Ever since reading Clockwork Angel from the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, I've had this quote stuck in my head.
Never trust a duck.
It's become a joke, both in my friend group and family, that I always say this whenever I see a duck. Granted, it requires quite a bit of explaining the first time someone hears it, but the resulting smile is always worth it.
Hope this makes you smile too, and extra cookies if you actually understood the reference.

Disclaimer: I don't own Clockwork Angel, or Rise of the Guardians

Sorry if it's a bit OOC ^^;


It was no secret that E. Aster Bunnymund had a soft spot for ducklings.

What was there not to like?

They're fuzzy, and yellow, remind people of spring and Easter, and they come from eggs.

Plus there's something about their wee little quacks that makes his heart melt.

He's watching the little darling ducklings follow their mother when a cool breeze ruffles his fur.

"Nasty, aren't they?"

Immediately, he turns to glare at the owner of the voice.

Jack's perched on his staff, eyes trained on the little fluff balls waddling along.

"Now wait just a minute." Bunny snaps.

Jack turns to blink at him, confusion written all over his face.

"What makes ya say that?" Bunny demands, still glaring.

Jack looks back at the ducklings. "They're vicious!"

"No, they ain't! They're adorable!" Bunny gestures to them as one of them trips over it's own foot and does a front flip. "How are they vicious?"

"They bite!" Jack replies.

Bunny stares at him, before bursting out laughing. "Jack Frost is scared of ducklings?" He asks, wiping tears from his eyes.

Jack pouts. "I'm not scared of them."

"Oh yeah? Then how do ya know that they're vicious?"

"Jamie and I experimented."

"Oh, really?"

"He convinced me to feed a poultry pie to the mallards in the park to see if we could breed a race of cannibalistic ducks."

Bunnymund stares at him, one furry brow raised. Granted, Jamie was getting older and had more questionable hobbies now that he was twelve, but that was just absurd. "Ya tried to feed a bird pie to birds."

"They ate it too!" Jack exclaims. "Bloodthirsty little beasts. Never trust a duck."

Bunny goes to open his mouth, but finds he doesn't really have an argument.

It's worthless, anyway.

He rolls his eyes and looks back over to the ducklings. One, two, three, four, five – wait, where'd the sixth go?

"Hey, stop that!"

Bunny turns and sees the sixth duckling pecking at Jack's staff curiously. Jack's attempting to shoo the duckling off, and failing miserably.

"Get off!" Jack waves the duckling away. The duckling merely looks at him.

Bunny snorts. "Think he likes ya, mate."

"Well I don't like him!" Jack protests.

The duckling quacks at him.

Much to Bunny's amusement, Jack quacks right back. Albeit much louder, and much angrier.

He watches the interaction with an amused smirk. The king of winter quacking at a small palm-sized duckling.

Eventually, the duckling gets bored and waddles off back to its mother. Jack watches it go.

"Ha! I win."

"Nah, he just got bored with ya."

Jack sticks his tongue out, and plants his feet on the ground, leaning on his staff. "So, kangaroo, what are you- OW!"

He looks down at his foot, and the duckling that had just pecked it. The duckling gives a quack before waddling off.

Bunny snorts, trying to disguise his laughter.

Jack glares at him.

"Never trust a duck."

Considering I haven't published anything in quite a bit due to exams coming up and a big test, I figured in celebration of finishing the test I'd write something at least somewhat amusing.