Innocent Massage

A/N: Thanks to SiSi from my theater class. Just. You're too much! *smile* This one's for you. Hope you like it, fellow Moonine!

I really do not believe today can really become worse. I was late to class this morning-only to have to leave early because of a stupid youma attack. At the damn Juuban Park. I was the only one there, not even Tuxedo Kamen arrived. I hardly survived!

And now I'm here at the Crown Arcade with one of the worst knots in my pack. The girls refuse to acknowledge my accomplishment and are currently shunning me away. Motoki notices my uncomfortable stance and treats me to a chocolate milkshake. But lo and behold-chocolate does not solve all my problems. Damn the Youma. Damn the Dark Kingdom. And damn be the girls. I stare into the shake with narrow eyes. Damn the milkshake mocking me with it's deliciousness. A milkshake has no problems.

"Are you okay, Usagi-chan?" Motoki finally asks. He must be noticing either my strained posture or my pout. But either way, I am not particularly in the mood. I love him, like a brother, but sometimes I shouldn't even bother acting cheerful.

I look up at him. "Not particularly, why?"

He grins. I arch one of my eyebrows. This is not a smiling occasion. Even Mamoru-baka has a bigger heart. "It looks like your back is killing you."

Not really understanding, I nod slowly. "And?"

"I have the solution to your problem." The doors behind us open and his grin broadens. "Yo, Mamoru. Come over here."

My eyes widen and I try to escape from my position at the corner, but Motoki catches my hands in his. I continue to struggle as my worst enemy approaches. "What's up, Motoki?"

I close my eyes and hope for the best. Maybe Motoki will send him away. Maybe Mamoru will laugh and walk away. Please let him laugh and walk away. "Usagi-chan here needs your assistance. She has a knot in her back."

I squeeze my eyes now and pray he laughs. No sound, but I feel Motoki release my hands. Once again I try to escape but now I feel hands on my shoulders. "Hold still," his voice whispers in my ear. His breath is hot on my ear and I shiver unconsciously.

"Let me go, baka!" I whisper yell back at him.

His hands remain, but they no longer hold my shoulders. Instead, pressure is applied to my back and it arches. I let out a small gasp of surprise and relax into his hands. I hear Motoki-san chuckle before he walks away. All the pain in my back from the earlier youma attack disappears and I squeak out a quiet moan. "I totally love you right now, Mamoru-kun."

His hands stop. "What?"