Yes, I know im late... Im sorry! Buteither way this story wouldnt leave me alone, and this chapter is set two years before the making of the team...

Alfred picked up the phone when it rang. As the person on the other end of the
line spoke, his face grew more and more grave. He nodded, thanked the caller and
hurried of to find Bruce, who was of course in his study. He knocked, and
entered. Dick watched from the vents with curiosity that was fulfilled soon
enough. Alfred's son and daughter in law were killed in a car crash, and Dick
felt sadness and grief claim the elderly butler. But Dicks face split into a
grin, when the news was revealed. Alfred's granddaughter was coming to live at
Wayne Manor.

Dick waited, watching from the
windowsill in his bedroom for Alfred to come back from the airport, with his
granddaughter. Fact, she would be grieving the loss of her parents. Fact, Dick
made it his mission to cheer her up. Fact, the limo carrying the two just pulled
into the driveway. Dick stood up, and bolted for the

My heart fluttered in nervous
anticipation as my grandfather pulled up to the manor. I was going to start a
new life, and not repeat my mistakes again. Inwardly, I smiled. I took a breath,
and stepped out, swinging my backpack onto my back. I bit my lip, and followed
the only other member of my family I had left through the door frame. I could
barely hold back my gasp, never in my 10years of life had I seen anything like
this before. I knew who lived here, of course. I liked to know something about
someone before I go and meet them. Dick Grayson, also 10 but a couple of months
older than me, his parents died in a circus accident just last year. Looking
through all of the evidence, I doubted it was an accident. I wanted to be a
detective when I was older, and my friends from home always called me Sherlock,
because I noticed everything. The only difference, I knew when to shut up. Bruce
Wayne, playboy billionaire. From what I had squeezed off of Grandpa, it was all
a front. A reputation, to hide who he really was. I sensed he was keeping back
from me. No matter, no secret can be kept for long. The rooms occupants glanced
up as we entered, and broke into spectacular grins. Dick walked up to greet
"Hey, I'm Richard, friends call me Dick," he said, blue eyes sparkling.

"I'm Charlotte, friends call me Char," I responded, and I was pretty sure my
own variably coloured eyes were subconsciously mimicking his happiness. I could
fake emotions well, even make my eyes show happiness when anger or sadness hid
behind it. I sensed a breeze, a gentle one coming from the grandfather clock. I
narrowed my eyes, barely perceptible to someone untrained. I turned to Bruce,
sparkle back in my eyes. I blew a strand of my brown hair our of my eyes, before
"Thank you for letting me stay," I smiled. What can I say? My
parents raised me, Alfred raised my father. Of course I has good manners! When I
wanted them that is...
"Not a problem, it's the least we could do," the
billionaire said. I nodded, and not knowing what to do, turned my back to the
wall so I could see all of the people in the room at once. Grandpa walked back
out to get my bag, and Dick turned to me.
"Wanna do a tour?" He asked. I
nodded, but glanced towards the door to see Grandpa lifting my bag out with
ease. Once I saw him carrying it with no difficulty, I followed the dark haired
boy up the stairs.

Dick walked ahead of me, pointing out all of the
rooms, including mine where I dropped my backpack off. But it was when we
reached the gymnastics room that my jaw dropped.
"Like it?" Grinned Dick. I
nodded enthusiastically, remembering the time my parents and I had spent with a
circus. They were the ringmasters, but the acrobats there taught me how to do
their routines, after I discovered the amazing feeling that came with it. It was
akin to flying, complete freedom from my overprotective parents. Oh how I wish I
could have that over protectiveness back now! I explained my time in the circus
to Dick, and for a while he looked lost in his own memories. But he didn't say
anything, and I didn't push it. He handed me something white, and we both
chalked up our hands. Pretty soon I was swinging through the bars with no more
worries, no regrets. I finally came to rest at the top, and Dick pulled himself
up just after me. He grinned, a grin was catchy, and soon I was grinning as
"You're good," he complimented, "how long since you last did something
like that?"
"About 2 years," I replied, estimating roughly the right amount
of time. Dick raised an eyebrow, and we continued throwing questions back and
"What are your hobbies?" He asked. I leant back on the bars, staring
up at the ceiling for a couple of moments.
"Gym, writing, reading, finding
out people's secrets, cooking, and playing the ukulele," I replied certainly.

"Wait wait wait, finding out people's secrets?" He sat back flabbergasted. I
smirked at his surprise.
"Yeah, my friends used to call me Sherlock, you know
Sherlock Holmes? Because I would always know, and if I didn't, I would know in a
couple of days. The only differences are I'm a girl and I know when to shut up,"
I smiled properly this time, relieving the memories of pricing things together
with a torch under my duvet, when my parents had gone to bed. "What about you?
What're your hobbies?" I asked.
"Gym, obviously, hand to hand combat, word
play, and eating Alfred's cookies," he grinned. I nodded slightly, and I sat up
just in time to see Bruce and Grandpa walk in.
"Mind coming down?" Bruce
called up to us. I leaped onto a nearby rope and started sliding down. Dick
slipped through the bars, climbing gracefully down to the ground. I heard a snap
from up above me, and glanced up to see the rope fibers slowly pulling apart.
The rope snapped.

I saw her fall. I flashback, see
my parents fall to their deaths, relive the pain, the grief, and the fear. She
flipped, land in on her hands and doing cartwheels until she hit the wall next
to me. I crouched down next to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.
"Are you
OK?" I asked worriedly. She nodded and stood up, wincing slightly at the
movement. She took a step, and her knees buckled causing her to fall back. I
supported her, and helped her walk over to the bench where she sat down with a
thump. Alfred hurried over with an ice pack in hand, and started fussing over
her, much against her disgruntled cries of "I'm fine!" I walked over to Bruce
who was standing a couple of meters away from the pair.
"What do you think
happened?" I asked him. He looked down at me.
"First we figure out if it was
meant for you or her. Her years at the circus taught her well though," he added
after a second thought. Of course, we knew all about Chars history, through a
combination of Alfred and the Batcomputer. We knew her parents didn't like
staying in one place for too long, and that's why she speaks mandarin, Spanish
and some Latin as well as her first language, English. My eyes flicked back to
the girl, with her light brown hair and eyes that seemed to change with the
light, and told Bruce something that was worrying me to a high extent.
said something about an old nickname, and a hobby. Sherlock over there likes
finding out other people's secrets. And you saw how suspiciously she looked at
the clock,even if it was just for a minuscule nanosecond. I think she's capable
of the training too, but we're both only 10, maybe she can patrol with us?" I
asked hopefully. Bruce looked at me.
"We'll see," he replied, and even though
I kept the smirk of my face I knew it glittered in my eyes.

I slipped down the stair towards the grandfather clock at 1:40
in the morning I wore socks to middle the sound of my footsteps, and made sure
to keep my breathing quiet. I hadn't heard from Bruce or Dick for a few hours,
since I watched them slip silently behind the old clock. I walked up to the
ticking object, and turned the hands round to midnight, smiling triumphantly as
it swung open. I crept behind it, and stepped into the shadows.
After a hair
raising ride in a downwards moving elevator, I stepped put the sliding doors
into a cave. But this cave was obviously man made, with costumes and all sorts
of technology situated inside, including a huge robotic dinosaur. I moved
gracefully toward the computer and turned it on. I set to work hacking the
mainframe. Nothing to hard. I stepped back into the shadows, turning the
computer off as I left, when I heard a creaking noise, and crouched down when
the Batmobile pulled in, with Robin on a bike following. I realized now, that I
was standing in the Batcave, yes, the Batcave! Batman swept over to the computer
in the middle of the room and turned it on.
"Someone hacked the computer,"
he growled, turning and searching the shadows of the cave with his eyes. I held
my breath as his gaze reached me, but swept over without so much as a glance.

"Clear," he grunted. He pulled down his cowl, and I reeled back in shock as
I realized Bruce Wayne was The Batman. So Robin must be Dick, I thought as I
watched him pull off his mask, confirming my suspicions. I watched a little
longer, until my grandfather came down the stairs, a worried expression on his
"Chars gone," he said, and those two words had both Bruce and Dick on
their feet. I rolled my eyes, or attempted to. Whenever I rolled my eyes they
just shook from side to side really fast, and it was rather annoying.

"Before you start a full scale hunt," I said stepping out from my hiding
place, " I'm here. And I want a job," I grinned.