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"The strange phenomenon that gripped the world appears only to have be temporary. Scientists are still baffled but word has it that Spielberg has already begun drafting a script. Reports are still coming in of break-ups worthy of Taylor Swift, proposals Disney style, Beyoncé dance numbers in grocery stores, maths classes erupting into Broadway, and the viral video of the Politician turn YouTube Sensation singing a lengthy ballad to both his "treacherous, 'Obama-fied' home states Massachusetts and Michigan. In other news, authorities still have no leads on the gruesome serial arson cases that seem to have either abated or ceased completely. Continuing on from yesterdays report…"

Bobby snorted from where he was sprawled across the couch. Another supernatural catastrophe averted and the world continues bumbling on. Reaching for the slightly dusty glass bottle on the table in front of him, he wrapped his fingers around the neck and pulled it towards him. About to open it, his head shot up as the channel changed on the television. He frowned at the Spanish soap actors currently melodramatizing on his screen before he growled, "Crowley."

Said demon waltzed around the couch arm and plopped surprisingly gracefully on the pillow next to him. He was far too close and far too chipper for Bobby's liking, which could only mean one thing.

He was most definitely up to something.

"Oh I absolutely love this part! Ricardo, having fooled everyone into thinking he was dead by staging the death of his evil twin Edwardo, comes back to his love Juanita only to find that she's pregnant with Alejandro's baby except he's in love with Elvira, who's married to Julio but is actually gay and having an affair with Miguel's sister, Ramona."

"You mean that wasn't Ricardo who, you know, suicido?"

"Why don't you pop open that Single Malt Baby and we can find out by playing the age old game of 'let's watch the whole season in one night'? Whaddya say?" Out of nowhere, an antique crystal tumbler and the collector's box set of Problemas En El Paraíso appeared. The demon's wicked grin seemed to stretch the entire landscape of his face.


"Best I've made all millennia. And here. We. Go!"

The clinking of glass and the occasional Spanish outburst was all that was heard from the two for the rest of the evening. The flicker of the TV lasted well into the early hours of the morning, though the soundtrack had changed from the occasional flamenco to a symphony of snores.


Gabriel materialized in Sam's room, grinning from ear to ear, and rocking on his heels. He was nervous, oh sweet baby Samandriel was he nervous. And Sam didn't look up at him, just continued tapping away at his computer in his lap. Yet, before he could even think of what to say, Sam spoke. "So, you back for good now or are you just going to go swanning off again?"

Wow, ok, let's just cut to the chase then shall we? "Sam, look I'm sorry ok? I just, I, you know, I got –"

Sam was having none of it. His face was blank, voice deceptively calm, like the quiet and deadly still before the storm, like the world holding its breath. "You got scared. And you ran. Again."

Gabriel cringed. "Hey, that's not what – I didn't – I mean –"

He moved his laptop from his legs and stood, towering over the archangel in both physique and aura. Though sadness tainted his words, he spoke as if casually remarking about something obvious, like how blue the sky was or that Michael Bay liked gratuitous amounts of explosions. "You left me Gabe. Just up an' left without so much as a word. You just. Left."

"Sam, you don't understand –" Bad idea Gabe, really bad.

Sam's brows knitted, like the proverbial storm clouds coming together, voice like thunder, eyes like lightening. It shook Gabriel to the core sometimes just how beautiful Samuel Winchester really was. Yep, he was so done for.

Clearly when an Archangel 'fell' they fell friggin' hard.

"No Gabe, you don't understand. You don't get to just leave. You and me? We're in this together. Not as an archangel and a 'mud monkey' human or a trickster and a hunter but as two beings who belong by the other's side. So you don't get to run, you don't get to just leave, because wherever you go, I will find you, no matter what. And so help me Gabe, I will drag your angelic ass back here if I have to comb every inch of this planet for the next thirty, forty, and fifty years."

Gabe's eyes were the colour of champagne, they sparkled, bubbled over, and then inhumanly strong arms were wrapped around Sam's neck, lips ascended to his, and Sam was instantly overwhelmed by honey and sunlight and warmth.

Sam was pretty sure a new memory had taken its rightful place on his Heavenly road and he knew he'd be quite happy to stay there for all eternity.

Later, in between bouts of intense 'fonduing', all that could be heard from Sam's bedroom upstairs was the occasional snort and (very manly, I assure you) giggle, as Sam and Gabe had found the politician's video. Gabe laughed so hard he accidently materialized a cloud mountain of fair-floss next to the bed. 'Samantha' complained about having to wash his hair.

Well, until Gabe pointed out all of the benefits of a shower.


The heat of the late afternoon sun sent beads of sweat down the rippling contours of Dean's back. Singlet slung over one shoulder instead of a rag; he finished up his tweaking of the Impala and closed her bonnet. Finding the proper polishing cloth, he set to work on making her glisten.

That was until he heard those familiar gusts of air and felt that intense gaze on every inch of his skin. Looking up and shielding his eyes from the last, but strong dying rays of sun with his forearm, he came face to face with a whole lot of cross-legged angel atop his Baby.

"Cas –"

"Could you lower your arm, please Dean." Gravel and velvet and earth and sky and crisp autumn leaves and sweet spring grass and cool crystal and molten lava and eternity manifested themselves in Cas' voice and Dean truly had to fight the urge to not just fall to his knees and worship this being.

Reeling in his mind, Dean did as the angel, his angel asked, slowly so as to allow his eyes time to adjust to the sunburnt orange glow.

Bathed in the sun's light as he was now, Dean's skin glowed almost as brightly as his soul. Not that he knew that, of course. Though it was there, shinning through his eyes. Piercing, blessing, capturing, so clear and intense, vivid and raw. In all his eons, Castiel was quite sure he'd never seen anyone or anything as beautiful as Dean Winchester and he was fairly positive he never would.

"I am in love with you." A statement of fact. Simple in its infinite complexities and intricacies. Unadorned, straightforward, and undemanding, like Cas and exactly what Dean wanted, needed, loved.

Because that's what they had, their bond, their profoundness, it was their own kind of love. Stumbling, clumsy, and still learning like a child yet as effortless as breathing, as turning the first page of a new book. They had no idea what they were doing, but they did it together.

And that was really all that mattered.


And thus the curtains closed, as an Angel in a Dirty Trench Coat and a Righteous Man forged their profound bond anew, in a far more 'biblical' sense, as an Old Drunk and a Wannabe King of Hell told the status quo to kindly go joder itself, and as an ex-Trickster Archangel and a Sasquatch Moose proved that it's really not the size that counts.

Although that certainly made things more interesting.


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