I made this a while ago, back when I didn't have an account. This was a drabble written down right after I finished the book 'Bridge To Terabitha', and was, obviously, very depressed.

And thus, this was born!

Yeah, I know... It's not that long, but it means well...

This is a mix of three things that made me very depressed, 'Bridge To Terabitha', 'Angel Beats!', and 'Fruits Basket', with the occasional thought of some 'VOCALOID' songs('Eight Hundred', which I'm listening to write now, 'From A Girl Who Will Die In Three Days', 'Music Box', etc.) throughout it.

I had to hold back the tears. :'(

Disclaimer: I do not own 'Bridge To Terabitha', that is Katherine Paterson's work. I simply own this peice. :')

Warnings: None.



When someone you love dies, don't get locked in the past.

Even if it really was a tragedy, look forward to the next day.

Hold those memories,

Never regret,

But never forget.

Don't think of the things you could have done,

But what you can do.

Because if you hold those sad times in your heart,



Just maybe,

They won't hurt anymore.



Author's Note: So sad. :'( ... But so happy... :')