Daytime Yawning

A/N: I SWEAR I am working on the whole Seiya thing. But this is just. Yawning. And I got a cute idea. I'm like 3 pages into the Seiya one. It's pretty darn funny, if you ask me. Anyway, please read and review!

. . .

A blonde with her long hair done up in buns sits at the Crown Arcade's newly installed countertop. An algebra text lay in front of her, but her blue eyes are glazed over instead of attentive. The problems have long ago bored her, allowing her to forget just exactly where she sits.

A young man with ebony hair that falls into his face smiles devilishly at the sight of the girl. His girl. Well, not exactly. Only in his mind-as sick as that sounds. He moves slyly across the arcade floor from the entrance, his mind reeling. He puts his hands at her waist. "Reading interesting, Odango?"

Her head shoots up and the man easily dodges what would have been a scarily accurate impact hit. "Mamoru-baka!" The girl screeches, turning around in her chair, stretching in the process. "Do you always have to pick on innocent young girls?"

"I don't deem you to be so 'innocent', Odango," he smirks, watching in amusement as her cheeks flush a bright pink.

"What is th-" She's about to rip him a new one when a yawn over-powers her ability to speak. "Oh, excuse me."

Mamoru's smile broadens. "It means you ar-" He too stops, yawning.

The blonde giggles as her enemy yawns as well, and she thinks about how karma must have attacked. She relishes the thought-only to yawn again. Her eyes widen and her hand flies up.

"You started this, Odan-" Mamoru tries to accuse. Once again, his sentence is consumed by a yawn.

Usagi's eyes flare. "I did no such th-" Yawn. "I hate yo-" Yawwwwn.

"Love you too, Od-" Yawn.

Both pairs of blue eyes widen and they both manage to stop the incoming yawn.

"What?" Both shout. And Mamoru's typically calm face reddens.

He looks away. "Sorry. It came out in the mo-" Another yawn captures his words. "Damn yawns."

The blonde laughs nervously before jumping off her stool. She grabs her math text and inches closer to Mamoru. "Love you too," she laughs, kissing him on the cheek. Before he can react, she skips away. "See ya, Mamoru-baka!"

The ebony-haired man stares at her receding figure in great awe. "She just-" He touches his cheek and yawns once again. "Thank God for yawning."