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V'Las paced in front of the comm unit. Jo was asleep, as their child was exhausting her, and the house was quiet and still in the mid-afternoon haze of sleep and restfulness. The heat outside was nearly unbearable, even for Vulcans, but their room was cool enough that she could get some rest. Six months along now...she was wonderfully plump, her rounded belly smooth and silky. He particularly liked kissing it, and she said that sensation tickled. She enjoyed it.

He allowed himself a small smile, but then straightened his expression when the comm beeped. He answered it.

"Master," he said in Vulcan, bowing his head. The blue-eyed man on the other end smiled.

"You've done well, V'Las," he said, chuckling. "You even got yourself a pet out of the bargain."

The minister frowned, considering his options, and he decided not to protest. "Yes, Osu."

"Have you impregnated her yet?"

He nodded. "She is six months along now."

The blue-eyed man raised an eyebrow. "That was quick..." His expression turned gleeful. "Oh, but she's not a pet...not to you...you actually care about her, don't you?"

V'Las frowned. "Master-"

"Don't try to hide it, V'Las, I can see it in your eyes." The man grinned. "Well, consider her safety incentive to do as I say. Are we clear?"

The minister nodded.

"Somil is getting on in years, but his death would cause suspicion. You are to suggest to him that a listening post be installed at P'Jem, and if it is discovered, Somil will take the fall. You know what to do."

"You intend to place me in position of administrator."

His blue eyes twinkled. "Wasn't that the plan all along?"

V'Las nodded.

"If you fail, your new lady love can stay with me for a while. I wonder how well your child would react to training."

He swallowed thickly. Training with this man was rigorous and brutal, not something he would want to put his child through. "I will not fail you, master," he said firmly.

"Good. I'll contact you again when it's time."

V'Las cut the comm link and sighed, then walked into the bedroom and curled up with Jo. She stirred and turned to him.

"Hey, baby," she murmured, reaching behind her to stroke his hair. She turned to him fully. "What's wrong?"

He lightly kissed her forehead. "Nothing that you need to concern yourself with."

She stroked her hand up his torso, curling her fingers around his collar. She covered her yawn with her free hand. "Mm," she muttered vaguely, closing her eyes. "Are you going to nap with me too?"

He pulled her to his body. "Yes, Joanna."

A few moments passed in silence, and then he pressed his lips to her forehead again. "Joanna, I love you," he said firmly.

She smiled.

"You are sure you'll be all right?" Kuvak asked for the eleventh time. She grinned at him and stroked his fingers.

"Kuvak, they're still voting. You're needed here, and I'll be just fine. Go make a difference in the High Command, and once they're done with that pressing legislature, you can probably take a month off."

L'Vek nodded, helping Emmie up the steps of the transport station. She was further along than any of them, nearly nine months. They had been back and forth from Earth all during Emmie's pregnancy, but they were going back now so Emmie could finish her contract with Starfleet.

L'Vek and Emmie went on ahead to the decontamination stations, but Kuvak pulled her aside into an abandoned hallway.

"Ashaya, you will be sorely missed," he said gently, stroking her hair.

"And you, a'dun. Go. Me and the kiddo will be just fine."

He sighed. "You have my cousin to look after you," he said gently, rubbing her plump stomach. "If I miss the birth of our child, I will be most displeased."

"You'll be done with the voting and debating by then," she whispered, then kissed him on the lips. "I'll miss you too."

He nodded and walked her to the decontamination station, and she stroked her fingers down his one last time.

"The doctors said this was for the best," she reminded him. "I'll see you in a month, ok?"

He nodded and backed away, allowing her to go through the station and meet L'Vek and Emmie on the other side.

"Ready?" Meskhenet asked with a smile. She nodded and glanced back to Kuvak, blowing him one last kiss.

"Yes," she said firmly, then walked towards the shuttle, her head held high.

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