nekomi Nabeshima was somebody that was known by almost everyone in Hakoniwa Academy. 'The Queen of Foul Play' they called her. The woman who would lie and cheat her way to victory by any means necessary. She seemed nicer and less conniving from what he expected.

Naruto just tried to get himself comfortable before that guy came out.

"H-hello Naruto-kun."

Naruto opened his eyes again and looked over to where a nervous voice was calling his name. Walking up besides him was a pretty girl with long glossy blue hair in a classic hime style cut. She had a small smile and her eyes were strangely pale but still beautiful.

Naruto chuckled lightly, "Wow. Hinata? Is that really you?"

The young woman nodded her head, "Y-yes, it's me. It's a pleasure to see you again."

"I had no idea you came to Hakoniwa too. Hey Medaka! Come see who it is!" He yelled out to his friend from across the room.

The Council President walked over to them and saw the other girl talking to her Affairs Manager. She smiled at her, "Ah, Same-Year Hyūga, it's good to see you again. How are you?"

Hinata saw Medaka's outstretched hand and lightly grasped it. "A-ah yes, I'm fine. And it's good to see you again as well."

"What are you doing here? I did not know you participated in the Judo Club."

"Yep!" Nekomi added in as she walked in on their conversation, "When Hyūga-chan came to the academy and started walking around on club day I just knew I wanted her in my club. And after a whole month of me stalking her and leaving incriminating evidence in her locker, I finally got my prize." She exclaimed as she started glomming Hinata from behind.

Naruto and Medaka looked at the scene as Hinata tried to keep her composure as Nekomi started tickling her. "Are we really all right with this?"

Medaka shrugged her shoulders, "Seems like harmless fun."

Nekomi stopped playing around and looked between the three underclassmen, "But I didn't know you all knew each other? How'd that happen?"

Hinata tried to keep her cool and looked over her shoulder at her green-haired sempai, "I went to the same middle school as Naruto-kun and Medaka-San. And they helped me out when I had some problems I couldn't handle by myself."

Naruto smiled when he thought of all the stuff Medaka forced him to help with in middle school before he realized something. "Wait. If you're in the club, does that mean you work with him?" He asked with a little disbelief and surprise.

Hinata meekly nodded her head, "Yes, it isn't a problem anymore. He's very kind and considerate, always watching out for everyone in the club now." She tried to calm Naruto's glare down with her testimony of a certain other blond man's reformation.

"Speaking of which, someone has been dying to see you two." Nekomi turned over her shoulder, "Hey Kouki-kun!"

The changing room door slid open and a gorgeous man started stepping out. He had long, flowing blond hair and he had his Gi open to show his toned body. His piercing yellow eyes spotted the small group off to the side and he flashed a stunning smile that would make any normal girl swoon.

Naruto just tried to hold down his ramen.

Akune walked up to the blue-haired beauty he had been waiting to see for weeks now. She was still as beautiful and elegant as he remembered from his dark period in middle school. And all he wanted to do was see her again to make amends for his past.

He kneeled down in front of the Council President and lowered his head. "It is an honor to see you once again Medaka-San. I was worried that with your most recent achievement of Council President that you would have forgotten some of the people you knew along the way."

Medaka looked down at the 'Prince of the Judo Club' with a stern, slightly insulted look on her face. "Do not be so formal with me Second-Year Akune. If I didn't know any better I would have thought you practiced this before hand."

Akune just smiled slightly, "Not at all Medaka-San. I have actually been nervous about seeing you again. What words could I possibly use to convey my thanks to the woman who made me who I am to-"

He was interrupted when his head was palmed like a basketball by his idol. Medaka pulled Akune close to her, planting his head next to her ample cleavage. "What's the point in bowing to me and saying you're different?! If you want to show you're spirit, stand up tall and exclaim it with pride in your chest!"

Akune sputtered, "O-of course Medaka-San! I promise!" He got back up and started walking towards the wall with a dreamy look in his eyes directed at the perfect girl.

Before he arrived at the wall and leaned against it, sharing a glare of pure hatred with Naruto as veins popped up all over their faces.

"Oh yeah, you're here. I'm sorry, what was your name again?"

"Oh? You can actually form words? I just thought you could make googly eyes and drool at girls."

"I'm not as uncivilized as you are. I can appreciate a women while still keeping it in my pants."

"He says with the blood still flowing in his crotch."

"Loved you in that internet video by the way. Really captured your essence."

"Sorry, did you say something Fabio? I couldn't hear you over the blatant style rip off from the 50s."

The two men completely ignored the sounds of Medaka defeating every member of the Judo Club singlehandedly and concentrated in hatefully. "It's your fault Medaka-San didn't get 100% of the student votes! If you hadn't been standing by her side maybe some of the students wouldn't have run away in fear of your horrifying face!"

"At least I was at her side! If you're so devoted, where the hell were you?! Getting your nails done and your butt hair bleached?!"

"Well I'm glad all of your hard work payed off for you! You get to be the bottom lackey of the group!"

"Oh no! I ain't the bottom lackey! I'm the Top of the lackeys! See this!" Naruto pointed to his council band with pride, "It signifies that I'm the Fucker in charge of giving a Fuck about other peoples Fucks! Beat that!"

"Naruto shut up! I'm in the middle of helping the Judo Club!" Medaka exclaimed as she threw a much heavier judoka over her head. She had to find someone among the crowd who could accept the duty of captain.

Suddenly, her arms were blocked off from grabbing the next person. Medaka's eyes focused on the other bluenette as her open palms were braced on the inside of the president's arms. Medaka smiled, "It's good to see you're accustomed to fighting now, Same-Year Hyūga."

Hinata raised her head with a shy smile, "W-well I had to practice a lot after Middle School, Medaka-San."

"Well then," Medaka's smile turned into an animalistic smirk, "Let's see just how much you've got then!"


Naruto actually stopped arguing with Akune and watched as Medaka tried to grapple with Hinata. Whenever Medaka's arms widened to grab her, Hinata's pressed against hers and threw her off. When Medaka went for a Tani-Otoshi, Hinata evaded it by taking a large backward step. With each move the Kurokami girl made, the Hyūga girl evaded and countered. Albeit with extreme worry and fright.

"Wow. I never knew Hinata could fight like that. Guess she finally started to take lessons after middle-school." He said with a little subtext aimed at Akune, getting a stern glare in return from the gorgeous upperclassmen.

Their staring contest was interrupted when Nekomi popped up in front of him. "You've got a pretty good eye, don't you Hitoyoshi-kun?" She threw her arm over his shoulder, "Hyūga-chan has always had some really great skills, she just never had a great outlet to let them shine! She's so embarrassed and meek that she wouldn't usually want to be in the spot light or noticed by most people. But if she could overcome her nervousness even more, she could have easily moved from the special 11 classes to one of those 13 classes."

Naruto whistled in amazement while Kouki was nodding his head in agreement. They then heard a quick yelp as Hinata was finally caught in Medaka's grasp and flipped her over her head. Hinata slammed into the ground and groaned on the floor as Medaka wiped some sweat from her brow, "That was quite an amazing display Same-Year Hyūga. You definitely have skills and ability to show this club how-to."

Hinata's eyes had changed into little swirls after impacting onto the floor. "Ahhh~."

Nekomi brought Naruto's head down to her level, "But can I be honest with you Hitoyoshi-kun?" Her eyes opened up and she smiled down at the scar cheeked boy, "I like hard workers like you the most out of all the other people I meet. Kurokami-chan, Hyūga-chan, Akune-kun; they all have natural born talent that let's them exceed and excel at whatever they try. It's like that for all the students in the upper tier classes, they just get to sail through whatever they want."

Naruto stared at her blankly, "Aren't you from the #11 class too, Nabeshima-San?"

She just waved that off, "Let's not get into the little details like that." She winked and started to gesture with her hand, "Since Kurokami-chan is such a crazy genius, why doesn't she have a genius at her side to make things easier." Naruto didn't like where this was going, but Kouki perked up at the idea his captain was forming. "How about you let Akune-kun be her assistant and you can come and work here at the Judo Club with us?"

Naruto just felt confused by her odd proposal.

"I like it." Kouki agreed with a nod of his head.


"What are you all talking about?" Medaka asked as she walked over to their little group, Hinata following behind her.

"Kurokami-chan! I think Hitoyoshi-kun and Akune-kun should fight to see if they switch jobs! If Akune-kun wins, he becomes your new Manager of Genral Affairs and Hitoyoshi-kun comes to my Judo Club! What do you say?"

Hinata was shocked by this idea while Medaka stood completely unimpressed, the ahoge on her head swinging back and forth. "I don't see why they should have to switch responsibilities like that based on just a Judo match."

Naruto sighed in relief that Medaka was finally acting sensible at matters like this. Akune looked guilty at his readiness to fight and Nekomi looked dissapointed with the shoot down.

"However!" Medaka pointed with her fan, "The Student Council will never ignore a request like this! So yes Third-Year Nabeshima, Naruto will take your challenge!"

Naruto just glared at her, "Seriously?"


"SERIOUSLY?!" Naruto yelled as he was across from Kouki, both dressed in Judo Gi in the center of the dojo.

Nekomi, Medaka and Hinata were off to the side while the rest of the club was cluttered close to the wall. Kouki looked confident in the matter, savoring the chance to fight the opposing blond in another battle. Naruto was just seething in anger and being betrayed like this again by his so called friend. He glared over with shaky shoulders at Medaka, "You can't be serious?"

"Stop your whining and get to it Naruto!" Medaka yelled with a point of her fan.

Kouki stepped forward with his hands on his hips, "Are you ready Naruto? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about the idea of facing you once again." Nekomi noted how Akune-kun didn't address the boy with any form of Keigo, showing they obviously had a deep seeded relation with this type of confrontation. "I'm ready to see just how far you've come since our middle-school years."

Naruto opened one eye and smirked, "Really Kouki? Are you sure you want to face me. I mean, you've been spending these last few years taming the little rascal inside of you. Me on the other hand..." Naruto flexed his fist and grinned dangerously, "Mine's been thriving taking out the trash behind Medaka's back."

"What was that you just said Naruto?"

"Nothing Medaka! You've just got crud in your ear!"

Nekomi called attention with her raised hand, "Okay, this will be a match between Naruto Hitoyoshi of the Student Council and Kouki Akune of the Judo Club!" She looked up at Naruto and smiled, "Shall we put in a little handicap for your sake? You are fighting the 'Prince' after all. That wasn't just a title we gave him cause he's pretty."

Naruto stared down Kouki, "I don't want a time limit getting in the way of this."

Kouki smiled back at Naruto, "And I feel like you would take a handicap as an insult." They both shared a smile and nodded their heads, "Captain, we'll take a no time limit match with the first competitor to admit defeat."

Nekomi's face turned more cat-like and blinked in confusion. She looked around at the other club members and brought the two blond's into a hurdle, "Um, okay, but if I leave you two to fight until one of you forfeits, I feel like we'll be here for awhile."

Naruto and Kouki stared each other down and shook their heads in unison. "No, that won't be a problem..."

"...We'll know the winner when the time comes."

Nekomi looked between the two boys and sighed tiredly, "Alright. If you say so." She ran over to stand besides Medaka and Hinata, raising one of her hands over her head in substitution of a flag. "Let the match..."


Naruto dashed forward, an open stance to invite Kouki to counter his dash and throw him over. Kouki took the bait and dove forward, aiming to encircle Naruto's legs and pin him to the ground before he could attack. But when Kouki came down to a lower level, Naruto did a large step back to evade his reach.

Kouki's eyes were darkened by his long hair and he was completely concentrated on catching the spry blond. Naruto's eyes were also darkened from the intensity of their rematch as they chased each other down across the entire sparring space. Although they never truly gripped each other tightly enough for an appropriate grapple, their movements still got everyone excited to see what happened.

"What's happening? That Hitoyoshi kid is escaping from Akune's locks before they can even catch him!"

"Hell, he almost got Akune-Senpai in his own locks too!"

"No you idiot, look closer! Even though Hitoyoshi was coming close, Akune doesn't let him come close enough to even lock him!"

The entire club was cheering the two blond's on as their arms blurred and they desperately tried to capture the other one. Hinata looked at them in amazement, "Naruto-kun and Kouki-San are so amazing. I never knew they could move like this."

Nekomi was watching at their impressive demonstration. "I-I know. Are we sure that Hitoyoshi-kun ain't a genius?" She said in worry about what was happening in front of her. Despite being a complete amateur in the sport, Hitoyoshi-kun still hadn't made any type of infringement or cheating move against his superior.

"I'm certain Third-Year Nabeshima, Naruto is by no definition any type of genius." Medaka said as she fanned herself cool from the heat. "The only reason he understands what to do is because I used him as a training buddy when I was practicing for my red belt. Besides that, it's just his instinct and martial arts experience that's pushing him through with the rules."

Nekomi looked from Medaka over to Hinata with a questioning look. Hinata meekly nodded her head, "Y-yes. He isn't particularly bad at what he does, b-but I don't believe Naruto-kun is a genius in any way."

"That's actually being quite generous Same-Year Hyūga. It's almost like you forgot all his horrible grades and failing assignments that he got even when he studied for his exams back in middle school." Medaka had. Small smile on her face, "One of the reasons he got into Hakoniwa in the first place was because the entrance exams got a curve."

"O-oh, yes, I-I remember now."

"But honestly, I don't think there is anything like a genius in the first place." Medaka said to Nekomi.

The Judo Captain smiled at that, "That's quite a claim Kurokami-chan, can you back that up?"

"It doesn't matter whether they look good or bad when doing something, all that really matters is that they are earnestly putting everything they can into their work." Medaka closed her fan and opened her eyes, "Actually I retreat my statement, there is one type of real genius in this world that everyone can agree upon."

Nabeshima looked at the Council President quizzically at what she was saying, "Who would that be?"

She pointed her fan up at the green-haired senior and grinned, "A real genius of hard work."

Naruto and Kouki grasped each other's shoulders, struggling to one up each other in the strength department. They were both breathing heavily and pushing each other to try and gain an inch of security.

"Wh-what now Kouki? Ready to end this?"

"Yes, I think this can come to a stop now." Kouki smirked and bulked himself up for his next move, "Let's see what happens next."

Naruto tried to match his smile but realized that Kouki was using his superior height and weight to push him back. Naruto struggled to keep his senior Judoka away from him but even when he tried to keep him at bay, his feet were still skidding back on the floor.

Nekomi smiled like a cat when she saw them struggle, "Well, I think its over now."

Naruto growled and put all of his strength to push Kouki back. And when he did that, Kouki smiled and pulled him forward.

Before Naruto even realized what he was being pulled into, he was already being lifted off his feet and over Kouki's head. As if in slow-motion, he saw Hinata's horrified face, Nabeshima's intrigued look and Medaka...not really reacting in any way.

Kouki pulled down with all his force to plant Naruto into the floor. And finally, he heard a loud smack resonate through the floor boards.

Except, it was way too early for him to have already flipped the whiskered boy onto the floor. And everybody around them was looking at them in shock and disbelief.

Kouki moved his head as much as he could to see what had happened. Through their arms he saw that Naruto's feet were planted so firmly into the ground they had splintered the tatami boards, from the effect of the throw's speed being put into his feet. He had his whole body bent backwards to hold Kouki off from continuing his move. And Naruto's face was completely red and he looked like he was in a lot of pain.

No surprise, doing something crazy like this would injury not only your legs but your back too. Kouki couldn't believe Naruto put himself at risk like that, "No way."

Naruto yelled and spun as much as he could in his current position, pulling Kouki out of his stance while he was still stunned. Spinning him off his feet, Naruto turned on his toes and planted Kouki on his back and gripped under his armpit and neck.

After a few moments of silence, Naruto let go off his pin and laid down on his back. He was breathing heavily and tried to keep still, "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow, I don't-I don't think I should ever do that again. Fuck, my back!" He rubbed his painful back when a shadow blocked out the light from over his head.

He looked up to see Kouki standing over him, a disappointed melancholy in his face. He bowed his head to the other blond and smiled sadly, "I concede. You are the winner Naruto. Excellent job." He offered his hand to help the whiskered boy up.

Naruto smiled weakly and grasped Kouki's hand, slowly getting lifted to his feet. He nodded to the older student, "Thanks-"

"Good job Naruto." Medaka came from behind and smacked Naruto on the back in congratulations, toppling him over and making him yelp in pain.



Naruto was leaning against the wall for support as he walked back to the Council room, Medaka following behind him with a fulfilled smile. "Well I believe that job went off without a hitch. What do you think Naruto?"

"Everything fucking hurts."

"Same-Year Hyūga should prove very encouraging as the new Judo Captain." Medaka said while fanning her personal fan.

Naruto paused for a second and tried to stretch out the pain a little, "You sure it was a good idea to make Hinata the new captain?"

Medaka nodded her head, "I believe it was a good choice. Same-Year Hyūga still has a lot of room to improve as a leader and a student. She can help the other members of the club with what they need to practice because she can see their training habits from a fellow practitioner's point of view. And Third-Year Nabeshima said she was going to stick around for awhile to make sure she's got the hang of it."

"Yeah, well..." Naruto stood up and rotated his sore arms around, "Kouki seemed to agree with your choice. He said that Hinata was definitely someone who could aspire to lead others if she could get past her shyness. Guess that bastard will try to keep an eye over her to make sure she can do the job."

Medaka stopped fanning herself and closed her accessory, "Naruto, do you still hate Second-Year Akune?"

Naruto looked over at her, "No, not hate really. I just kinda want him at a distance for now because-"

"He isn't the same man he was back in Hakobune. He has done everything he could to change from the Destroyer he believed he was. He takes Judo as a chance to control himself and even Same-Year Hyūga has forgiven him for his bullying back when we enrolled."

Naruto just shook his head. Of course she would remember how Hinata was bullied but completely dismiss the beating she got at Kouki's hands.

"Even though he has changed, do you still think he is the same person he was back then?"

Naruto stayed silent and looked forward down the sunset hall, ignoring all the pain and aches in his body for a moment. "I know he really has changed. If you and Hinata have forgiven him for what he was doing back then, then I can't really hold him accountable for anything anymore. But even though I know he's changed..." Naruto fist tightened until his knuckles turned white...

"I can't forget that he used to work for 'Him'."

Medaka actually seemed affected by that statement because she lost all signs of superiority and looked at Naruto in shock.

"Even though all these years have passed and I try to keep him in the back of my mind, I still have nightmares over what kind of person he was. His sick way of thinking. The way he thought people should behave and act. How you thought you could help him, but even when you tired to help all that happened was..." Naruto couldn't finish that sentence because he was reminded of the hopeless fear in her eyes when she failed.

"I feel like that from just being in the room with him once three years ago. Could you imagine how painful it must be for Kouki to try and suppress all those experiences and pain when he sees us. He was affected by him more than any of us. I know he changed, but I also know how hard it is to get that guy's influence out of our system."

He looked back at Medaka with some melancholy in his eyes, "I know how hard he is working to forget that past. But until I can see how much Kouki is in control of his past, I want to keep him at arms length until then."

He left his best friend there to think about what he said. She looked down at her fan and flipped it open, looking back towards the Judo Club they had just left.


"Does it hurt when I touch here?"


"How 'bout here?"


"And here?"

"Shiranui, for the sake of saving time, let's just say that my whole body hurts a lot and leave it at that, all right?" Naruto said to the much shorter girl besides him as they were walking down the hall to the Council room.

The little blue-haired girl looked up at Naruto and nodded her head. They kept walking for a little bit as she slowly poked his leg again, "Touch."

"For fuck sake you little bitch what did I just say?!" Naruto yelled out as he tried to strangle the little girl as she ran around laughing at him.

After Naruto has stopped chasing her due to the soreness in his muscles, Shiranui just walked in front of him backwards, "So what's gonna happen to the Judo Club now, huh?"

"Well Hinata's gonna get some pointers from Nabeshima-San and she's gonna take over the club. And Kouki, well I don't know what happened to him. Hinata said he quit the club and Nabeshima-San just laughed when I asked her. Maybe he went out to find something he knows he can do..." They finally arrived at the door and Naruto opened it up...

To be met with the shorts wearing form of a naked Kouki, stripping down in the middle of the room.

Naruto face-faulted into the floor in disbelief while Shiranui was drooling at the eye candy in front of her. She started taking pictures, "Oh yeah, strike a pose."

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Naruto yelled when he finally stood back up.

Kouki realized who else was in the room, "Oh, Naruto, hello there. When did you come in?"

"When the hell did you start stripping in the middle of our room?! Seriously, is there like a game or something to see who gets the best react- Shiranui stop taking pictures!" Naruto pulled the phone out of the loli's hand.

"No! My cash revenue! You bastard!" She started jumping to try and take it back, futile effort due to the blond's superior height.

"What are you doing here?"

Kouki turned around and flicked his hair back, "Yesterday after our match, I had a talk with Nabeshima-San about cutting me from the Judo Club. I realized that if I want to prove myself to Medaka-San, I need to show my resolve and not just talk about it. And miraculously right after I said that Medaka-San came in and invited me to the council."

He strapped one of the Council member armbands around his forearm and smiled, "I am now the Student Council's Secretary. I hope you'll treat me kindly, Senpai."

Naruto had a massive tick growing on his head, "Son of a BITCH!"

Medaka heard it from all the way across the campus while she was picking up trash, "Guess Naruto knows now."



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