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. . .

Dazed and breathless, Mamoru scans the house numbers frantically. It is not until he takes a fourth look when he notices the house that belongs to Usagi.

This is my favorite part, really.

He reaches the door and knocks carefully. Not to scare the blonde off is his biggest goal at the time. But instead of the odango-ed girl answering the door, an older man with dark hair and glasses opens up. "Yes?"

"I-is this the residence of Tsukino Usagi?" He pulls at the collar of his shirt as he tries to avoid looking the man he supposes in Usagi's father in the eyes.

"Yes, it is. Why?" Kenji's eyes narrow as he looks Mamoru up and down. I am absolutely positive Usa's father would not have liked the sight of an older than sixteen man looking for his precious daughter. Not even I can swing by without a death threat. "Are you her boyfriend?"

Mamoru said his heart must have dropped with those four words and found himself unable to speak.

His face burns red and his eyes finally meets Kenji's. "N-n-no, sire. I would just like to speak with her please."

Kenji's nose flares and he looks the ebony haired man in the eyes. "Is there any reason you do not like Usagi? Or are you going to play with her and then break her heart?" He takes a breath. "Am I going to have to hurt you?"

Mamoru panics and tries to turn away. "You know what? I'll talk yo her some other time. Have a good day, Tsukino-sama."


He turns back to see Usagi coming down the stairs. Gracefully, for once. Apparently I would be proud to see it.

This is Reika's favorite part.

The blonde looks at her father. "Calm down. You wouldn't let me date if I tried, anyway."

She moves toward the door and pushes past her father. "I'll talk to Mamoru now, okay? I'm perfectly safe." Usagi pulls the door closed behind her and drags the dark-haired man away from the door.

"What did you want to talk about? Since it was obviously important enough to strangle Motoki for my address." It also seems I will have to have a talk with Usa about assuming I am always the good guy.

He looks back at her nervously. "I-I wanted to talk about what happened at the arcade."

Her jaw tightens. "What about it? You want to brag about your romantic conquest, ne?" That part is my fault. I kind of taught her to fight back with Mamoru. Oops.

Mamoru looks at Usagi and reaches out to touch her arm. "Do want to know something, Odango?"

"What?" She asks between her teeth, seething on the inside despite crying over him just an hour before.

"You're the only girl I saw this morning."

. . .

Romance ensued from what I can tell. Neitehr of them would really tell me. But their tell-tale red cheeks told me everything I wanted to know.

But hey, Mamoru saved his own ass.

And Kenji did not even mention his gun.


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