Ex-prince of Konoha, New King of Deviluke

Trouble 1: New Kid on The Block

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So, here we go.


She watched as the men guided the cardboard boxes and furniture into the new household. The sofa and tables, chairs and dishes, everything from her old apartment was being moved to this new home. She had paid a lot of money from her modeling agency to buy this new home.

"Excuse me, Uzumaki-San?" A heavy lifter said as he gained the attention of the woman he was helping. The lady's name was Kushina Uzumaki, one of the best model designers in the whole world. She had beautiful red hair that reached her mid-back and bright blue eyes. She wore blue jeans that complimented her form and a sandy blouse with a white shirt underneath. "Where do you want us to put the dishes, ma'am ?"

"Can you please put them in the kitchen space? It's just down the hall and then takes a right." The worker nodded at her instructions as he lifted two boxes under each arm. He had heard that a beautiful big shot of the fashion world was moving in here and had expected a prissy, stuck-up beauty queen. But she was actually very kind, thanking the men as they had worked all day. He also thought that she was just a weak, house mom after the initial meeting. But when Yamamoto just started throwing the materials like they were pillows from a sofa cushion, she glared at him for about a whole minute. In that time, she not only scared Yamamoto with her fiery gaze and bloody hair but also knocked everyone else down to her level. He shook at the concept of seeing her that angry again.

Kushina looked up at her new two-story home. It was a very nice piece of estate to have in a suburb. She had initially thought about moving into the city and getting another apartment to live in. But her new partner in the fashion industry, Ringo Yuuki, told her about a new home that had just opened up next to hers. She told her that the city was always full with cars and people, and it would be a dangerous place to raise a growing boy. And that she herself had her children stay at home with her and her husband when they had time to be home.

She walked into the slowly furnishing home and looked at the rising staircase. She walked up the mahogany steps and reached the second level. She slowly approached the second door on the right, just past the bathroom, and saw the door was slightly cracked. She knew exactly why it was open and quietly reached out to grab the handle. She opened the door and saw, on the bed, was a little boy with fuzzy red ears on his blond head and a tail on his butt. "Naruto-kun?"

The blond, whiskered 7-year old looked at the new voice, his tail freezing in fear at the possibility of being found out. When he turned his head to see his mother, his ears and tail sagged as he breathed out a sigh of relief. "S-sorry Kaa-chan, I just thought I could relax and let my tail out."

Kushina softened her face into a little smile as she walked over to the bed and sat next to her son. "It's okay Naruto-kun, I understand that you must feel a little nervous, right?" The little boy nodded in approval as his mother quietly giggled at his innocence. He pouted up at her as she just laughed and rested her hand on his head. She started to scratch behind his ears as he slowly began to purr and his tail started to swish back and forth. She always loved to do that with her son. When he was tired and let out his tail and ears, she would pet him and calm him down, letting him sleep in her lap as she watched her shows. And she would reminisce about the other times she calmed a blond with nine tails and ears after they were together.

"Now Naruto-kun, I know you feel anxious but you have to keep you ears and tails hidden. You aren't on Konoha anymore, so people may find it weird to see someone like you, okay?" He grumbled a reply "okay?" She said in a more serious tone as he blanked in fear and quickly retracted his appendages. She smiled and patted his head as she stood back up as she knew that the workers had finished their work. She walked back down as her young boy followed behind her. She met the men and paid them their fee. They left as the house went silent again.

She turned around and lowered herself to his eye level. "I have to go and set up my new workplace at the office. And then I will grab a lot of sushi and ramen on the way back home. Does that sound good?" She said as she grabbed his shoulders and he meekly nodded his head. She smiled and walked over to her car. She started it up and pulled it back as she waved out the window at her little boy. He watched as she drove off and the sun had started to head toward the horizon.



"Grab the child! We cannot let any blood of the 'Kyūbi' still roam our land! Find him and kill him!"

Those were the screams and orders coursing through the young boy's ears as he was led by his most trusted friends and servants. The blond boy in the luxurious robes was only 5 years old, his red tail flailing around in fear. He looked out the window to see the carnage playing out in front of him. The soldiers of the castle were fighting back against the advancing rebels. Blazing red and black flames rose around the castle's courtyard.

He could see that the men had all had the same emblem on their vests and pants. The form of a fan, the bottom half and handle colored in white as the top was bleached red. All the attacking men had red and black eyes as they charged the building. The boy was then quickly grabbed and forced to flee again.

"Naruto-kun, don't stop okay. We have to reach the teleport bay and get you out of here!" The terrified boy looked up at the old man he considered his grandfather with monkey ears and a windy tail on his backside. On his side was a massive man which white hair, frog eyes and slightly webbed hands.

"Neh, Sensei? I think we have company." The monkey man looked behind him at the oncoming onslaught of red eyed bird type people. He ticked his teeth in anger as his form slowly grew into an overwhelming ape size creature.

"Jiraiya-kun, get Naruto-kun to the teleport quickly." He heard a grunt of approval from the tall toad man as he lowered himself and held the fox boy in his arms.

"W-wait, Ero-gama, we can't leave Saru-jiji. Saru-jiji!" The last thing the boy saw was a jumping ape and an explosion as the toad man enveloped him in his arms and ran off.


A door busted open as Jaraiya ran to the large metal platform's controls. He pressed some buttons and knobs as energy started to gather and build up. He ran to the center a placed the horrified kid at the center. "Alright, now the teleporter is setting up and will start in a minute. I'm sending you back home to your mother, okay?"

"B-but I thought all of you told me I could only see my mommy every 3 months. Th-that I shouldn't be attached to people who aren't from Konoha."

"Pfft, please kid, like you should follow the words of all those stuffed up council men. I know your mother and she is better than most people on this planet combined. And she is who you should be with the most, not these guys." He looked down and saw that the little boy had tears growing in the corner of his eyes. He then realized that this kid had been through a lot in his short years.

Growing up with his mother for 3 years until the council of the former military planet had ordered that the boy be apprehended and raised on their planet. Treated like forgotten royalty since the king's reported death and scorned by most of the people for being a half breed. And now, the Uchiha Clan rebelling and trying to take this kid's head on a spike. He figured that it was too much for one kid to take.

The sniffling boy felt a webbed hand on his head as he looked at the toad breed man smiling at him. "Listen Gaki, don't let whatever they have said get to you. It doesn't matter if you're human, Konoian, or half of each. What matters is that you show them that they don't mess with you. You can prove that you can do, be, and love whoever you want." He laughed at the superimposed image of another rebellious blond kid he watched over take the universe by storm. "That's what your parents believed in."

The machine clicked in preparation as Jaraiya stood up and walked to the controls. He reached out and grabbed the handle as pounding could be heard behind the door. The rebels had made it to the door and knew the halfbreed prince was in there. Naruto steeled himself in thinking that he would have to fight but Jaraiya pulled the switch and energy started going off in every direction. The boy looked to his teacher who gave him a mock salute as his vision was covered in light.

And then... He was gone.


Naruto walked down the side walk as he remembered the events two years ago. The next thing he remembered was waking up naked in his mother's house, her asking him what had happened. Then how he clutched onto her and cried for an hour, telling her what had happened. She was shocked at the raid he told to her and the actions the perverted toad made at the end. She held onto him as he just fell asleep in her arms.

After that, Naruto stayed with his mother for the rest of the time. He never really followed the rules of high society, so it was easy to transition into living on Earth again. He would watch TV with her and play games when she was home. But his favorite thing was that ramen food she gave him when she got home late. He couldn't explain, but ramen was better than any super fancy food he was forced to eat in the castle.

But Naruto had never made any friends of his own while he stayed on Earth. He never talked with the other kids at the apartment complex. And when they saw him, they would make fun of him about his whiskers and how his mom was always gone. But what he never tolerated was if they said that his dad had abandoned his mother for someone else.

He never heard the whole story from his mother or friends back on Konoha about his dad. But he knew that he was a famed fighter and king that had stood against the Deviluke army. And that he had died from his last fight with Gid in the galactic war. So if the kids ever said something like that, he would just get angry and fight them. His mother told him that he should never get in fights with people. Not because he could get hurt, but because he could hurt other people.

The people of Konoha were a well-known military fighting planet. Capable of changing their forms into certain animals and increasing their normal fighting power by nearly 10 fold. Some of the more famous fighters were capable of increasing their power by nearly 50 times. His mother had told him that at 1-tail, he could beat up most kids bigger than him. And as he gets older and stronger, he will get more tails.

When Naruto had asked how strong he could possibly get, his mother had told him that she had met the strongest fox breed in the universe. Someone with 9-tails, capable of controlling an entire world with his power. Naruto was excited about the idea of having 9-tails instead of just one.

But then he realized that it would only mean that people would hate him more. And that he could possibly never have a friend if they knew about his real self. Naruto had sighed at the idea of never having a friend, as he walked in front of an open gate to the house next door.

"Watch out!"

Naruto looked to his right at the worried voice, and saw a white and black blur speeding towards him. He felt the soccer ball impact his face as he flew in the air and landed in the street. Naruto had a red mark on his face as smoke raised from his head and his body twitched on the floor. He heard several sets of feet run toward his downed form.

"Sorry, Onii-chan. We didn't see you." He raised he throbbing head to see who had accidentally attacked him. It was a giant, rough looking man with a red headband and stubble on his chin. Next to his leg was a young boy, about Naruto's age, with spiky brown hair and golden eyes. And holding tightly onto his hand was a baby girl, no older than 3-years old, with deep black hair and gold eyes like the tall man.

"Yeah-yeah I'm fine. Just a little stunned." Naruto got to his feet and stumbled a little as his eyes swam in his sockets. He shook his head and regained his bearings, looking at the people in front of him. "So, who are you guys?"

"Well, I'm Saibai Yuuki. This little guy is my son Rito and that munchkin beside him is my daughter Mikan." The little girl pouted as she pounded her tiny fists against her dad's legs. The man just laughed at his daughter's efforts to release her fury. "So, who are you kiddo?"

"I'm Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki. I just moved in next door and I-"

"Oh, so you are our new neighbor, huh? Ha, you're pretty young but I can't complain. Come on in, I'll show you around our house." He put his hand on the boy's back and led the reluctant child to his home. Naruto walked into the new home while the boy and girl followed and the father closed the door. Naruto looked at their home and saw that it was very similar to his new home. To the left was a low table used for Japanese sitting. In front of him was a staircase and bathroom. And to his right was a TV room with sofas and toys on the ground.

Naruto walked around the house and looked at all the pictures of the family of four. He couldn't help but admire the cheerful smiles all of them had, even the little girl who could barely tie her own shoes. He looked out at the little balcony that led out to the backyard and garden. And he saw the new boy kicking the ball that had so kindly bashed in his head. Naruto watched quietly as Rito bounced the ball between his knees and head. The caramel haired boy noticed his audience and caught the ball with his foot, "what?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just watching you bounce that thing.

"Do you want to try?"

"Um, I don't know how to."

"Here, I'll show you." Rito kicked the ball to Naruto who fumbled it and let it fall in front of him. Naruto got off the balcony and kicked the ball between his feet. He then copied Rito's movement and held it in the crevice of his foot. He kept it there for several moments before sending it back to the boy who expertly caught it. The boys kept tossing it between each other for about 30 minutes. Naruto found it easier to do the tricks after some practice. They then started to do pose and faces between the hang times of the ball. The boys had started to laugh before a small voice interrupted their actions.

"Onii-chan?" The boys let the ball drop as they looked to the balcony door and saw the little girl with her arms around wrapped around a teddy bear. She had her face behind the bear's head and looked meekly toward Naruto. Naruto smiled as he walked to the little girl who walked closer to him.

"Your name is Mikan-chan, right?" He got a little nod from the apprehensive girl. "What's your teddy's name?"

"His name is Kuma-chan. I've had him since I was born." She held out the bear as she started to play with him. Naruto and Rito laughed as they started to play with the little girl and her bear, earning giggles from the infant.

From in the kitchen, Saibai could see the three kids play out in the yard. Rito let Mikan grab onto his shoulders for a piggyback as Naruto made a scary voice and chased them. Saibai took out a pan and filled it with water; then placed it on a stove and continued to watch the kids play. The children continued to joke around as he watched instead of fixing dinner up. Saibai chuckled at the happy faces the kids had as they played games.

He just knew that they would be great friends.

He smelled a strange odor as he looked behind him to see the pan and water covered in flame.

"Huh? How did I do that?"


"So, how is the new place? I bet your son loves it." A lovely, brown haired woman in fantastic jewelry and clothes asked to the red haired driver. The woman slowed down her car as they reached the street to their house. She sighed in defeat at the question her new partner asked.

"I just don't know. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to move here, but I didn't think about what my job would have me do. From what you said, it takes up most of my time and I won't be able to help him readjust." She parked her car outside her new house and turned it off. Kushina and Ringo both got out as Ringo came to comfort her new neighbor.

"It's alright. I promise that it will get better for you and your son." Kushina lowered her gaze in worry as Ringo grew concerned. "Listen I-"

"Hey Ringo! Is that you?" The fashion designer turned her head to see her Mangaka husband come out of the lawn and into the street. "When did you get home?" He enveloped his wife in a tight hug as she stumbled a little from his towering height and weight. "Huh, who is this?"

"Oh, Saibai, this is Kushina Uzumaki. She is our new neighbor and she I-"

"Uzumaki! Ha! I knew that kid belonged to someone!" Kushina came out of her musings at the declaration her new neighbor had exclaimed. "Come on in. He has been waiting for hours for you to come home." He led the two women into his home and to the dinner area. What Kushina saw made her heart beat in excitement.

Naruto had put two chopsticks in his nose as a brown haired boy put an empty rice bowl over his head. The boys were dancing like idiots in front of this adorable little child that clapped at their antics. She watched as Naruto had the biggest smile she had ever seen him wear besides when she brought home ramen. The parents beside her laughed as they watched the children play with their food. Naruto looked over at the adults and jumped with glee as he removed the chopsticks and glomped his mother's legs.

"Kaa-chan, Kaa-chan, where've you been? I've made a bunch of new friends. That's Rito, he is really good at soccer. And that is Mikan-chan, she really likes her bear. A-and that is Saibai-jisan, he writes the coolest manga I've ever seen. An-and I don't know who she is-but she is pretty. Kaa-chan, can I come here again?"

Kushina looked down at the wide, pleading eyes of her only son. She then saw that the other two children had the exact same look. Hoping that they could play with their new friend more often. She looked to the adults and stared stone face as they too had the exact same look. She let out a long sigh at the realization that she was probably the only adult there. Then smiled at her son.

"Of course you can."

He screamed in excitement as he and Rito danced in place. The parents clapped their hands a ordered the children to sit back down and eat. For the rest of the night the two families celebrated and laughed together. Saibai showed Naruto and Kushina his manga artwork. Mikan got to have a house party with the biggest group she ever had. Naruto got to play some of Rito's newest games and watch movies with all of his new friends.

For the first time in a long while, Naruto had friends that were just his own.

"Um,Saibai, why did you burn through a pan?"

"I didn't burn through a pan honey. I burnt some water that burned the pan. I was going to cool it out but it gave me a great idea for my new antagonist."

Yep, great new friends.



With the new year, comes new stories and ideas. Three new fics along with Hunter could be made if I get the right motivation. And more on the way.

Well, another new story to think about. Hope this one does well with people. Of course, it is a series about unbelievably beautiful girls, falling over and exposing their panties at possibly the clumsiest human being I have ever seen in all my years of TV, cartoon, anime, etc...

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