Lord Gwyn's knights washed over the world like a plague. Ceaseless, pitiless, and when at long last only the Chosen Undead and her knights remained she made to cast a sorcery upon herself. But the world froze, and the sun fell behind an immutable mist, and all sound and life held its breath. She was frozen, wand pressed to her chest and prepared for the end that would never come.

Doctor Fuzikashi was trying to shout over the din of competing orders. The boy is dead, he said. His heart is not beating, he is dead and I am a doctor not a magician. And the Hokage was roaring at everyone, red-faced and terrified out of his mind, and surgeons and nurses were skittering about beneath him while he told them to just do it. Just save him, just do something. Naruto's body was in the eye of the storm, and it was not moving.

Doctor Ozai had stopped questioning him; Ozai was over there, over the boy, performing basic compressions. The Hokage wept and told them to work faster.

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