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As Chell saw the old wheat field in the distance, she sighed. She still couldn't believe she was coming back, but what else could she do? She was all alone.

She walked through the field and knocked on the small shack`s door. The sound echoed through the elevator shaft and, for a few seconds, nothing happened. She was almost knocking again when a monitor came up from the ground, the Aperture Science logo stamped on it. It took but a moment for it to come to life, showing her archenemy`s face.

"Oh, it is you." The AI sounded genuinely surprised. "It is amazing how you managed to gain weight even in a wasteland. What do you want? To kill me? Again? I suppose you want cake. Have your small, uncomplex, overweight brain not understood yet? There is no cake. At least not for monsters. Like you, for example."

She let the AI rumble on for some time, but after a while it started to irritate the former test subject. She took a deep breath and made the oversized computer hear her voice for the first time.

"GLaDOS, shut up and listen!"

The robot froze in place, in shock.

"Oh... oh... Oh... So, what is so important that you decided to talk? Has the world run out of food?"

"No GLaDOS, there is just no one left."

One and a half years before...

As the sound of the singing robots stopped echoing inside her head, she grabbed her Companion Cube and started walking through the golden wheat field. The lack of an Aperture Science Portal Handheld Device made it difficult for her to carry it, but she managed it. She had gone through a lot worse in that place and a little weight wouldn't stop her. If not even a super computer had killed her...

She stopped for a second and dropped the cube in the ground with horror in her face. That bitch probably had probably put all kinds of cameras and microphones over that thing! There was no way she was going to let HER peek in her new life! She left the cube on the ground and walked away, leaving her past behind.

And that was the last time GLaDOS had seen Chell.

She walked for a day and a night until she found a small town or, to be specific, the remains of one. There, where the fields had grown unsupervised, she managed to find food and water, even though everything looked like it hadn't been touched in centuries. As she would find out later, she was not totally wrong in that.

For over a year she roamed, searching for a sign of life, but she had no luck. It was only when she managed to enter a military base that she found out about the Combine's attack. She had managed to make one of the computers run using an emergency generator. There, on the last entry registered on the computer, she saw mankind's destiny. It was a video. In it, an old white-haired man talked.

"Hello, citizens of the world.

Two years ago, we were invaded by an alien force that we couldn't match. The Combine, they called themselves. We tried to defend ourselves, but failed. In seven hours, the Earth was taken. For these last years, they have been slowly sucking the planet dry of resources, but I say to you: No More!

This cannot be tolerated! These aliens killed us, destroyed us, tortured us in ways we never thought possible. It is here that humankind has to make its final stand. We have no chance against them in battle, but, if we can't have Earth, we will make sure they also can't! In one hour, hundreds of atomic bombs will be detonated around the globe. It will infect the atmosphere and the ground, making the planet inhabitable, for us and for them, at least for a thousand years, hopefully taking a few of them out in the process.

It is our nature to war. It is our nature to win. It is also our nature lo lose. But it is not in our nature to be slaves! Today mankind rises, great and strong, to show them what we are truly made of. Not flesh and bones, but grit and courage. Today we look death in the eyes and stab it in the throat. Today we show them that we are truly free.

Goodbye, ladies and gentleman. It was good to live with you."

That was it then. In less than one hour, all Earth was poisoned. Humankind fell, with what little dignity it had left. And it had been at least a few thousand years, because she was breathing normally and not screaming as she bled from all pores. How long had she been kept in that place?

It still took a half a year for her to convince herself that everyone was truly dead, but she finally accepted it. Then she turned to the single other sentient being that had managed to survive the attack. That was when she turned around and started to head back to that little shack, lost in the middle of that golden wheat field.

"That is why I've come back. I am seeking the last shred of mankind that still exists, besides me, that is."

"I hope you are not talking about me. You do know I am not human right? And tell me, why should I accept you in my facility? Why should I spend my time and resources with you?"

"Because, GLaDOS, without me" said the woman, with a smirk "you have no one to test."

For a few nanoseconds the supercomputer remembered the thousands of humans she had killed in the few weeks after Chell left. Trying to find the perfect replacement for her test subject was hard. It had been impossible actually, since she had killed them all and not found one that was good enough. So, she had no choice. That damn itch was slowly driving her mad. If she didn't get someone to scratch it…

"No killing or murder attempts?"

"None, I swear."

The door to the shack sung open.

"Then welcome back, [Subject Name Here]"

Chell entered the old elevator and took a deep breath, the old smell of Aperture flooding her lungs. She started going down but after a few seconds the elevator stopped with a clunk and the lights went out.

"The Aperture Science's Enrichment Center apologizes for the inconvenient. It appears that the weight capacity of the elevator has been exceeded. Please, wait while the problem is fixed."

In the dark, Chell smiled. She was home.