Chapter One: Rewrite

Bella's POV

"Chelsea is trying to break our bindings" Edward whispered, "But she can't find them. She can't feel us here..." His eyes cut to me "Are you doing that?"

I smiled grimly at him "I am all over this."

Edward lurched away from me suddenly, his hand reaching our toward Carlisle. At the same time, I felt a much sharper jab against my shield where it wrapped protectively around Carlisle's light. Then I felt a tear...

Carlisle instantly fell to the ground spasming in pain. Right away, I knew that Jane made it through my shield. While trying to mend the tear in my shield, I suddenly started to wonder why I should fix the shield. Sure, Carlisle was in immense pain. And sure, we were standing up for my little Renesmee but maybe if we didn't fight- if we surrendered- The Volturi would let us keep her.

I let my shield drop and looked at Edward. Once again, it was as if he could read my mind.

"I think we should surrender" he said to me.

"I agree" I said quickly.

I took a couple of steps forward and called out softly "Aro" hoping he wouldn't be too upset that I was interrupting their council.

He turned around to face me swiftly "Yes, Bella?" He breathed, a smile lighting up his face,

"Edward and I have decided that we would like to surrender... conditionally of course" I said,

Aro smiled gleefully "Of course, dear Bella, what is it you want?"

"I want to be able to take Renesmee with us." I stated.

Aro creased his forehead "With you where?"

I looked at him confused "To Volterra" I said as if he should have known "And I want her to be safe."

Just then Alice came bounding into the clearing "She is not a threat to our existance. I found these two immortals to prove just that" she said pulling her own witnesses behind her.

Huilen and Nahuel told their story. Aro stood and listened thoughtfully through their story.

"It appears that there is no reason that you cannot bring little Renesmee with you." Aro said with a large grin on his face after the story was over.

I smiled back at him.

"Who, of your group, would like to join you, Bella?" Aro asked rubbing his hands together gleefully,

I turned around to look at our group of witnesses and family.

Of course, Edward stepped forward, with Jacob and Renesmee close behind, Alice stepped forward with her fingers entwined with Jaspers who stepped forward with her, Benjamin and Tia followed close behind her, Kate and Garret were next, Zafrina stepped forward to stand beside Jacob and Renesmee, Emmett stepped forward next, quickly followed by Rosalie, little Maggie walked forward slowly looking apologetically at Siobhan as she passed.

After that nobody else stepped forward. Many people looked grieved behind our little group.

Then Jacob barked and I saw his pack step forward from the line of werewolves behind the vampires to come stand with us. I heard somebody whine, I turned around to see Quil looking very depressed.

"Jake" I whispered. He looked over at me and I nodded at the depressed wolf and simply said "Claire."

Jacob nodded and barked again and the sad expression was quickly wiped off the wolf's face as he turned and loped back to the rest of the werewolves, still standing in a long straigh line.

"Very well" Aro said "Let us depart."

His guard and brothers left first followed by him.

Our new little group turned around once more to smile and wave sadly to the family we were leaving behind.

Then, as one, we turned and started walking towards our new life.

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