Final chapter! I'm sorry for being a horrible author and nit updating regularly, but I appreciate all reviews, follows and favourites. Especially all three. Disclaimer see chapter one, and I present the final chapter of Sherlock.

Times have changed since then. I don't know someone who would say otherwise. Turns out, the blonde archer in green was actually called Artemis Crock, but she didn't have a name for her hero persona. I suggested Artemis, and after that, she and I became good friends. Red robots have attacked the cave, M'Gann and Connor started dating, and friendships were made and broken.

Babs and Aaron started dating, and for the past two months they have been very happy. Oh, and Artemis told us about her heritage, Connor about the shield stickers that one of his fathers, Lex Luthor, had given him, and M'Gann about the fact she's a white Martian.

Zatanna joined the team. That set Robin and I off into a week lasting fight. Until Alfred bribed us with cookies to talk to us.

Don't look at me like that! You've clearly never had Alfreds cookies.

Rocket joined too. It was just a shame the first thing she ever had to do was fight the Justice League. Who would of guessed Roy was a clone? He's out looking for Speedy now. Not even I could track him.

And it did turn out someone was aiming to kill me. Do you remember that psycopathical woman we met at the begining of the story? I do. I still have the scar from her knife in my thigh.

Wally and Artemis started dating too. I think I was the only one who didn't see that one.

Ironic, right?

Oh, and one last thing, before I sign off the first summary of the Young Justice team. Robin and I, we're-

I was cut off from finishing my summary as Dick walked in the room.

"What are you up to?" He asked, reading the screen. He nodded, comprehension dawning in his face.

"I have to go with Bruce to India, okay? But I'll see you next week," he leant down and kissed me lightly on the lips, before leaving the room.

- dating.

I hope you assume the team's doing well, with new prospective members emerging everyday, with trust and friendship strengthening the already strong between us. And I will assume the same about the Justice League, and every other group of heroes out there.

Signing off,

Sherlock (Charlotte Pennyworth).