"So...You're telling me, Ms. Angelic Bitch over there is supposed to be your mate?" Dean licked his lips nervously, face scrunching up as he tried to process this information, turning back to face the miserable angel on the other side of the room. Castiel nodded feebly, eyes trained on the ground. Some dried blood clung to the side of his face and Dean was much more aware of the bruises that were beginning to form.

Castiel met his look of concern with a an unconcerned wave of his hand. "I am fine."

"Like Hell you are." Dean growled. "You're about to be whisked away by a bitch with wings and you think you're alright?"

"I don't have a choice, Dean." Castiel snapped. Dean looked away, running a hand through his hair. "I have two days before I'm bound to her. There's no use." Castiel sighed, sitting down in the nearest chair, shoulders slumping as he put his head in his hands.

Anxiety raced through Dean's veins as he stood back, absorbing this. "Let's go find you a mate." he finally said. Castiel let out a sigh of frustration, glaring at Dean now as he stood back up.

"It doesn't work like that." he growled. "I cannot latch myself to a soul I don't feel some sort of affection for." he was standing chest to chest with Dean now and Dean could swear he saw a flash of white light in Castiel's eyes.

What had him so riled up, it was only a suggestion.

"What do you mean 'latch'?" Dean asked tentively, moving back an inch before asking. Castiel was in a no bullshit mood right now and Dean didn't need to get himself fried by an Angel in a trench coat.

"When angels mate," Castiel started, throwing Dean another glare that was worthy enough to be put under the category of Sam's best bitchfaces. "They bind their graces. It forms a bond between the two. It keeps them connected for explained, hands lacing together. Annoyance was written clear in his face, but Dean didn't miss the anxiety that had passed like a shadow across the man's features, gone just as quickly as it had come.

"Well, I'm sunk." Dean finally said, sinking onto the couch on defeat. Castiel was so screwed. What would he be able to do? In a matter of days, his only real friend was going to be whisked away by Queen Bitch and there was nothing he could do. Anxiety washed over him in fresh waves as he watched Castiel.

Affection. Castiel needed to feel some sort of affection for the human.


Castiel's head snapped up. "No." he said firmly, meeting the gleam in Dean's eyes. "Not this, Dean." he shook his head. "You don't know what you're asking." his gaze found Dean's once more and he caught his hard headed expression.

"Then explain it to me."

"No." Castiel growled.

"You can't just tell me that and not explain!" Dean got up, advancing on Castiel until they were standing chest to chest once more, almost nose to nose.

"Dean," Castiel sighed in exasperation, his breath tickling Dean's cheek. "I am trying to save you. You don;'t have to do this. This isn't your responsibility." Castiel growled, hands fisting in Dean's jacket as he gave the hunter a sharp jerk, glaring back at the head strong hunter.

"Cas,"Dean murmured softly. "What...If I wanted to?" he blurted, trying to stifle the oncoming panic attack that was sure as hell coming on. Castiel stiffened, surprise flitting across his face as he gazed back at Dean.

"You don't."

"Try me."

"Dean," he could see what little patience Castiel had for him fade. "As a human mate, part of your soul would attach to my grace as my grace would attach to your soul. This is what will bond us together, since you don't have a grace. Then you will be eternally bound to me as I to you. Eternally." he emphasized the word.

"Well," Dean gave a nervous chuckle. "It's just my eternity. What do I have to lose?" Castiel removed his hands from Dean, backing away.

"Come one man, why not? I don't have anything else to lose. Not really." he added after another thought. "By being 'forever bound' does this mean in Heaven too?" Dean asked warily, not sure how to approach the agitated angel, who, no doubt, was on the verge of making himself a french -fried -Dean.

"Yes. When you die, I will retrieve you in Heaven where you will stay with me. Always with me." Castiel stated firmly. "And when, if ever, I am sent into battle on Earth, you will stay in our part of Heaven."

Dean nodded. He had two choices: Say yes and force Cas to eternally mate with him or let Physco bitch take him away. If that wasn't an abusive relationship in the making, nothing was.

"Let's do this." Dean said abruptly, pulling Castiel from his train of thought, another frustrated sigh passing from his lips.

"I didn't tell you any of this so you would say yes."

"Damnit Cas, you're not the only one who has a say in this." Dean growled, shoving Cas back. Castiel's back hit the wall behind him, his eyes coming to meet Dean's and he gave a brief nod, expression stony as he raised on hand to Dean's forehead.

Castiel's fingertip's messaged Dean's forehead as he felt the odd sensation that he was falling, wind knocked from his lungs as he blinked his eyes open, flinching back from the bright light that filled his vision. Blinking his watery eyes open, Dean peered around, breathing in fresh air.

"What the Hell?"

"No, not this time." Dean's head snapped in the direction the voice came from, mouth falling open slightly as he caught sight of his friend. Castiel stood before him, blue eyes much brighter than before and he seemed to be...Glowing. Actually glowing. Not like pregnancy or after sex kind of glow. His body literally hummed with life and power.

A soft breeze blew past them, rustling the leaves on the tree they were standing beneath. Dean looked around once more, examining their current situation. They stood, four feet apart, in some kind of garden. It was vibrant, bright rays of sunlight casting itself over the garden. Squirrels and rabbits were seen scurrying around, fighting with each other as a river gurgled by.

Heaven. At least some part.

Castiel faced Dean, his hand beckoning him further under the tree, away from the warm rays of the sun.

"We're in Heaven." Dean didn't ask, he already knew. Castiel nodded, beckoning him closer still until they were inches apart.

"Closer,"Castiel murmured. "This is where Angel is bound to their partner." his breath tickled his face, sweet and calming. Could breath be sweet? Maybe it was some sort of freaky angel thing or something. This thought nagged Dean until he met Castiel's gaze once more and he nodded.

"You don't have to do this. This has nothing to do with you." Castiel pleaded, trying to throw Dean off once more. But Dean was having none of that. The elder Winchester's mind was made up.

"Cas, let's just get this over with." he chuckled nervously, bringing his tongue over his dry lips. There was a whole new light in Castiel's eyes as he extended his hand forward, gently caressing Dean's cheek in his palm.

"It's all delicate." he murmured, stroking his cheek. Dean felt his throat go dry as he watched, engrossed waiting for Castiel's next move. His friend hummed with Angelic power, a soft glow surrounding him. He was in his home, where his power was greatest. Then he was being pulled forward, chest pressed flush to Castiel's, light gasp leaving his lips as he met the warm flesh of Cas' chest.

Castiel's hands wound themselves around Dean, searching. He peeled away Dean's jacket before he could protest or struggle, rolling up his shirt sleeve to reveal the handprint scar on his shoulder. The scar Castiel had left on his skin when he raised Dean from the pit after fourty years.

Dean's breath hitched as Castiel gently lay his hand over it, gripping him slightly as a jolt of electricity shot down Dean's spine followed by another. The bolts seemed to break off, dancing across his skin now, scorching and charring everything they could touch. Energy filled him, white hot energy washing over his insides as his body convulsed, knees buckling, little gasps of pain falling from his lips.

Through his haze of pain, he could feel Castiel next to him, feel his hot breath on his neck as Castiel's own body convulsed in spasms. Yet, through his pain, Dean could feel Castiel pressing feather light kisses to his neck, kissing the pain away as electricity shot through his, short wiring his nerves.

The wind picked up around them, hitting them at full blast, leaves showering them as they both cried out, Castiel's lips persistent on Dean's neck as they both struggled to stay upright, Castiel's hands fisted in Dean's jacket as he held them up. As much as Dean wanted to tell Cas to cut it out with the Angel kisses, he felt cool relief spread from his neck every time his lips met Dean's skin.

Then there was nothing. Nothing but Calm and serenity that filled him, lapping at his charred and short wired nerves, healing them gently. His body was humming, a swooping feeling settling in his stomach. He felt as if he was flying. That's when it struck him: He was feeling Castiel. This feeling, it was just so Cas in every way. Angelic and peaceful, calm as an ocean yet seconds away from brewing into a terrible hurricane. This was Castiel's own grace flowing freely into Dean's soul.

Dean felt as if his brain was going to explode, fry from all the power that seeped into his soul. He felt it. All the love and affection Castiel had ever felt for him or Sam. All of his awkwardness the feeling of raw anxiety as he pulled Dean from Zacariah and his guilt as he rebelled.

Through all the overwhelming feelings, Dean felt Castiel twitch and jump as Dean's soul flowed into his grace. He whimpered and squirmed, mouth still pressed to Dean's neck, breathes coming wet and hot against his skin.

Then it was over.

They both stood, chest to chest, forehead's pressed together in a sweaty clammy mess as they both fought for breath. Castiel held them up with what little strength he had left, hand still clenched tightly over Dean;s shoulder.

Cas." Dean's voice cracked as he shifted, knees almost giving out under him. His body tingled, muscles sore from their most recent episode.

"I-it is done." Castiel stuttered, pulling away from Dean gently as he helped him stay on his feet. Dean felt a pang of disappointment as Cas pulled away, face sweaty, pupils dilated breath coming in short gasps. He wanted to reach out, caress Castiel's cheek in his palm, wipe the sweat away. Do anything he could.

And what the fuck kind of thought was that? Dean pushed that away

"That...Wasn't so bad." Dean panted, moving a dry tongue over his lips as he attempted to moisten them. He looked himself over, nodding in approval. Nothing was out of place, nothing was bleeding or scarred or scratched and everything seemed to be in the correct places. Except..

"Hey Cas..Am I...Glowing?" he had noticed the faint glow that permeated around his skin as he flexed his hand, which he gazed at now, transfixed by the glow.

"Yes." Castiel nodded, straightening his backwards tie. Dean had always wondered why he wore it like that, yet didn't question the angel. Not questioning that kind of stuff was the best way to go.

"It's my grace. It shows as a warning to others that you are mine ." Dean couldn't repress the shiver that danced across his skin as he noted the hint of possessiveness in Cas' tone as the growl passed from his lips.

Before Dean could say anything more, he felt a hot flash of anxiety pulsate through him. Anxiety that did not belong to him. His gaze found Castiel's again and it was almost automatic. Castiel stood, deep in thought, eyes on the ground as the wind picked up around them again.

Sudden realization hit Dean like a slap to the face. He was feeling almighty emotions from an Angel. Could this get any better? He was feeling Castiel. He was always going to feel Castiel. Forever.

Well.. Dean wiped a hand over his mouth. "Let's break out the beer. Someone's gotta tell Sammy."

Sam's latest bitchface said 'Dean, what the Hell were you thinking by binding your soul to an immortal Angel for all of eternity'

Dean would know because he was currently facing said bitchface, the owner not touching his beer as the three of them say around the table.

"C'mon, Sammy!" Dean chuckled. "It's not just any Angel! It's Cas!" and with that, he didn't say another word, feeling as if that rested his case. He could feel Castiel's nervous energy running through him, making him twitchy and jumpy. They had learned about the bond both of them shared. It was something all angel mates had to stay connected to each other. To know when the other needed them or when the other was in danger.

Dean mentally reached out, a hand brushing Castiel's as he tried to soothe him.

"I better go." was all Castiel said before disappearing in a whirl of wings. A sort of aching loneliness loomed over Dean as he felt the silence, frowning slightly.

"Nice one, Sam!" Dry sarcasm tinted Dean's words as he rubbed his fingertips against his temples, hoping to ease the beginnings of a headache that sat at the base of his skull. That's when he felt it: a cool sensation spreading throughout his skull, soothing every angered nerve. Quiet whispers echoed in his brain as the sensation continued body relaxing at the warm presence that flowed through him.

Dean frowned as the senastion faded, eyes opening to a very surprised Sam.

Yeah, he'd have to get used to this.