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Yu sat near the small koi pond in her backyard connected to a bamboo forest meditating. It was a quiet day, no Yong Su pestering her or Chun almost accidentally setting the house on fire, though she was sure he might've done it on purpose a few times.

The peace and quiet was scarring her a bit, she knew it wouldn't last and that someone or thing will pop out to bother her. Then like as she predicted there was a rustle in the bamboo behind her, she just sat and stayed still until the nuisance decided to show him/her/itself. All of the sudden two black blurs of fur flew through the air and landed right on Yu causing her to fall on her stomach.

"Oof! Ai ya that hurt" she groaned getting up slowly, said flying objects falling off her back. She turned around to see two little pandas, one with a little flower on its head. There was more rustling and two more pandas appeared, one was bigger then the first two, the other smaller.

"Ohhh how cute aru!" she picked up the smallest panda and nuzzled her cheek against its head. The other two stated to paw at her pants and she started playing with them too. She looked over to the largest panda, who was just sitting there its back turned.

"Hey, come over here aru . . ." The panda looked over his shoulder and then back to face front.

"How rude aru!" Yu shouted. There was more noise coming from the bamboo plants. She turned around to see a huge adult panda. The little pandas she was playing with ran over and nuzzled the older pandas' leg. The solo panda followed sweet and they all turned to leave. Yu stood there and waved good-bye.

"Yu is very good with animals Da?" Yu jumped out from the sudden end of the silence.

"R-Russia-san! Don't do that aru! You scared me!" She turned around to see not Russias' face but his chest. She hated being so short. She looked up to shoot a semi-angry glare at the Russian.

"My apologies Yu-chan. You know you can call me Ivan." He said smiling down at her.

"Well then Ivan, what do you want aru?" She asked crossing her arms across her chest.

"I was wondering if you'd like to spend the day with me." He asked hopefully. Yu's eyes widened at the question. Blush emerging from her cheeks.

"Ummm, I'm not busy right now so I guess it wouldn't hurt to go out" She gave him a smile.

"That's good, let's go then!" Ivan latched onto Yu's arm and pulled her toward the house and soon they were out the front door and on their little date. Not that Yu thought it was a date.

The day continued on like this, Ivan dragging Yu here and there. As exasperating as Ivan was Yu had to admit it was the most fun she'd had in a while. But alas the day must end. The two walked up Yu's walkway and up to the door.

"I had fun today aru." Yu said smiling.

"I did too. Well goodnight." Ivan said planting a small kiss to Yu's forehead. He then walked away. Yu blushed heavily.

"Bye aru." She said bringing up a hand to her forehead as she watched Ivan's retreating figure. She smiled and walked into her house once Ivan had disappeared from view.


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