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Tawny sat down in front of Commodore Forrest's desk, along with the head of the department she would be interning in, and Emmie at her side. Having her friend there made her much less nervous, and she was still amazed that she had gotten this job in the first place. She had been busing tables at a local diner on the weekends when they needed her the most, and it paid just enough for her tiny apartment. She depended on Brad and her foster parents for money for food, and she felt excited that she would be getting a job that paid well and would allow her to live more independently.

"Ms. Townsend, we've looked over your resume and your testing scores. You scored incredibly high in the writing section...we'll have Ms. Sadir introduce you to the staff and get you acquainted with the technology we use. Civilian staff are in the east wing of the first floor, and Ms. Sadir can show you around the office and show you your station. You'll be an assistant distributor, and I believe that's the position you were recommended for at the Earth Embassy on Vulcan. It's a tedious job, but necessary."

"I-I understand, sir," she said quietly, then cleared her throat. It seemed to have closed up.

He smiled gently. "There are rules and regulations you will have to follow, and Ms. Sadir can answer any questions you have on your tour. But let's get started."

"Ms. Sadir, could I speak to you for a moment?"

She turned back to the commodore and nodded, and gestured for Tawny to wait outside. "I'll be out in a bit, hon."

Tawny smiled at her and obeyed, and Forrest closed the door. He smiled at her.

"So...this Townsend girl..."

"She's 22, commodore," she replied with a wry, raised eyebrow.

"You're friends with her?"

"We know each other."

"And do you know why Soval recommended her for this job, and for a job at the Embassy? There were a host of...more qualified people for this position. Don't get me wrong, your friend is very intelligent and seems like a very nice young lady, but...why?"

She stared at him. "I don't think my fiance would like for you to know the entire truth. Just know that this is one step on her journey that will ultimately end on Vulcan. I think once she steps foot on that planet, she'll be there until her death."

The commodore frowned. "What do you mean?"

Emmie smiled wryly. "Vulcans are persistent creatures when they see something they want," she replied cryptically.

"I don't understand."

She shook her head at him. "I can't really explain further. I'm not at liberty to do so. But if you don't like Tawny Townsend, don't worry...she'll only be here a month, and then I doubt you'll see her ever again."

Emmie took her to a small cafe down the street after work, and Tawny was satisfied that her training had gone well. Emmie was a good teacher, and her job wasn't extremely difficult. It was tedious, but it had to be done.

"So," she said after they ordered some tea and coffee. "Tell me about Kuvak."

Tawny blushed and looked down at the table, shuffling a couple of packages of sugar around each other. "I...I-I like him, Emmie...I-I like him a-a lot...he's so sweet to me...h-he's so...n-nice...a-and he makes me f-feel..."

"Like a woman?" Emmie asked with a soft smile. Tawny giggled nervously.

"He makes me feel good about myself," she said quietly, bending the corner of the packet back and forth. "I feel so...s-safe around him...l-like n-nothing can h-hurt me..."

"It's a good feeling, isn't it?"

Tawny looked up and smiled at the misty-eyed expression on Emmie's face. "They are handsome creatures, aren't they?" she continued. "So...masculine, yet capable of so much gentleness...but they can be passionate too...they can be fierce..."

Emmie trailed off and stared at Tawny with a shy smile, one of the few times she had seen something like that on the Egyptian woman's face.

"You'll learn more about them as you continue your thing with Kuvak...I think he's quite taken with you."

Tawny blushed. "He...he...I-I think he's sexy, E-Emmie...I...I want to tell him so much..."

"Write him a letter. L'Vek could send it to him, if you like."

"He's not c-completely fl-fluent in-"

"Don't worry about that. He's a smart man, he can figure it out."

Tawny giggled and considered it, and she decided she would do it. Kuvak would probably like that...just as much as the IDIC she had made for him.

She smiled and sipped her coffee. Maybe this wouldn't be as hard as she thought.

The cold wind rustled the thin curtains over the window, and a freezing draft drifted across her skin. She sighed and shifted, staring at the window, knowing, waiting...he would come...he always came...

She smiled when she saw his dark shadow blot out the cold moon, and like fog across the Bay, he padded across the floor and leaned over her. His blue-gray eyes shone with desire, and he reached out a warm hand and stroked her cheek. He was shirtless, wearing only dark pants and her IDIC around his neck. She let her eyes travel over his face, along his collarbone, down the tufts of gray hair on his chest that trailed down to the hem of his trousers.

He laid over her, his eyes growing dark, and one of his hands drifted to her thin nightgown. He rubbed the thin material through his long, deft fingers, as if contemplating his next move.

She heard a ripping sound, and the nightgown and his trousers were floating to the floor...she was bare before him, as was he, and he stared down at her hungrily before he continued.

His fingers touched her in ways that made delicious tingles run up and down her spine. Her body was awash in flame, and she moaned, leaning up and kissing him. His hands explored her body, his nose inhaled her scent, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She knew what came next...what always came next...

"Tawny," he whispered, lifting her into his arms. He exited her room, and after wandering through her apartment (which was much larger than in reality), he found a hidden staircase and took her down, deep underground...a cave with a large bed was waiting for them, and he laid her down on it. He positioned himself over her, kissing her neck, and she lifted her hips toward him –

Tawny gasped as she woke up, and she rolled over and glanced at the alarm clock. She wasn't due to get up for another two hours, but she rolled back onto her back and stared at the ceiling.

It was always the same concept...Kuvak would come to her, and touch her, and make her feel womanly in ways both dark and wonderful. And she couldn't make that dream a reality...not yet, at least...

She sighed and tried to go back to sleep, but her eyes refused to close until the sun crept over the horizon.

Emmie walked down the hallway of the Consulate, her fingers linked with L'Vek's, and they were discussing her side of the family coming to Vulcan for their wedding.

"My family is far too big to invite everyone to this thing. And I don't want to explain this over and over again to them. Only a few, and they can tell others, so they'll be plenty prepared with their questions when we do our wedding Earth style."

L'Vek gave her what looked like a rueful smile. "Your mother, your father, your uncle and cousin? That is all? You could invite several others if you truly wished; we have room for at least twenty guests in my family's household."

"And wake everyone up at 4 in the morning so we can make the morning meal? No thank you, L'Vek, I'll stick to the ones who wouldn't mind so much."

"Ms. Sadir."

They turned and saw Ambassador Soval outside his aide's office, and the ambassador dismissed Sorak with a wave of his hand. "May I speak to you for a moment?"

Meskhenet smiled slightly and bowed her head in respect, then turned to her telsu. "I'll be along in a moment, habibi." She stroked his face with her two fingers ever so slightly and only for a second, and she felt a burst of his pleasure through their bond. She grinned at him, then sobered and turned to the ambassador.

"Yes, Osu, what can I do for you today?"

He led her to his office down the hall and closed the door, and he turned to her with a stern gaze.

"It seems you are not the only human to capture a Vulcan male's attention," he said, his voice warmer than his gaze. "Ms. Townsend...you are friends with her?"

"She's the best friend I could ever ask for," she replied evenly.

"Is she prepared? To do what you have done?"

Meskhenet looked down and nodded slightly. "I think she adores Kuvak. I think she loves him. I know she loves him. He is good for her, and I sincerely hope she is good for him. I have the thought...when Kuvak has her to himself, she will be a wanton little minx," she said with a wicked smile. "It's always the quiet ones...but if desire does not get her through the fever, and I find it unlikely that such a thing will happen...then good old human compassion will see them through. I'm not worried about their relationship. It's the world around them I worry about."

She looked up at him again and saw that his ears had turned mint green, and she laughed. "Forgive me, Osu, have I made you blush?"

He turned away. "We have grossly underestimated your people, T'Sai," he said softly. "And I appreciate your honesty." He faced her again. "You and your friend are a credit to your race. All of Vulcan appreciates your service. I accept this union, and yours...and I will do what I can to make it easier for you."

She bowed her head. "I thank thee, Osu, for your service," she said in Vulcan, and grinned when his lips parted slightly in shock.

He raised an eyebrow and closed his lips. "You speak our tongue well, young T'Sai. You will make an excellent addition to the house of T'Hya. I'm sure T'Mil was pleased with you...and I am sure she will be agreeable to Ms. Townsend as well."

She smiled and accepted his dismissal, grinning at the blush that still frosted his cheeks.

To my delight,

How to even begin? There is so much to say, so much to tell, and yet I cannot find a place to start. My work here is tedious, but I apparently am good at it, as my supervisor said my work was excellent. My work is excellent because you are worthy of a woman who does excellent work. So I will do my job willingly and to the best of my ability. You are worth this effort.

Oh, delight to my eyes...am I a worthy woman? Am I truly deserving of a glorious soul like you? I have no great intelligence, nor beauty to boast of. I can offer you kindness and compassion, and these words, but I fear that is not much. Perhaps it is not enough.

Still, I often think of you, and the time we spent together. Your absence pains me, and I feel so foolish for pining like a lovesick schoolgirl. And yet what freedom you give me, Kuvak! I feel new, like I have been walking in some desolate valley, and you were the kind stranger who showed me the right path. I opened the door and saw your face, and yet I did not know then: I was opening the door to a future beyond the horizons I do not know. I started down a path that will lead me to Vulcan...to you, joy of my being.

My affections are new and wonderful and slightly overwhelming...I want to run to you, and yet I fear I will have nothing to say. I feel stupid for writing these words...I don't know, Kuvak, every time I think of you, I want to write. I want to sing. You are poetry to me, every inch of you, everything you are. Delight of my eyes, joy of my being, balm to my soul, Kuvak! Kuvak, my dearest, my beloved!

Romantic types may believe in love at first sight, and I had lost hope of such a notion, but my delight, I feel as if my life has led me to you, for some purpose. My heart tells me you can raise me out of the darkness of my past and see me to a future that is bright with promise, with new beginnings.

You are a new beginning for me. I wish I could cast off all my doubts about myself and my abilities, but for once something is clear: I am in love with you, and I eagerly anticipate when I will be with you again. Until our reunion, I dearly hope this letter finds you well. I'll be leaving in three weeks, but by the time this note reaches you, another week will have passed. Another week without you...let it pass, and pass quickly!

Here's to you, my joy, my Kuvak, to your health and happiness and the beginnings we will share,

your Tawny

Kuvak laid the paper down on his desk and folded his hands as if for meditation, because his hands were trembling. He had never seen writing like this, such pure devotion, unbridled affection...unrestrained love. He could almost feel the emotions pouring out of her, as if she were in the room. She had haunted his thoughts, haunted his dreams ever since they parted, and he held the paper to his nose, inhaling its scent, as if he might find hers lingering on the paper.

The tiniest smile graced his lips as he did find her scent in the paper, and he emitted a tiny groan of longing. His katra was screaming at him to find her, take her as his...she had even claimed him. Delight of my eyes, joy of my being, balm to my soul, Kuvak... Such freedom of expression, such innocent, pure affections, and an intimate mode of address. She had written the letter by hand...and it made it so much more meaningful, to see her script flow across the page. He thought to himself that it was the most elegant thing he had ever seen.

He envied her for her freedom to express all she felt. He was a man of logic, a man who suppressed passions and affections and joy and all emotion. He could never tell her outright that he was enthralled by her very presence, that she had captured him. She held within her hands his being, and she probably didn't even realize it yet.

He couldn't even tell her that he was deeply moved, intimately stirred by this letter...

A small smile returned to his lips. He could not tell her outright...but through a bond, she would know every day that he was her willing slave. She need but say the word, and he would do her bidding, if it was in his power. A bond...that was what he truly wished. He wished for this loving, compassionate young woman to be his wife, his k'diwa.

And he would see it done if it was the last thing he ever did. His fever was less than ten months away...and he would have no other but Tawny Townsend at his side when it gripped him.