A/N: Dear LoveInTheBattlefield, It has been a day! *Smiles* This one is not as racy as it seems. I would like to thank my friend Lauren for coming up to me and starting our conversation: "So My friends and I were messing around in Victoria's Secret." Bless You!

. . .

A burst of laughter coming from the corner booth at the Crown Arcade causes Mamoru to look up from his anatomy textbook. "It's as if they are testing me," he mutters to himself before looking back down at the book.

. . .

"Did you take pictures?" Rei demanded Minako, her fist slamming into the table. The glasses slam down with the slight movement.

Minako smiles. "But of course! Innocent little Usagi trying on naughty lingerie? A total camera moment!"

A laugh spews from Ami's lips. "You mean a 'Kodak' moment, ne?" The blonde's cheeks flush with the realization of yet another screwed up idiom.

"Same difference," Makoto interjects, looking at the culprit expectantly. "Show us the pictures!"

Minako pretends to sigh as she pulls out her digital camera. "You realize all hell can break loose if these fall under to one with evil power, right?"

The girls laugh in stereo and no dramatically. "But of course," they mock Minako's opening statement.

The senshi of love giggles as she scrolls through her pictures. "I present to you, the best of the best! Naughty Usagi!"

"Oh, my God!"

"She looks great!"

"Where the hell did she get those boobs?!"

The girls continue to laugh with glee as a mischievous thought enters Rei's mindset. "Do you guys know who we should show these to?" She winks, tilting her head to the man studying at the counter.

Makoto smiles deviously. "Mamoru-san!" Everybody nods in amused agreement. "Rei-chan, would you do the honors?"

"Mamoru-san!" She beckons loudly, definitely capturing the attention of the older man. "We have something we want to show you!" The raven-haired girl singsongs.

Mamoru's face is a mask of confusion as he closes his textbook and stands up, pushing away from the countertop. "What is it?" He asks, trying to sound nonchalant as he approaches the table of giggly girls.

Minako thrusts her camera into the upperclassman's hands. "Do you think out little Usagi-chan looks good?" The girls snicker.

Cautiously, Mamoru looks down at the screen. His cheeks burn as he realizes Usagi what is wearing. An almost transparent set of bright red bra and panties sit on the blonde's scantily clad body, complete with a garter belt and thigh high stockings. The look of sheer uncertainty has Mamoru's face turn as red as the lingerie set.

"Hey, minna! What are you guys laughing at?" She notices Mamoru looking at a camera and his flushed face. "Baka? What did they do to you?"

Rei snatches the camera from his hands. "You mean 'what did we show him?', right?" She smiles and shows Usagi the screen. "And the answer is this!"

"Minako!" Usagi seethes. "What the hell is this?"

The girls begin another fit of high-pitched, uncontrollable laughter as Usagi glares with her arms crossed.

Mamoru's brain finally clears head and clears his throat. "If it's any consolation, Odango, you looked really... nice." He chokes on the last word and proceeds to escape the now dead-silent girls.

Usagi blinks and watches the man's receding figure. "Really?" She asks herself, her own cheeks flushing.